Re: the disappeared "Zoroastrian" Blog from Maya Parsi


by Q


 Here's the original blog, now deleted. I don't know who did it, but if it was JJ, it was in poor taste. This person was way out of line and many good comments were in that blog which have now gone. I worked on a long comment which I thought was appropriate, but it didn't register when I tried to post. I had this page open, so I copied it below + my own comment after it.


It is not fair that Zoroastrian`s Parse have been criticized by you    by Maya Parsi






I just found out that the host put our music video on, well Thank you so much.

That video was done by Zoroastrian people and our committee.

We are reading your comments and at the same time we are wondering why you guys were so mean to us!

We read every one of your comments; it is so amazing and shocking how you guys are criticizing the Parse Zoroastrian people, criticisms from many perspectives. We would expect it from Middle East nationality, but we couldnot imagine or even think of it coming from Iranians!

I should say this: you guys are missing the point. None of you guys mentioned anything about the design. It was something unique art, graphical on billboard signs!!  From which you could see 3 videos at the same time,

(in the 1st one she is singing, in the 2nd one Iranian/Persian people in Iran are being  warriors in the protest and in the 3rd video Iranian/Persian people around the world are showing their support with their real Iranian flags, with the golden lion).

You may see the same thing done by others in time copycat that at the future, but it was done for the first time by us, and dedicated for Iranians.

We put a lot of energy and effort into making the video. We were so excited that we could not wait to finish it, and put it on the internet; to show the whole world how awesome Iranians are. We were trying to call on everyone around the world, to make a point and give attention to Iran and their people.

We Zoroastrian Parsee`s thought we should somehow show our support to you guys. Maybe by this way, you guys will not be alone and you will have our support. The same thing happened to us 1300 yrs ago and history is repeating itself.

And the Celtic Woman`s music is from Lisa Kelly and Mairead Nesbitt, we thought the name of the song was suitable for Iranian voice the Neda`s. What we do not get, is what it has to do with those other links used as an example to us.

Are you guys seeing Parsi people with stereotypes? Stereotypes, like we wear sari`s or our men is like our priest is wearing a white shirt praying in the temple; that is not at all what we are about.  I am Parse, and like everybody else I wear jeans too, or I go to work with a suit. And we do nothave dark brown skin either; I am white Caucasian with hazel honey and grey eyes with very straight long hair. It is not like you guys saying that the first image that comes to your head when I say Hindu is a turban, would you like it if we judge you guys in the same way. Zoroastrian`s are absolutely notsinging the whole day in a temple, we enjoy other culture songs too especially the ones in English language like everybody else on the planet.

It is hard to understand, what you are talking about? We were not even born in Iran, example; I was born in England. After 1300 yrs, what are you expecting from us?

Some comments we did not understand what it has to do with our son of the god Mithras, or what it has to do with Freddy Mecurry! And how it is relevant to our music, you guys are misleading the whole thing Or Mr. Darius Kadivar!

In our temple of 285 members, reading your confusing comments and we became puzzled. What does our music video have to do with that movie you named above? Everybody here is wondering what it has to do with us; however we are not interested to know anymore. And we are not coming back here, we are sure you guys will not be welcoming us.

And amazingly you guys are giving Parsi people advice on how to deal with our heritage! Wow, what we are seeing here through the comments is that you guys are trying to show us who is the boss by advising us, you should think twice about who is your daddy.

That Zartosht video(Zarathushtra corect) example you put there, do you really think it relates with Parsi or Zoroastrian`s language, the answer is NO. It is not in the Persian Avestan language, so we cannot understand what they are singing about. Who ever told you, he or she lied to you. It looks like an anthem in the Farsi language mix with Arabic language, that is made up for fun. There is a big difference between the Parsi Avesta original Persian language. You guys are speaking and writing in Farsi. Believe us, if we started to write to you guys here with Parsi language, you guys will not even understand 50% of our words.

The real question we should be asking from you guys is ?

