Don't push my buttons you filthy Zionist!

by Roozbeh_Gilani

I have been looking at "Fred's Blogs" recently, just trying to understand what this poor fella says which invokes such popular readership and hysteric feedbacks from the islamists on this site. They flock to his blogs, hurling abuse at him. They range  from more obvious, openly jew hating cyber bassiji type,  to more tricky, you know, hiding behind a "communist avatar" for example! Now some of you  say that these guys are not just islamists and are really paid agents of the islamist regime.   Maybe you have a point, but that's not the point of this blog!

Anyhow, what i noticed was that Fred, seems to push certain buttons, things in his blogs:

1) Nuclear thing ( You see; a nuke warhead is every Shia hojjatist cult member's  ultimate dream. Dont believe me, ask Ahmadinezhad!)

2) Sanction thing ( Now this is serious, you are talking about their paycheck. Did you hear about this bank in London just shut down the islamist regime's accounts? Must be because of sanctions! Think of all the agha zadeh's in london and toronto dying of hunger and  starvation now, you filthy heartless zionist!)

3) Neda (How dare you showing on internet and TV, to the entire world, that islamist regime is killing it's own citizens in broad day light?! Stop exploiting her you filthy zionist! Did I not tell you that it was actually a Jewish BBC cameraman who killed Neda?

Well I will not dare pushing any of these buttons for fear of being called a Zionist! Rather you Fred!


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having nuclear weapons will

by vildemose on

having nuclear weapons will be -at best- full proof insurance to contiue looting Iran and abusing its people for decades to come.  Why do you think they (IR) are so eager for it.

Excellent point, Mehraban jan. The looting, depleting of national resources, mismanagment, thievary, and cesspool of corruption are for me just as important as the human rights issues. The country is being auctioned off to the highest bidder for private profit.



by MM on

I also agree that nuclear weapons should not fall in the hands of an unpredictable regime like IRI.  However, the nuclear issue has become a huge distraction from the main issue we care about, and that is the abuse of human rights and the suppression of Iranians.  I am sure that IRI just loves all this attention to the nuclear issue because the more the west concentrates on the nuclear questions, the less we talk about the abuses in Iran.

In another blog, I even suggested that the west should have a talk within the intelligent agencies and then give out the list of sites that need to be inspected for nuclear weapon activities, and if IRI does not immediately agree to it, then IRI will bear the responsibility for any further actions!

The issues I have with the author in question are

1. His/her insistence in echoing the voices of the far right, although he/she has toned it down a bid and talks more about human rights lately and I have commented on that in his/her blogs.  In one blog he/she talked about Netanyahu as Bibi, something that I was not aware of, but learnt reading his/her buddy's blog.

1. He/she does not usually come out and say that Iran should be bombed to the kingdom come (although, Mehrdad found one in his blogs), but his/her references are to the links that talk about military actions.

2. The author has several followers that regularly comment in his/her blogs about bombing Iran and he/she acts buddy-buddy with them, but if someone else questions anything, we get the usual IRR-crop duster, ...... insults rather than a conversation or a debate.

3. He/she will post a blog based on, probably, a talking-point email and he/she will post it without checking it out thoughroughly just because he/she is committed to post 2 blogs/day on IC. 

We are not outright accusing the author of being an agent, but rather would like to see him be more independent.


Dear Bavafa

by Mehrban on

The second point you present as your objections in your comment (in this blog) is about IR and its nuclear program.  I am sure you do not want nuclear weapons in the hands of IR.  But that is where they (IR) want to go.  Wouldn't you if you were them?    





by Bavafa on

I agree that nuclear weapon should not fall in the hand of IRI

However, this blog is not about nuclear issue and IR but I will be happy to exchange views with you in that regard and as I have often said, a nuclear weapon free middle east is the best and just way solution.




by Mehrban on

If you think it is hard to get rid of IR now, give them nuclear weapons and watch what happens then.   As I agree that use of nuclear energy is the right of Iranians, I also think that in the hand of IR capability of having nuclear weapons will be -at best- full proof insurance to contiue looting Iran and abusing its people for decades to come.  Why do you think they (IR) are so eager for it.



Rozbeh and COP: This is my take on it

by Bavafa on

I believe Fred has a way of attracting much of this undeserved attention to himself by a

- an unapologetic posturing and defense for thing Israel

- a relentless attack on Iran's Nuclear program and parroting the side that is eager to attack Iran

- an extreme lack of objectiveness and unbiased view

- not engaging in any meaningful conversation with those who oppose his view and much like those of the other side, resorting easily to name calling

What I think of those few nut cases such as Mehdi or SP who are so obsesses with him and bring much undeserved attention to him are more like flies around 'golab be roton' you know what.

And much to disappointment of COP, I hardly ever read his blog and nearly never comment on them. I have come to believe he is a indecent, insincere and deceitful person.

Here is a blog I wrote which may explain partly why and how I came up to that conclusion.





by Cost-of-Progress on

Don't let the alliance of reesh-o-pashm make you believe that there's any substance to their relentless attack on sanity.  After SP's demise, the few Islamists that regularly excercise their "freedom of Speech" continue to attack Fred. He's tough and more witty than all of them combined.

The regime knows that it cannot continue to rape Iran, her resources and people indefinitely, so they utilize any and all tactics to attack those who they feel as a viable cyber threat.

They do you say..."khar-o khaashak!"

I must say that I am a bit disappointed at Mehrdad. I thought he had more sense than that.