Fred's change of heart or simply

by Bavafa

I along with a number of other readers on IC have long believed and accused Fred's real intention for his two-blog-a-day call for "air tight sanction" as a pretext for a call to destroy Iran either by means of bringing Iranians to their knees or flat out war against Iran. One example of such advocacy could have been seen in his blog on January 1st 2010, maybe as a happy new year wish for Iranian.


"If the answer is anything short of war and to avoid it, regime change, then not only such sanctions would be frivolous, they would be criminal."

For a sake of objectivity, he was asked on a numerous occasion to clarify his intention and position regarding war with Iran and the call were all gone astray with no answers, beside the usual "anti-Semite, Islamist-Palestinian XYZ" etc. type accusation.

I was once even called a "lair" by him to point out to the above quote yet no response or apology once the quote and link was provided to him, again only name calling.

It appears that he may have finally realized the gaff and since the above quote has been changed to

"So, unless the sane world intent on helping the brave fed up Iranians get rid of their Islamist inquisitors lock, stock and barrel, they might as well forego the sanctions"

So, once again a public challenge to Fred's credibility, the intention of editing the above quote nearly a year later is a change of heart regarding war with Iran or is it merely

نون رو به نرخ روز خوردن

Also, does editing such a pervious statement without any acknowledgment constitute a lie or deception?



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Agha Masoud: "but you can already guess that can't you"

by Bavafa on

You know what assume does right? So, lets not do that.

First, this blog was meant to expose Fred specially in the light of calling me a lair yet have no decency to retract, apologies or try to set the record straight. His conduct is hardly of an honest and honorable person.

Secondly, even though I am sacredly against any war by a foreign nation against Iran, a war such as Iraq, Gaza or any others that is paid or conducted by a foreign nation, yet I will stay open minded and I will gladly participate in any discussion including those of possible war with IR if it is based on logic and absent of name calling and alienating others. So many of us resort to name calling as it feels good but it does nothing but alienating the very those who we are trying to bring to our side.

But you will need to start a new blog for it as I prefer this blog to stay on its intended topic



Bavafa & MM

by masoudA on

War against IR does not mean bombs falling on old villages and innocent Iranians - but you knew that did'nt you?   Just the same, voicing your opinion against any attacks inside Iran, does not mean you are not defending IR!!   I am willing to start a discussion with you guys on what constitutes an attack on IR - without physicaly involving the population or even without any military entering Iran. 

One exmple I can give you is declaration of "No Fly" zones which US did quiet successfuly in Iraq.   But let me also assure you - the current US Admin has no interests in removing IR.


Agha Masoud: "Nobody has Ever declared war on Iran"

by Bavafa on

Well, not completely correct, I believe IRI has done this only not officially and Saddam did it with the help of the West which brought much devastation on Iran and Iranians.

I have long recognized the distinction between IRI and Iran, you will see ample evidence in my comments/contribution regarding that. But I am afraid such distinction is harder to do when bombs begin to fall which is a typical byproduct of war, falling bombs that is.

Now, you and Fred might want to believe that a war will only be on IRI, which incidentally is being promoted to be fought by other nations that have never had the interest of Iranians at heart but as history has proven over and over again bombs have not evolved to the point of recognizing IRI from ordinary Iranians.

Now a war by Iranians (not Ahmad Chalebi type Iranians) against IRI will have my full support.



good catch Mehrdad - plenty of alternatives Masoud

by MM on


The author you quoted usually does not advocate war in his blogs, but rather will give references where the drums are beating.  Another tactic is to deny that he is promoting war, but to let his buddies (you know them!!!) to come into his blog and "target this" "shoot that" thing in Iran with impunity (of course, impunity from the author's wrath).  On the other hand, anyone else who even questions his motives gets the usual predictable insults.


To be against war, to be against missiles raining down on our old neighborhoods, to hate foreign soldiers on the ground in Iran, one does not need to have an alternative to war.  There are plenty of alternatives out there, but, the sounds of drum-beats sometimes overwhelms the voices of reason.  Even I have a blog where I talked about what if (Practical path towards democracy).  As far as I know, even RP has publically said "do not attack my country".  What sayeth thee?


Nobody has Ever

by masoudA on

declared war on Iran - agha Mehrdad

The war is gainst the ISlamic Republic - but it seems like your other friends, you have a hard time seperating the two!!!

If Fred or anyone else ever declares any wars on Iran - they would be dealt with harshly be all members can rest assured. 


MassoudA jaan:

by Bavafa on

Does it mean he has a change of heart and regret his past call for war on Iran or just another deception of

شتر دیدی، نددیدی!




by masoudA on

Nothing new from our bivafa hamvatan.

Just out of curiousity -have you ever had a post on IC suggesting a solution or a way to defeat the IR????  just curious - please provide the link.