After 1300 yrs. did you keep your heritage, Indo-European language, your customs, and festivals the original way. Well for us, yes we did it and we will continue to do it that way until we are the last people on earth. How about you guys do you remember your real celebration, without it being mixed with the Islam way? Do you know the name of the special occasion Persian`s celebrate in August?  We are getting ready in our temple.

We thought we could support you guys and become a part of it, it seems like it is not possible. It is just big gap and it is our fantasy to think this way; we made a big mistake and embarrassed ourselves. We got our lesson to stay away from you guys.

You guys are absolutely right every one of you, thank you so much for your honestly to show us your true nature, we were wrong.

We had 3 other projects planned for next week to dedicate to Iranian`s on the internet. I guess not, we got totally cold and sad and feeling hurt by you guys. So We will stop now.

We are sure now that we can`t please you guys. Sadly we tried to make a difference by breaking our rules, to connect with you guys. And as much as we want to break the isolation wall between us, you guys are putting up more blocks and making the wall longer.

We did try our best, unfortunately it didn`t work out, we will stick to our own forums and our communities websites.

And we will stay as far as possible from you Iranian`s because you guys are right, we cannot be included with you guys. We promise you guys, you will never hear from us ever again.

With best wishes to all of you, Good luck.

You’re truly

From our Zoroastrian Parse`s community






Dear Maya,


 When I first saw this blog, I thought it was silly and borderline offensive. I am not a big fan of Eurocentric fetishism so prevelant in the video as well as your own exclusivist comments. But in the grand scheme of things, I didn't think it was worth the time to write a response and Mr. Darius Kadivar had made some of the same points anyway. Your actual points about being unfairly "criticized" had no merrit. Either you are not familiar with the Internet (for example try writing anything positive about Islam), OR you are simply trying to put down even that slight constructive comments as "criticism." Either way, it points to a certain sheltered aspect (perhaps in more ways than one) of either your self or your organization.

 It was only after seeing your response, that of "R. Patel" and "top5Max" that I realized what this really was. Unfortuntely, it looks like yet-another self-serving organization trying to promote itself on the back of poor Green movement protesters in Tehran. So, since "R. Patel" commanded that we should indeed speak our minds, I wanted to write this in order to do that.

 In addition, since many other worth comments are now gone, I wanted to give others a chance to voice their opinions in print.


PS. To JJ: This policy of deleting comments along with the whole Blog is patently unfair to your comment writers.



more from Q

Rosie, Anvar

by capt_ayhab on


Yes I did watch her video in full screen, as a matter of fact that same evening I watched it again at the house with Mrs. 

Past couple of days been real busy with getting ready for up coming classes, but I will read both your threads you mentioned.


You are very kind sir, I appreciate you tons. You are a true humble gentleman in my book . ;-)



rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, Ayhab-misunderstanding. Let's start all over

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

My post to you must have seemed very strange, because the entire thrust of it is that if you don't think the only thing that matters here is that the girl left, there is no point in continuing this discussion. Actually you clearly answered that at the end of your post when you told me you thought she had an agenda. .

The reason why I didn't realize that before is that your post is very poorly organized, sweetie pie, given the situation, in which you know how distraught I've been. Look at it. It basically asks the same exact uestions over and over again, in essence.I did something wrong, you didn't. Given I was already angry it couldn't do anything but make me angrier, and so Toward  by the time I got to the end, my eyes were all glazed over. I'd already in essence clearly answered all those questoins in my blog Sedaa and here below. One post, then domino effect. .

If your whole concern is that this was all a plot, why didn't you just start off that way? Wouldn't my own reactions have been part of the chaos and dissension that occured on this thread because of them?

It was because of your ego, my dear :o) The only thing as big as your heart is your ego. Trust me.

