Triste Noel Pour Clotilde ..


Triste Noel Pour Clotilde ..
by Darius Kadivar

Clotilde Reiss the young French Teacher falsly accused by the Islamic Republic judiciary of espionage for Western powers has seen her liberation postponed with no logical explanation. She will be spending Christmas at the French Embassy in Tehran away from her parents and loved ones.

The Iranian regime has been demanding for an exchange in return for her liberation of  Ali Vakili Rad the assassin of Shapour Bakhtiar the Shah of Iran's last Prime Minister and Opposition leader in exile.

Although France's President Sarkozy as well as his Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner have firmly opposed any such exchange, Ali Vakili Rad who is condemned to life imprisonment has spent the last 18 years in prison ( a trial period during which a prisoner 's good behavior can lead to his freedom on grounds of not representing a danger for society). By January the French Judiciary will be deciding on his case. Although France's Judiciary is said to be independant, one can imagine that Iran is actually hoping to delay Clotilde Reiss' liberation so as to influence the decision of expelling Vakili Rad to Iran after an eventual end to his lifetime sentance.

Such an eventuality would not only consist of an insult to the memory of Shapour Bakhtiar and his family but would also be unjust towards Clotilde Reiss' honor. It would mean that her so called "crime" ( taking photos of the protests and sharing her views on the events on twitter like millions of other Iranians during last summer's post election protests) would be equal to that of an assassin's cold blooded crime.

Clotilde Reisse deserves to be set free like all other Iranian protestors arrested simply because she is INNOCENT PERIOD !

Here is to You Clotilde and Your Beautiful Soul and genuine love for Iran  the language of which you speak so well and your love for Iranians,

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COURAGE Et Bon Noel Malgre Tout !

Nous Prions pour ta Liberation Saine et Sauve ...



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Darius Kadivar

The Man a Monarchist ? And 18 years enough for an assassination?

by Darius Kadivar on

Dude Learn Your History !

You are probably Very Young to make such a silly statement.

This individual Vakili Rad was an Agent of the Islamic Republic and killed in cold blood not only Bakhtiar but also his secretary. The two others fled and live in Iran in total immunity.

 And what about the victims Families ? They have no say I suppose ?

In addition Bakhtiar was married to a French wife and had two children both of whom were French.

Justice is supposed to be IMPARTIAL NOT at the Service of the State !

To use a criminals predicament as a means of exchange with an innocent is all the more shocking!

Your Comment Was Truly Stupid at best !

Happy X Mas !




18 yrs long enough

by mannya2001 on

By any standard, 18 yrs is long enough.  

I can't imagine an iranian prisoner coming before a parole judge and just because the judge had a bad morning, he denies request for parole.... and the iranian continues wasting away...

heck, i don't care what you call it, but if an iranian prisoner is in prison, the Iranian government should do its best  to free them.  IT IS the obligation of the government.

 The Iranian government can at the very least promise to let the prisoner continue their imprisonment in Iran so their families can easily visit them, so they can talk with other prisoners. 

this reminds me of a young man who was convicted to 15 years in prison in California for trying to run over a drunk person who threw beer at his BMW.  I forgot his name but his mom and sister were devastated.  Even this man, who probably is a Monarchist, should be a concern for the Iranian government.  THey should push to expediate his freedom.