It's not Persian Gulf anymore; so what?

by rbnfl

I have mostly contributed content on business and technology since I became a member on  I am not particularly enchanted by wealth or financial success as I am with numbers and statistics.  I'm a numbers junkie if you will.

When you log in as a member on, you get to see how many people have read a blog or an article.  It appears that content which includes references to Pahlavi, Mossadegh, Israel, Islam, sanctions, war, Palestine generate the largest numbers of reads/clicks.  Of course entries with words like sex or nude continue to be top click generators.

There is nothing wrong about getting excited about particular words.  But there is something wrong if all that Iranians focus on are the wrong subject/objects. 

Americans have a saying "it don't matter who shot who, lets stop the bleeding".  Does it really matter what Reza Shah or Mossadegh did or did not do?  Do you really think powers to be really care about a blog piece with even 10,000 views or 1,000 comments on if they were about to make a decision on attacking Iran or not?

How about the name Persian Gulf?  What if the name was changed to Arabian Gulf?  What would happen? Would people die or suffer ?

At the moment, there is a lot of suffering in Iran; a country rich in natural and human resources. Unemployment, oppression, possibility of war, horrible economic sanctions which are taking a big toll on average Iranians are all significant issues that require attention of Iranians outside Iran.

I really believe if this group of highly educated, well to do, free to do as they wish unites and focus on what matters, many good things will happen.  If we continue to get riled up about Reza Shah, Mossadegh, the type of flag carried at demonstrations or what Reza Pahlavi said in an interview on Fox news, we won't get anywhere.  The last 34 years is a good testament. 


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Where is Cyrus?

by jirandoust on

Unfortunately unity has not been one of the strongest trate amoung Iranians. We all talk about it and hope for it, but rarely do anything about it. According to our history, Iranians achieve unity only when a charismatic leader is running the show. On our own, we have problems unifying.

So where is the next Cyrus to unify us?

p.s. Cyruses only, no khomeinis, please!

p.s.s. I am campaigning to change the names of Arabian Sea to Persian Sea and Gulf of Oman to Gulf of Iran. So what if those names are changed?