 You wrote the post to do good for everyone but first you just had to straighten out perceived slights, however small, that you received...

or am I wrong? I've been wrong before. lol

Well anyway, I'll write back about what I think about the conspiracy theory. I think you're way off base. And I'll tell you why.



rosie is roxy is roshan

Maya is the neice. She says in her blog she was born in/Jav

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

London. She does not say that she lives in London. I don't remember the uncle R. Patel sayng she or they are now in London. I have many reasons for thinking they are in Mumbai or at least in India but I don't want to go into them until Javaneh tells me why she is so sure they are in Lonndon.


Just an Ensign, Rosie

by Anvar on

An ensign in a red uniform who dies in every episode! 

I may be mistaken, but I’m almost positive that Patel said the nephew was from London.  It doesn’t matter anyway.  Frankly, I’m not going to commit any of it to my long term memory.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Anvar, small clarificatioion. I really thought they're in Mumbai

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

not London. Why do you think they're in London other than that Javaneh said so? Any particular reason?

So, are you Klingon or Bejoran or Vulcan or what since I think you are the newbie here at the Federation??? lol


First Contact

by Anvar on

Is everybody familiar with Star Trek (series & movies) and remember the Federation’s First Contact policies?  They were protocols that guided the members of the federation as how to conduct themselves at their first encounter with an alien race.  I guess I have developed a similar philosophy for myself.  It requires understanding, sacrifice, willingness to welcome and get along, ability to overlook, empathy, open mind & heart, and on and on.  But keep in mind that on the Starships, not everything was based on emotions only and they also had plenty of intellect, analysis power, and a mean array of torpedo and phaser banks!

I am not Maya, a 24 year old Parsi residing in London (same goes for Patel and Top5Max). Consequently, I do not know what is in their minds or lexicon, what is their method of communication, what motivates them or makes them tick, what they expect, and how they would perceive others.  Yes, I could have chosen to be offended by their tone and words but, for me, it was too early in the process to arrive at a decision or make a judgment.  Although, this much is clear that someone put in an effort, and spent a lot of hours, to create a video to express solidarity with “us.”  They didn’t have to do that so, at least at First Contact, I chose to overlook other shortcomings.   

*David ET* - By recreating a blog I meant the original blog as well as ALL its corresponding posts.  I agree with you that *Q* did not violate anything by reposting the original blog.  I just wish, now that there a big discussion developing, the associated posts had also been cached and republished.  By the way, I share *Q*’s viewpoint on deleting blogs.  Actually, I have already expressed my dismay to the site Admin, but that’s a different story.

So far, there are at least 4-5 historical summaries.  A summary, be default, requires that many facts (by chance or on purpose) be left out.  Therefore, every summary is a subjective remembrance.  Frankly, I think what gets left out becomes a reason for further debate or argument.  Hence, my caution about rewriting history.

*rosie is roxy is roshan* - Let me pre-empt you to save you a few minutes but, if you wish, reply in your own blog too.  By implication and inference, I understood you to indicate that I (as a minority) did not flag the offender’s posts because his attacks were not directed at me (us).  If that is what you meant to convey, then I would simply say that it absolutely was not the case and even if his vile language and accusations were directed toward me (us), I still would not have flagged him.  Then again, if I was the only one who misinterpreted your statement, I will gladly stand corrected.  Ya, still chillin’ : )  

*capt_ayhab* - Thank you for your kind words.  In my mind, solidarity should no be based on incidental dividing lines like racial/ethnic groupings (Persian vs. Arab vs. …), or based on perceived strategic interests (all minorities against majority), etc.  Solidarity should be based on voluntary cooperation of individuals who, in spite of their varied backgrounds, share similar ideas and ideals for the betterment of humanity.

