What’s the difference between Muslims and Zombies?

What’s the difference between Muslims and Zombies?
by عموجان

They can feed each other till Emam Zaman shows up.

When you can’t Talk, Express, Feel, Sing, Dance, Write or even have emotions you are a Zombie.

Congratulation for first publication of Ghooran, (Today) to those who can’t put it down and enjoy Zombie life.


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by عموجان on

I am not alone on this, didn't know proving me right was that fast and easy 

After living as one for so many years and have nothing to show for it except more religious wars ahead you start asking, what was that all about? 



Zombies don't suffer from Schizophernia, Muslim do.

by Zendanian on

Cultural Schizophrenia: Islamic Societies Confronting the West Professor Daryush Shayegan's book is a major contribution to what is perhaps the most critical debate within the Muslim world today: the relationship between its own culture and the influence of Western modernity. Based on examples ranging from Iran to Morocco, the author portrays a society he defines as peripheral - bound by a slavish adherence to its own glorified history, its "Tradition" - yet facing an external reality that derives from the West. The meeting of these two incompatible worlds leads to a profound distortion not only in how the Muslim world sees the West but, more importantly, in how it sees itself. Shayegan draws on a vast range of cultural experiences (from China and Japan to India and Latin America) in analyzing the type of mentality that is chained to its history. Sources as diverse as Jung and Octavio Paz widen the scope of this illuminating text. //books.google.com/books/about/Cultural_Schizophrenia.html?id=EKmws3uvj6YC


Just few versus from Quran for Zombies (Muslims)

by IranFirst on

Thanks for your article Amoo jan.

The answer is Zombies seem to have better rules than Arab Quran. Zombies kill to extend their lives. Muslims kill to force others to follow their barbaric ways.  Here are just few Ayehs, from the real zombies/Muslims, who follow these rules like sheep and bring missery to themselves and the rest of the world , daily. They are not allowed to think for themselves and leave their cult freely.


Fight non-Muslims

"Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do
they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow
the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until
they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a
state of subjection."

Quran 9:29


A woman inherits half of what a man inherits

"Allah enjoins you concerning your children: The male shall have the
equal of the portion of two females; then if they are more than two
females, they shall have two-thirds of what the deceased has left, and
if there is one, she shall have the half; and as for his parents, each
of them shall have the sixth of what he has left if he has a child, but
if he has no child and (only) his two parents inherit him, then his
mother shall have the third; but if he has brothers, then his mother
shall have the sixth after (the payment of) a bequest he may have
bequeathed or a debt; your parents and your children, you know not which
of them is the nearer to you in usefulness; this is an ordinance from
Allah: Surely Allah is Knowing, Wise."

Quran 4:11


A woman's witness testimony is half of that of a man's

"O you who believe! when you deal with each other in contracting a debt
for a fixed time, then write it down; and let a scribe write it down
between you with fairness; and the scribe should not refuse to write as
Allah has taught him, so he should write; and let him who owes the debt
dictate, and he should be careful of (his duty to) Allah, his Lord, and
not diminish anything from it; but if he who owes the debt is unsound in
understanding, or weak, or (if) he is not able to dictate himself, let
his guardian dictate with fairness; and call in to witness from among
your men two witnesses; but if there are not two men, then one man and two women
from among those whom you choose to be witnesses, so that if one of the
two errs, the second of the two may remind the other; and the witnesses
should not refuse when they are summoned; and be not averse to writing
it (whether it is) small or large, with the time of its falling due;
this is more equitable in the sight of Allah and assures greater
accuracy in testimony, and the nearest (way) that you may not entertain
doubts (afterwards), except when it is ready merchandise which you give
and take among yourselves from hand to hand, then there is no blame on
you in not writing it down; and have witnesses when you barter with one
another, and let no harm be done to the scribe or to the witness; and if
you do (it) then surely it will be a transgression in you, and be
careful of (your duty) to Allah, Allah teaches you, and Allah knows all

Quran 2:282


A man may marry the wife of his adopted son

"Allah has not made for any man two hearts within him; nor has He made
your wives whose backs you liken to the backs of your mothers as your
mothers, nor has He made those whom you assert to be your sons your real
sons; these are the words of your mouths; and Allah speaks the truth
and He guides to the way."

Quran 33:4


Turned into Apes

"And you know well the story of those among you who broke Sabbath. We
said to them: "Be apes—despised and hated by all. Thus We made their end
a warning to the people of their time and succeeding generation, and an
admonition for God-fearing people."

Quran 2:65


A man can have sex with prisoners of war

"O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid
their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the
prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy
paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and
aunts, who migrated (from Makka) with thee; and any believing woman who
dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her;-
this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large); We know what
We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their
right hands possess;- in order that there should be no difficulty for
thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

Quran 33:50


A man can marry a girl who hasn't reached puberty

"Such of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them
the prescribed period, if ye have any doubts, is three months, and for
those who have no courses (it is the same): for those who carry (life
within their wombs), their period is until they deliver their burdens:
and for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy."



A man may marry four wives

If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans,
Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye
shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a
captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to
prevent you from doing injustice.

Quran 4:3


"Cut off their hands"

As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands. It is the
reward of their own deeds, an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is
Mighty, Wise."

Quran 5:38

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger,
and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is:
execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from
opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this
world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

Quran 5:33


"Beat Them"

"Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to
excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good
women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded;
and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and
leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey
you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great."

Quran 4:34



Uncles Johns States in Quran!

by Demo on

FYI: There is no mention of either Emam Zaman or Zombies anywhere in Quran. But surprisingly there are many verses about the final states of uncles johns there which make the readers talk, express, sing, dance, write or even make them think! Here is one example:

"Then woe that day to those that treat (truth) as falsehood;- those who sport entering into vain discourses." (52:11-12)