In the name of anti-imperialism: bend over and take it up the …

In the name of anti-imperialism: bend over and take it up the …
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

The idiotic left which allied with the cunning mullahs to take over Iran, in 1979, had Anti-Imperialism as their god, prophet and holy ghost.  

Equipped with money from all sorts of crazy tyrannical communist regimes (from Moscow to Pyongyang to Tirana), they were trying to prove that: it is better to live like a powerless, worthless slave under the absolute rule of a maniacal party and its Glorious Leader, than to live in an open society with an open market.  

I say, what the fuck does it matter if my tormentor is Iranian born? What the fuck if the person who is after raping my daughter is Muslim? What the fuck if the monkey who is stealing all my oil money has black hair and brown eyes?  

It makes no freaking difference who the fucking tyrant is! Don’t fool yourself with the delusion of an independent Iran. That fucked up country is today ruled more brutally than it was ever under the Pahlavi’s! Any one of the people in Iran (including those fucking Basiji’s) would give their privileged position in the “Islamic Paradise”, any day of the week, to come and live in Canada!  

So, go to hell you bunch of leftover lefties – where you belong alongside the Stalins, Mao’s and Khomeini’s of the underworld. Stop pretending that a Western style rule over Iran would have been much worse than IRI. At least go and open your shit-filled eyes and see how even the country of Chile today is much better off, more democratic and less oppressive than the ideological hell-hole that you helped to create in Iran!  


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Was Rosie

Perhaps I should've stated here explicitly that

by Was Rosie on

the reason I felt so comfortable posting on moderation and related issues hee on Shazde's poo poo trilogy was because it was so obviously and clearly implicit as to be explcit that the series concerned the current moderation policy that I figured, well, it goes without saying.

However, this technology is new and a faaar from optimal means of communication as of yet. What would've helped a lot would've been if someone had just first ASKED me why I was doing this instead of immediately critiquing it. Be that as it may. Exir, you finally did, bit I didn't get a chance to reply to you on the School Marm Vampire thread because thanks to Louie Louie's enthusiastic participation, it went in a different direction from what I'd expected. My apologies.

Ben and VPK, this has been an extraordinary experience which already appears to have raised the discourse on Monarchism to a higher level througout the site.  Who knows? Perhaps this discourse may go so far as to include some of those further to the Left to join in the which occured on the Amini thread between Shaahis' and 'Mossadegis' And that would be such a triumph for uniting the Opposition on this site, with its approximately one million hits per month from individual computers.

Ben, you said at the end of the Amini thread that it was most significant for the silent readers who were carefully following it. I was one of them.

I want to thank you all for laying the groundwork in which my School Marm Vampire blog emerged, especially you, Louie Louie, because your spirited participation on that thread led to its being featured, which gave me a lot of confidence on Ayhab's thread in his currently featured blog on Vowels when it first began. Anahid, who also was on the SMV thread, brought up the moderation issue there, and it turned into someting more productive than I could've in my wildest dreams imagined. And actually, it also made me decide to stay here although I had just found the single site filter I'd been looking for for three weeks to block the site permanently.

And so, Louie Louie, once again, thank you for all your help. Including and perhaps especially between August 30 and September 1, on Afshin's thread on religion and my subsequent 'blog' so-called on humiliation, without which none of this would ever have happened. For all I owe you in this, Shazde, and Souri for coming to my defense here and on te SMV thread as the wonderful friend you are, I am grateful to Louie Louie most of all.

Please all have a read of Ayhab's current blog, and then at least scan up the thread. Ben and VPK and Exir are already participating.  Input would be greatly appreciated from all of you by all of us on Ahyhab's thread.



Was Rosie

I've decided..

by Was Rosie on

to move this conversation over to a new blog of my own, because it's become all about me and although Shazde's been a wonderful host, it no longer belongs on anyone else's blog.

I'm constructing the blog right now and hope to see all of you who've been engaging me here over there soon.

Take care.


Congratulation Shazdeh!

by Souri on

My hat off to you!

