Facebook shares on the rise, and for good reason.

by rbnfl

Early in September, a couple of anlysts who were most likely paid off by people who had large interest in shorting the shares of Facebook (FB) down graded FB and the stock dove to $17.73

The people with short position made 100s of millions and speculations among pros as well as lay investors was that FB will drop to $13 or $14 or even below $10

Since yesterday's after market announcement of earnings for Q3, FB has gone up 20%+; shares are trading at $23.50 at mid day.

FB is not a web site; its not even a premier social networking site.  Its an entity which has caused a psychological phenomena.  Prominant psychologists have conducted experiments and have come to the conclusion that major part of FB users suffer from "FOMO". Fear Of Missing Out.

Of the 1B+ users of FB, 38% check their page every 14 minutes on average.  So that they do not miss out on what people are saying about their posts or to see what their friends have posted.

Thats an audience of 380,000,000 people ready to be bombarded by ads.  Even if this number was not accurate and there were only 38,000,000 users, there is no other medium in the world which can boast such stats.

It is my guess that shares of FB, in a year or so will surpass their IPO price of $38.  Why?  Because there are at least a dozen product ideas that can be built on FB's foundation.

If an investor buys FB @ $24 today and sells at even $34 in a year, that will be a 41% gain.  Much better than banks or even real estate.


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