Welcome Back

 Welcome Back
by عموجان

Who wants to start a petition for his life. I only sign it when I know I get some of that $5M. 


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by عموجان on

Petitions for Majid Tavakoli and two Doctors and many others are very important to push forward (thanks for your work) but as somebody said about this guy, he is missing couple of nuts. I feel sorry for his kid too. 



by yolanda on

OMG! I think I am too busy with other petitions like anti-stoning petition, Majid Tavakoli petition, and the 2 AIDS doctor petition:


Amiri has been repudiated by US....pretty soon he will be repudiated by IRI...he must be the loneliest person on this planet.....but I do hope that his life is spared for the sake of his son and relatives.

I can picture him saying "What have I done?" "Can I pull off the stunt?"