It is heartwarming to read such an intelligent post/comment below from you. I believe it is only you who can speak the right language with this gang! I tried hard for a long time, but never got trough their mind.

Thank you for being understanding;

A woman with a rouh shaeraneh  who posts here under her true identity

Was Rosie

This is crazy. Lots of trouble with computer. Wrote

by Was Rosie on

reply, kept having trouble posting. Need to work this out. For now I'll just repeat this. Reply was general to Ben, not about specifics. It also said that if Shazde doesn't want this here, it needs to be moved, so I'll wait and see what Shazde says before we go on. And that I hadn't read anything but Ben because I don't want to be spread too thin. Will read after but if Shazde says it's okay I'm first just replying to Ben. God, I hope this goes through.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Why have a referee

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


we are all here to post and read each other's posts. No one is forcing us to go to this site. When we go a part of the deal is being prepared to read things we don't like. That is the whole point of a discussion. A referee is the last thing we need specially a self appointed one with no mandate. The only legitimate referee is the site owner aka JJ.

To be a legitimate "referee" you need a mandate. JJ and his team have the mandate because it is his site. In order to have another referee people have to first agree they need one. Then chose one using some well understood process. No one is going to get far by appointing themselves and then passing judgment on other people.




آقا شازده


به هر دلیلی‌ می‌خوای از این بابا حمایت کنی‌ بکن ولی‌ به اسم
خانوما تمومش نکن. خانمهای عقل و بالغ سایت بهشون بر میخوره که شما اونا
رو ضعیف دونستی و خوب حق هم دارند. در ضمن همه میدونند که شما ازون مردای
بی‌ استخوان نیستی‌ که تا یه زن با ` روح شا عرانه ` زد زیر گریه زود وا
بدی. ` آقا بالا ` هست، اما شما نه.

مخلص شما.

Louie Louie

It's all good, shazdeh

by Louie Louie on


Shazde Asdola Mirza

داش لویی

Shazde Asdola Mirza


من نوکر پدرتم ... بالا غیرتاً دست از سر این رزی خانم وردار ... یکی‌ طلب جنابعالی

Louie Louie

Shazdeh jan

by Louie Louie on

I'm struggling with a tomato paste jar, can't open it right now, where have all the cowboys gone?


Do you want to break your biggest fan's heart?


Look what have you done here, my dear Rosie!

by Exir on

The gentleman writer of this blog is showing his Iranian emotional thing in here. And you have to be introduced to that sentiment in a timely fashion, my dear. But we don't have that much time here to tutor some dear guest like you. Please try to understand what Benross tried to tell you.

It is not called "" for its rhyme, but for its reason. We hold that reason dearly.



by TellitLikeitis on

Thank you. You put it perfectly "It is a very Iranian issue and can only be resolved by Iranians."


Shazdeh I am suprised by your actions. By flagging peoples' very valid and long overdue complaints you are doing exactly what you accuse JJ of (and rightfully so in my opinion by the way).

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Louie & Everybody: please don't insult ladies, especially Rosie,

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

who uses her real name.

I mean, guys are fair game (in my book at least), but the female users should not have to be subject to such personal attacks!

I know, I know, you say: look who is talking! But hey, I have changed (sort of); you can too.

For now, I have flagged both your comments, so please behave yourself, at least on my blog, and with my friends.


Dear Rosie

by benross on

You are trying to play the role of a referee in a game you don't quite understand its rules. Blowing the whistle left and right. People here, for the most part, know what is a respectful manner of writing. They know what would constitute offense and insult and what not. If they are not always calm, it's because they feel offended. They react. And the whole process has nothing to do with the subject matter being discussed. It has to do with that inherently unsettling situation that I described earlier. You don't understand the underlying problem well enough, with all its historical and emotional attributes that it carries, to be a capable referee and blowing the whistle here and there.

You are not helping the crowd, but are furthermore distracting their focus from discussing the substance.

