Last day in Deutschland


Last day in Deutschland
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

I wasn’t going to write, till my return in August, but it rained. Walking is the best way to enjoy the European cities, but wind made my umbrella useless.  

What are the chances of catching an Iranian cab driver? Here, it seems to be around 10%. Mamad agha was friendly; and patiently worked with me to find the restaurant, near the “workers museum”. He then asked me of Canada, and told of his enjoyable trip to Toronto.  

I usually let the driver do the talking, while feigning interest and only occasionally leading on with an encouraging line. Cabbies love it!  

Mamad had fled Iran in 1988, to avoid the wartime military service. A handsome man, who looked some 20 years younger than me, with a hint of graying hair. More than two decades in Germany, but he still felt like an outsider. Had tried to get ahead by going to college and trade school, but taxi cab was as far as he could go … like so many other “black-heads”.  

Most Iranian men have a very definitive worldview, and Mamad was no exception. “Germans are too racist to let the immigrants succeed. They cut your throat with smiles and red tape. But you know, in their hearts Germans are good people. They have only become reserved, cynic and bigoted because of the way that Americans and Jews have fucked them! Did you know that Jews are still sucking billions of their tax money out every year, just because Hitler killed some of them? And Hitler was not even German … he was Austrian!”  

I tried to look dumb and said, “amazing” – for him to continue. “The only one standing against them now is president Ahmadi-Nejad! He is the only leader with the balls to slap the Jews in the face. Here, all the immigrants love him!”  

Restaurant was overflowing, but the German maître-d’ briskly opened up a cozy area for new seating. The “wheat-banana” beer was a nice low-alcohol relief, to wash down the cab encounter.  

Unfortunately, half the menu was different potato-filled pan-fried dishes and the other half full of greasy meats. The German “cuisine” is only marginally better than the English, thanks to their Schnitzel, which is also from Austria.  

The waitress was a young beauty queen from Africa, who much appreciated my attempt at a Swahili greeting. She became very friendly and helped us through a decent dinner. Finally, she asked if I was Persian. “Yes, I’m from Iran” – to which she rejoiced and almost hugged me. Apparently, her new boyfriend was a proud Persian, and she loved his family too. His mother had fondly given her a nickname, which made every one of their household smile … “Kaka Siyah”!

When leaving, she kissed me on the cheek and wished a “kwenda vizuri” in exchange to my “bakia vizuri”.


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maziar 58

safar khoosh

by maziar 58 on

All the way to August..!!! be ghoole shomali ha AOOOOW shazdeh pas to july nemikhay ye BALAL tu kalar dasht bokhoori va aksesh ra barayeman bezari ? Maziar


Indeed deleshoon pore'

by Cost-of-Progress on

Hamsade is right. I would strike a conversation with most of the cabbies and cab "agency" drivers when I was in Iran. While some were reluctant to open up, others were quick to share how hard it is to make a living in the Islamic Eutopia of Iran. Once, one of them in response to my question that why won't the people do anything about it said..." I leave the house at 6 in the morning and return around midnight to make ends meet...I don't have time to complain". This was 6 plus years ago.....Do you think things are better now?

Looks like the only people who support this regime are mostly foriegners who, as usual, blame everything on the west and the jews.

"hey...we'd been the king of the world if it weren't for the west or the jews"

Yeah, sure. 

Shazde, enjoyed this piece. Safe travels.




hamsade ghadimi

mamad agha should take a

by hamsade ghadimi on

mamad agha should take a trip to iran and hear what iranian cabbies have to say.  vaghean ke deleshoon pore.


talking to cabbies

by humanbeing on

is one of my favourite hobbies. i don't drive, so i get a lot of chances to do this. unfortunately, since i don't travel anywhere and am stuck in this one city in the armpit of the mediterranean, the narrative often repeats itself, but every now and then there are surprises.

great writing, and, as always, raised a wry smile.

have a wonderful trip.


The word is Demagogue

by fozolie on


I have often been lectured by Pakistani drivers in various cities of the world about the bravery of Khomeinie etc.'s words.  That is how they are taken in by these murdering charlatans.

Mr. Fozolie


Beautifully written

by Datis on

Thanks Shazdeh, it was very nice.

Have a wonderful time.



by Souri on

I loved that short story. It was great, the taxi driver, the Jews in Germany and the African waitress...all so well described in a well written story. What a delight to read.

And you are so right here, I laughed loud:

The German “cuisine” is only marginally better than the English, thanks to their Schnitzel, which is also from Austria.   

Have a safe and interesting trip.


Dear Shazde

by divaneh on

Mamad Agha was right. I recently had a discussion with an Afghan cab driver who was also supporting AN for standing up to the West. It did not matter how much I tried to persuade him that such standing in absence of the popular support and by a self elected president is doom to fail. I also tried to make him understand that we as a nation have stood up to the West in the past and won’t be afraid of doing it again under an all inclusive government. That was also to no avail as he seemed to view Iranian nation as separate from this matter and did not include it in the equation that only had three components, AN, West and Jews.

And, you are so right about the rubbish German food. I wonder what they would do if there was no Wurst and Kase. Such a contrast to the culinary skills of their Champagne loving neighbour.

Shazde Asdola Mirza


by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

See you all in August.