San Francisco: where I had the worst fish ever!


San Francisco: where I had the worst fish ever!
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

“The US of A is white, and it is black, and it is everything in between.”  

You can’t really undercook a good fish! Just let it feel the charcoal fire, change its surface color … two minutes each side … and it is “well done”. That’s how the Asian chef at that Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant prepared our wild Pacific Salmon … white and dry on the outside, but pink and moist within every fold.  

It went down quite nicely with some top grade Napa valley Chardonnay. The night’s company was excellent too – Mo being one of the best guys I’ve ever known – right up there beside dad and a handful of very close friends. And that’s real important; because you should know by now that “goodness” doesn’t come natural to us Iranian men … or any man.  

So we finish the dinner, top it lightly with some gelato & wild berries … then it is off to watching the sea lions. Those fat funny creatures, who seem to be always resting and serenading on the decks below.  

It is six years this October, but the sad taste is still fresh; like it happened yesterday. Mohammad is fond of long strolls, as I am. So the two of us walked and talked every which way, till he was attracted to the site of three helicopters hovering above Pier 7.  

A wise man must try to avoid circling helicopters and screeching police sirens. But Mo being the eternally curious explorer, wanted to see. And I, playing the part of an accommodating friend, had to oblige.  

For sure it wasn’t our fault! I was just visiting the Bay area for two nights, and Mo is the nicest guy in the universe. Yet somehow, you can’t shake the feeling of guilt – can you? No, and we couldn’t. Perhaps because we had such a great dinner – just the same time as she was at it.  

For sure, our fish had been caught a day or two before. It never had a chance to nibble on those kids! And they catch the salmon in rivers, not in the bay. But you can’t really convince your churning stomach – can you?  

People, police and reporters had all converged on Pier 7. We were receiving the news as it was being generated, recorded and sent all over the world. Captured was the 23 year old black mother of those three kids. Still holding their clothes in her firm clutch.

Those clothes were evidence now. And my stomach was churning. Why didn’t she let go of the clothes? Why did she even take their clothes off, to begin with? Why throw them, one after the other … naked … into the cold and wild bay water?


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

$100 a month? For parking in the 80's?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


Boy that city-by-the-bay is surely expensive. First time I came to US in the 70's, I was paying $100 a month for rent!

Ok - next time I'll email you, but what do you mean by "hot spots"? I thought the wharf was nice, but why do I get a feeling that you mean more "San Franciscoei" hot spots? You swinging cat you ... lol.


Dear Shazde

by Faramarz on

On a lighter note, why did you go to the Fisherman's Wharf for dinner in SF.

Next time, please send me a message and I will tell you about all the hot spots in the City!I love Pier 7, I used to park my car there back in the 80's for $100 a month.


Thx for the link, Shazde

by Rea on

Horrible story, indeed.

2 wks ago, a 33 year old man in France killed his wife, then put his 3 children into a car and set the car on fire. Only the eldest of the 3 children, 11 yrs old, got out alive. Badly burnt but alive. Imagine the rest of his life!  

When such horrible things happen we often ask ourselves: how is it possible that none saw it coming, it can't be. No answer, yet.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Divaneh jan: it is more like a shock than a wound

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

When a person (or a society) gets comfortable with its own position or affluence, things can happen to shock them out of that cozy corner, and back to the reality of life, which is always tentative and always an struggle ... whether we notice its madness and sadness or not.



by divaneh on

It has scarred you Shazde. We all carry some scars. One of mine was when a man killed all his 6 children one by one in Ahwaz. Unimaginable horror.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

the event behind the story

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on



by Rea on

The story starts with bourgeois bits n pieces. Then all of a sudden developes into something rather disturbing.

Would like to know more. Six years this October of what exactly ?

Is the blog for North Americans only?  Or personal ?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Nazy dear: I hear that the case is finally going to court ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

I hear that her case is finally going to court. Can't envy the 12 poor unfortunate souls, who will have to be the jury.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

It is obvious how the event touched you. You tell a story that is touching in return. Kudos Shazde.