Paris embassy clash


by Shorts

Several young people from the green movement attended a ceremony held December 23, 2009 in the annex of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Neuilly sur Seine) to protest the events currently unfolding in Iran.

During the ceremony four girls from the green movement were arrested and held by the embassy's security services.

Police forced the embassy security services to release the young women.

BBC Report:

Upon release they reported having been violently beaten, robbed of their personal effects, mistreated and photographed. They stated that they had been interrogated for over an hour in the basement of the embassy.

Embassy authorities also forced them to sign documents stating they were forbidden to enter any premises belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in Paris. Embassy authorities also demanded their addresses in France as well as in Iran.

The four young women also recounted the following:

During the ceremony Mr. Emami (embassy staff member) threatened to kill any person opposing the regime and called on all Muslims to do the same.

Ms. Mir Aboutorabi (wife of the Iranian ambassador in France) issued death threats to the four young girls.

Mr. Javadi, (Iran's head consular officer in France) violently struck one of the girls and attempted to strangle a second.

11 people were threatened with death.

2 young women are currently filing charges for assault and battery.

3 young men are also filing charges.


From: Bahram


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Darius Kadivar

IRI trying to gain time in regard to Bakhtiar's assassin freedom

by Darius Kadivar on

Although the French government refuses to exchange Clotilde Reiss with Ali Vakili Rad who was one of the three assassins of the late Shapour Bakhtiar the French Judiciary is to deliver a response  in january to an appeal by the lawyer of Vakili Rad to set him free on grounds of good conduct for the past 18 years during which he was imprisoned.

However the guy is condemned to life imprisonment and not merely 18 years ...

I hope he won't get away with it since he is asking to be extradicted.

I hope the French government will remain firm on this question as they have until now.

Clotilde Reiss is Innocent and to draw parallels between her so called crime of espionage with the irreversible crime of an assassin is truly disproportionate.

The IRI should be forced to set her free all the more that she is innocent as much as nearly all those arrested after the post election riots.

 Triste Noel Pour Clotilde ..


Suri-ye aziz

by Faramarz_Fateh on

At your request I just enrolled in an English reading comprehension course so I learn to read well and understand the real meaning of words.

Post graduation I will commence correspondance activities.

marhoum Kharmagas

your "war" MasoudA!?

by marhoum Kharmagas on



You remind me of DaijAn Napelon and his "wars"

Allied invasion of Iran, by MasoudA:


DaijAn Napelon and his "wars":


BTW, the worst thing about IRI is that even some of you old monarchist imbeciles look better than IRI's imbeciles!



Mr Fateh

by Souri on

It would be good if you could learn to read well and undertand the real meaning of the words (not the one that you want to understand).

I said : Happy new year to all the Iranian.comers, INCLUDING mr Fateh. I didn't say : EVEN  Mr Fateh.

You are one of the members of the site, anyway. shab khosh.

My duck arrived now, I have to go cook it :)


Mobarezeh Agaahaneh

by Souri on

Have you ever heard about this?

You said "we are at war"? who is this "we"?

Listen I'm not here to argue with each one of you, about how to fight the IRI.

Just let you know what I think (have always thought and surely will think in the future) that : Violence is not the way!

Violence attract violence!

If you go to the people claiming that somebody hit you because you hit them.....they will respond : That was your fault, you started first.

Going to the people houses and attack them? Then what is the difference between you and the Basiji thug?

I never approved violence. Now, you and Mr Fateh can think differently. I just said, that scare me.



by masoudA on

Taarof nakon dadash - defend the fatmeh areh aka safir wife - talk about chagookeh spirit being alive - that is where you need to focus.   It is amazing how you find a way to attack true patriots in every thread - and how people like Souri do not detect it. 

Souri Khanom - in case you have not noticed we are at a war in which our unarmed hamvatans are being attacked and killed - even in Paris.   We need to do something - any ideas?  or are you just a critic?


Suri-ye aziz

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Thank you so very much for including even ME in your well wishes. Wow!

You brought tears to my eyes; I am sensitive as much as I am horrifying.

I also sincerely wish you and your family the best of health and prosperity for the holiday season and the new year. 



by cyclicforward on

The whole ambassador family belong to Basig and participate in beating innocent people. Does anyone have the name of this swine called ambassador.

Jahanshah Javid

BBC report on Paris beatings

by Jahanshah Javid on

ضرب و شتم دانشجویان ایرانی در سفارت ایران در پاریس

تعدادی از دانشجویان فعال سیاسی در پاریس، که روز چهارشنبه، دوم دی (23 دسامبر) برای شرکت در مراسم عزاداری به مناسبت ایام محرم به حسینیه متعلق به سفارت ایران در پاریس رفته بودند، مورد ضرب و شتم بعضی از کارمندان سفارت ایران قرار گرفتند.