It gets somehow irritating and then you yourself become a target for the same reason. That's why I suggest you step aside in this matter. It is a very Iranian issue and can only be resolved by Iranians.

Was Rosie

What are you talking about, Ben?

by Was Rosie on

What is it specifically that you mean about me being on the way? Please be clearer.I'm not so sure I understand.




by benross on

You are not going anywhere with that line of thought, nor those who accuse JJ of malicious intent.

The structural problem with IC is that it is a tribune for the opposition to IRI on one hand, and those who support it on the other hand. It wouldn't have caused any friction if this open forum could be run within IRAN, in a free IRAN. Which conceptually negates the legitimacy of pro-IRI in this forum. It is always good idea to keep a line of communication with pro IRI. Just allowing them to see and learn and ask question if any. But when they start running the show... you seem to be on the way Rosie. Move aside.

Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on

Ya besmelah, baz in bargasht hey bara daro divar peigham pasgham mizareh!

Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

Margie, you know I love you and would gladly die for you tomorrow if anyone tried to harm a single hair on your blue head, but honestly. Yesterday when you informed us on Q's Flagging blog that people's IP's are available everywhere all over the I'net, it was misconstrued as meaning that the publisher provides them to outside parties for a fee. This caused much unhappiness and tension--excessive--until Foaad was notified and came to explain. For some reason you never returned to the thread to explain and defuse. Please, next time you 'drop a bomb' like that (I mean, even if it hadn't been misinterpreted it's still VERY shocking for some people to find out about just how available this information is...), be there for people to help them see it the passionate, concerned 'good citizen' of the world that you are. lefty lap poodle and all. lol 



Was Rosie

Tsk tsk, naughty naughty Shazde...

by Was Rosie on

I wish that anyone who's interested in the current 'policy' on poo poo words rwould ead this, please. I posted it on Shazde's other blog. (Don't know why it posted with all the codes...glitch, obviously...)


I should also clarify that when I say I agree with the current policy, by 'policy' I mean the CURRENT a CURRENT necessary expediency. Not in perpetuity.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

it's always about extremes

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

independence doesn't mean IRI. You can imagine "lefties" however you like, but you're wrong.

"Lefties" aren't anti-human rights. This is a garbage blog. You and Fred make a cute couple. 


Your lefty lap poodle 

Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on

Shazdeh jan,

Shoma harfe dele maro mizanid.



by humanbeing on

i'm on abstention vow myself. but wow!

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Beautifully said Shazdeh jan, ...and even those f$%^ words sound so right!

I am totally with you, and I wish you would change your mind about deleting your blogs ...:-(




Darius Kadivar

And another one ... etehade Sorkh va Seyah !!! :

by Darius Kadivar on

Shah speaks about the alliance of Red and Black :


Darius Kadivar

FYI/Massoud Rajavi at Tehran University during Presidential Camp

by Darius Kadivar on


Hearing you Loud and Clear!

by Monda on

What ever happened to your blogs Shazdeh??! Those were supposed to be archived for my grandkids, baba! I hope one day when you are in a more generous mood, you would retrieve them and bring them back to us. Take good care of yourself.  


Welcome back. So good to

by vildemose on

Welcome back. So good to see you back.


حقیقت از کون خیار تلخ تره


دمت گرم شازده


Was Rosie

Shazde / Dear The Moderator Edited

by Was Rosie on

Oops! Sorry. Got confused between your two blogs, Shazde. Disregard previous content of this post. Too much theorizing. Surprise, surprise.


But, Shazde, the obscenity point still holds. Obscenity is permissible on submissions themselves, but not on the threads. FYI.


Give them hell Shazde

by fozolie on

And they are so dense that they still don't get it, the recent Mossibat nameh Sahhabi a perfect example.  

Mr. Fozolie


What's happening Shazde?

by divaneh on

Are you deleting your own blogs? These are the best materials in this site. It just changes the balance in the favour of mediocre stuff and the s**t posted by the known agents. Please end your comment strike and tell us that is has been a technical blunder.