I must also say that from what (little) I have read in your posts so far, I’ve come to hold high regards for you as a devout Muslim who seems to champion human rights with an open mind.  I am proud of you too.
BTW – Just call me Anvar.  Give me some time to work my way up to “Mr.!”  : )

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

haven't read, only scanned. More of same, ralionalizations, from the head, not the heart, defensive,etc...If you don't care if I participate in this discussion, fine. If you want me to, fine too. But not if you won't budge. If you have come to believe that the only thing that really matters here is that the girl left and you want me to participate, tell me so briefly. If not, the only thing about such a discussion that would be more than it would be time-consuming, would be its fruitlessness.

rosie is roxy is roshan

PS Cap'n, did you..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

did you watch the girl's video full screen like I asked people to (it cannot be understood, I said unless it is) in a post on that thread subject line all caps? IF not, please tell me why not? Whether you did or didn't, pplease read the end part of my last long post to Irandokht and Javaneh here again (ostensibly you already read it once..if not why not???). . If necessary, please re-read several times. several times.

rosie is roxy is roshan

This blog will not be productive for me anymore.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

As I said in my last post to David, I have important work to do here and I said what it is.

Captain, the answers to the questions you asked, have been given implicitly or explicitly, on this blog or my Sedaa blog now on blog central, on Maya's original blog, and also in my blog about "Yeggia" (currently featured"), directly or indirectly to you. An open scrutiny by you, devoid of defensiveness and rationalization, as objective as possible, leaving aside you and me per se but only what actually happened, what was said and done, and what the results are, should provide answers to most of your questions.

Provided this objectvity is not merely rationale (rationality can be used to make atomic weapons too) but includes the basic reality of objective fairness in the world, which includes not wounding people.

If you can do this, you should find most of thee answers. So far, David hasn't been able to do this. It is witnessed by the fact that his ultimate defense of what happened is that the Parsees 'chose' to leave. If he wants to walk around with that viewpoint, fine, I've done my best there. If you accept that ultimately the most important thing is that no one, especially a young person, who meant well and had brought us a great gift, not be severely emotionally wounded, Iyou can answer a lot of those questions.

If you reject it, then no discussion between us about this will yield fruit, and like I said, I have important work to do here. If you accept it only partially, please explain to me very clearly why.

Ohterwise I'm outta herre.

I agree. There are times you have been wrong. One time recently I was so wrong that you and Q together were the ones who made me see the error of my ways, in breeding hostility on the site.

In this case I (and Javaneh) are right. Anyone who didn't think about every single word they said on that thread twice to make sure it was something to make the girl want to stay and who doesn't now feel that her having left is the only thing that REALLY matters now in terms of what happened on that blog, is wrong. Emotionally, ethically, psychologically and spiritually wrong.

Again, if you can accept this wholly, ask your uestions again first to yourself and then we'll talk. If you accept it only partially, tell me why. If you mostly or completely reject it, further discussion on this topic is a waste of my times and yours. Again, like I said, I have important work to do here. Suggest you read post linked to my last post to David and see if you agree.

I am not re-reading or editing this current post. Again, like I said, I have work to do.

PS I should add that if it were possible for me to discuss this here with you just by replyng tquestion by question to your post right now without the intervention of David, I would do it. But it won't be. So it's really a waste of time. He hasn't budged an inch (even though there was an extremely long reply to him on the Sedaa blog from me, deleted because still woudln't budge), new blog here, reply to him, still hasn't budged. Hasn't budged one bit. Still the rationalizationis 'they had choice.' Since david clearly wants to continue this discussion and is unbudgeable, I hope you can see how draining and counter-productive it will become for me. You go the mile and do what I just asked you to do, I'll go the mile and resume the discussion with you (and David...) right here. Soon.

Take care.

David ET

interesting observation Capt.

by David ET on

I must agree that I also sensed too that the immature writing style of the blogger and topmax person were so similar that I too immediately sensed that it is coming from the same person but not being sure, I left it at that and did not say anything and in fact , I did not find those comments worthy of any response.

But I did quote Zartusht in original and English language and wrote in general:

I don't care what you call yourself , live by them:

Vispa Humata  vispa Hukhta, .Vispa Hvarshta baodho-varshta.......


and that so obviously showed how the WORDS said were so much in contrast with "good" teaching of zartusht that

Basateshoono jam kardan , raftan ! (Packed up their baggage and left) 

If those harsh words were told by a Muslim or Jewish person, many of readers would have been jumped up and down disgusted but only because they (or one) CALLED themselves Parsi , Zorosterian, Aryan, IndoEueopean or whatever, many just tried to be more considerate and bending over backwards !

