Radio Zamaneh: Stay or go


Radio Zamaneh: Stay or go
by Shorts

Letter from Radio Zamaneh's Interim Director to its staff following Mehdi Jami's resignation as director:

There has been sufficient explanation about the decision of the Radio Zamaneh Board regarding the suggested position (editor-in-chief) to Mr. Mehdi Jami and his negative response. The attitude of the Board, Press Now as financier and the development guide of RZ, and of the RZ lawyer is clear and irreversible. Mr. Mehdi Jami is suspended from his duties and he is going to be fired. He will not come back to the organization. I have had talks with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about our decision.

As the RZ lawyer said, people in Zamaneh who disagree with this decision, or if they feel stronger personal affiliation with Mr. Jami than devotion to Radio Zamaneh continuation and developing further, are free to start a new media outlet for their own.

At the time of crisis management and restructuring of the organization, any further violation of the confidentiality of the internal affairs of Radio Zamaneh and bringing it into public that can damage public image of Zamaneh will not be tolerated. The only authorized person for contact with media is the head of the RZ Board Bijan Moshaver. In his absence, Mr. Joop Daalmeijer, member of the RZ Board, will be responsible for contacts with media.

The RZ Board has decided to appoint Mr. Hossein Alavi as an interim editor-in-chief. Besides Mr. Alavi's direct responsibilities for the content side of Radio Zamaneh, he will make a quick scan of the functioning of the newsroom, evaluate skills of journalist within Zamaneh team, and help designing a profile for the vacancy of selecting the new editor-in-chief that is supposed to be appointed as permanent position. After consultation with his editorial colleagues Mr. Alavi will also assign an Editorial Council work and cooperate with him in the editorial office.  

Furthermore, in order to create the possibility for all employees (staff and freelancers) of Zamaneh to contribute to the policy of Zamaneh, I will facilitate the composition of an Employee Council in close consultation with their representative, as soon as possible.

Zoran Djukanovic

Interim Director of Radio Zamaneh


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Welcome to the real world!

by ghalam-doon on

It has happened to many of us. We have made some noise at our place of work. We started to complain. Some of our complaints seemed to be very legitimate. We thought we had a good case. We thought we're making some contrbutions. Some of our colleagues seemed to be supporting us. Suddenly we got fired! It was a big blow. But we got used to it. We realized the fact that in a capitalist society EVERYBODY is dispensable. Nobody has a right of ownership. He/she is a tool. One is there to do their duty and if the management feels in any way they're not cooperative, they get fired. Even the CEOs get fired, since they're the most dispensable.

Welcome to the real world.That’s how a corporation in the capitalist society works. First thing one should realize is the fact that a corporation is not a democracy. Nobody has a voice. One could only make suggestions. They have offered a job to Mr. Jami and he could either take it or take the high road. 


I do not agree with you my

by Kyarash (not verified) on

I do not agree with you my dear friend. A radio is not a business company and the audiences are not the customers. As an audience of radio zamaneh, I do not anymore to listen to it. Even the quality of its news and programmes is remarkably deteriorated these days.


چطور آن موقع که

َمهاجر (not verified)

چطور آن موقع که آقای جامی را به عنوان مدیر انتصاب کردند هلندیها همه دموکرات و دلسوز بودند و حالا فاشیست؟ بنازم به این استدلالهای بعضی از ما. هنر واقعاً نزد ایرانیان است و بس



by Alli (not verified) on

It is sad to say, but then again it is true. The prime object of this kind of media is and will be taming the so called Iranian writers with a fistfull doller! Those who with their double morality try to play a flamboyent role as "opposition" and at the same time can't resist the temptation of greenness of that damn paper!!


VOA had the similar experience

by Abarmard on

The US officials had warned VOA that their reporting is more open that they wish it to be. They wanted more news against the Iranian regime and more propaganda based programming.

Interesting. Thanks for the post.


Not a right thing to disclose internal letters

by somebody (not verified) on

It is absolutely wrong to disclose an internal letter to public. I know little about the internal problems of the Radio. But what is clear to me is that the taking the issue to public by Mr. Jami and other employees is an unethical act. The radio is a private institution and responsible to its shareholders (Government, ...) and not to the public. Think of a company where the board decides to change the CEO. You think CEO can go and ask the customers to object? The audience and employees of the Radio, regardless of how much they feel strong about it, are not the OWNER of the radio. Simple (and maybe sad) fact!


کاش یکی این

سروش (not verified)

کاش یکی این نامه را برای آن هایی که انگلیسی نمی دانند، به فارسی ترجمه می کرد.


No wonder Mehdi Jami could

by shocked (not verified) on

No wonder Mehdi Jami could not work with this board and Press Now. Look at their letter!



امیر کبیر با پای چپ وارد توالت شد (not verified)

پاراگراف دوم اگر واقعا نقل قول مستقیم باشد، نشان از روحیه فاشیستی و قلدری گردانندگان هلندی این رادیو است. خود ایرانیان کارمند این سازمان باید در آن را تخته کنند و سعی کنند یک رادیو آزاد و غیر وابسته راه بیاندازند.

نه در غربت دلی شاد
نه جائی در وطن دارم


I know that Jami's firing

by Niki on

I know that Jami's firing disappointed a lot of talented writers who were working for Radio Zamaneh, and I am really sorry for all of them and wish them the best of luck. But what happened at Zamaneh shows how ridiculous it is to think that it is possible to work "independently" or "autonomously" at a media station that is funded by a foreign government. Most people who don't have their head in the sand know that it is not possible to be a fair and thoughtful journalist at US state funded VOA or Radio Farda, why would we think things would be different just because the Dutch were funding it?