این دانشجویان پس از انتخابات ریاست جمهوری ایران، کمیته ای را به نام کمیته ضد سرکوب شهروندان راه انداخته اند و اعتراضات ایرانیان مقیم فرانسه نسبت به وقایع اخیر در ایران را برنامه ریزی می کند.


Shifteh Ansari

معترضین، توسط کنسول ایران و همسر سفیر مورد ضرب و شتم قرار گرفتند

Shifteh Ansari

چهارشنبه شب در جریان یک مراسم مذهبی در یکی از اماکن متعلق به سفارت جمهوری اسلامی ایران در شهری در حومۀ پاریس، برخوردی میان مخالفان رژیم جمهوری اسلامی و گروهی دیگر از ایرانیان در فرانسه رخ داد.

یکی ازمنابع نزدیک به این پرونده که نخواست هویتش فاش شود، در توضیح حادثه  به خبرگزاری فرانسه گفته است که حدود ده نفر از مخالفان که به خود شال و بازوبند سبز بسته بودند، بزور وارد محلی شدند که حدود صد ایرانی در آن جمع شده بودند.


Read the rest on Radio France International's website: //


Kharmagas jan

by Souri on

You are so funny :)

You always make me laugh with your jokes and satires.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you (and specially your wife) and to all the Iranian.comers (including Mr Fateh :))

marhoum Kharmagas

Sha'bans (to Souri)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Souri jAn, Sha'ban bimokh died, but his spirit is alive and well ...... in 1979 we thought we wouldn't have them anymore, they came back even with more strenght, we then thought we wouldn't have them among MEKs, we have seen Sha'ban super bimokhs among them, ...., now we think we won't have them among ...... but don't bet a penny on it, we have them in all sides in An's side and in go's side!

Now, if you think I am not talking irrelevant, can you put that in poetry, like the ones from Mr. Avaznia!


  Baseej Thugs in Isfahan

by vildemose on


Baseej Thugs in Isfahan Just how many Baseej thugs and Law Enforcement Forces with  truncheons does it take to arrest one Iranian woman? How much of a coward are these lackeys and mercenaries?



Mr Fateh

by Souri on

You seem to be a Full Anarchist!

Giving such advices to the people, and wanting to hang all the clerics of Iran. My God.....It just horrifies me.


Ali P you are a suggestion

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Embassy workers should be followed and their homes identified.

Subsequently, they same Islamic mehmannavazi that was extended to the girls can be extended to them, in their homes.

BTW, I make a very good arm chair quarter back don't I?


Right Ali jan

by Souri on

I was about to write the same thing about political immunity, when you just posted it. So I deleted my post and write this one instead.

If this happened inside of the  embassy, there's nothing to do about. This is part of Iran. It is considered as a violation and invasion of the country's territory.

PS: In any case, don't count that much on the French government for protecting  people against IRI. Remember 1986, Vahid Gorji's affair ?

Very sad news anyway, but I congrats, my dear fellow Iranians in Paris.

Every action count.

Ali P.

No need, really, for diplomatic immunity

by Ali P. on

I would think, the alleged assault and other crimes have taken place within the compounds of the Iranian embassy, which is considered part of the Iranian soil. French police has no jurisdiction; can't even enter to investigate.

The girls need to file their criminal complaint with the ...(Merry Christmas...!)...( you guessed it)...Iranian authorities, stationed in the embassy!

But I could be wrong.


Diplomatic immunity to top reps only

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I am under the impression that the diplomatic immunity is only extended to top representatives of the IRI at the embassy.

So, the security staff, the consul/ambassador's wife etc could certainly be brought up on charges.


Jahanshah Javid

Diplomatic immunity

by Jahanshah Javid on

I don't know which of these goons have diplomatic immunity, which would prevent them from prosecution.

But filing a police report and getting the news out to the public will cause embarrassment, even to the point that the French Foreign Ministry could expel those Iranian diplomatic staff who took part in any violence.


How Does political immunity work?

by Monda on

I'm very curious also.



by IRANdokht on

This is what happens when you have criminals representing your country abroad! Why would the "ambassador" and his wife be physically attacking and threatening the citizens!!

I am not very familiar with the laws, so how does political immunity work? Will France be able to punish these acts of aggression? 

Thanks for posting


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Barikalla bachehaye baagheyrate Paris!