If anyone wants to contact Parsi's or Zartushti's there are many wonderful people around ... and we have much to share and learn from one another... but those with such sense of supremecy, as for me no thanks! (The same ones who really should apologize!)

On a positive note this in fact can be a good experience for Maya et al to think and reflect ... 



Mr. Anvar

by capt_ayhab on

I made a comment in the deleted blog which I am not sure if you saw it. Allow me to post it here again.

After Max guy commented on you by saying[we minorities must stick together], I truly admired you when you immediately disassociated yourself from him.

You should be very proud sir, as I am of being your countryman.





by capt_ayhab on

If you like I can copy here what exactly top5max wrote. Same content I emailed to JJ for consideration.





by capt_ayhab on

You state[Then somone started polemicizing about cultural chauvinism, someone else (who unfortunately had given  them a Ferdowsi poem before for which he'd been profusely thanked, they'd been so grateful) jumped in to pontificate at them more, then R. Patel went silent and the bickering started, why did you say that to them, why shouldn't I?,
lessons were given to them in their silence on the meaning of good thoughts, good words, good deeds, then a nut case came with multiple
postings of the most vicious, violent kind with the worst language (professing to defend THEM against US because we were all
Basij....)...and then the Mr

Question #1, Why is it that you are trying to find someone to blame for the condensing and degrading comment the Patel guy made, and the all the stupid whining the Maya character did in her blog.

And If not trying to find one to blame, why is it you are trying to censor myself and David ET, from having said what I thought about Patel's remarkably condensing remark?

Question #2. Why is it you are trying to demonstrate that anyone ANYONE said anything disrespectful to Maya or the Patel character, for which everyone apologized for few million times. Apology for the alleged bad deed ? There was NO disrespectful remark made what so ever.

Question #3. You were the point of the attack by their Dog Topmax5, although he said some kind[Wink] words to David and DK as well. But you got the brunt of it. 

Question #4. Even the criticism I gave and ET gave was not about Maya, but about the stupidity of Patel guy. Did you think we all had to kiss their butt for all the condensing crap they said about all who commented and particularly all the Iranians?

Do you really want to know what I think about all 3 of them? IF they are 3 different person to begin with. I think they had an agenda, and their agenda was to do exactly what they did. Which is come here and distress everyone. This top5max guy belongs to an Islam Hate group, just click on the link on his account and you will see what I am talking about. 

Is he Zoroastrian? I tell you, I am yet to see ONE Zoroastrian that is so vulgar and who belong to Armageddon day and Islam hate group. I have this gut feeling that they were all the same person, who have used some name from that Patel's organization.

And I have been wrong before.



rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Directed to me directly or not, my 'presence' is felt in your last post. So here's my response to it:

I have work to do here. I would like to use this as the basis to write an article. // 

I want to find that girl. I want to undo all the damage that has been done by that disgusting battle with Irandokht by showing people that I'm not going to fight battles with anyone here anymore. I want to get to know Anvar better. I want to follow the news more carefully again and continue refreshing my Persian so I can read some of the Persian items.

So, David, what I would ask you for right now is to please go back to the section of my Sedaa blog which so egregiously offended you for its mischaracterizations of you, read it again, a few times, and ask yourself who the specific part about the blond hair, green eyes was alluding to.

And that's a wrap for this post.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Jav /all /Anvar

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Jav, I am pretty sure that Maya and R. Patel are in Mumbia, not in London. I am giong to write you later to explain why. In the meantime, I just wanted to tell you that quickly right away.


As for the new points brought up, they shed much light on the situation. I'm very glad they were posted and will reply to them in detail later. For now I will just say one general overriding thing:


Anvar, wait, coming up. I know it sounds unbelievable, but the long post I just wrote here to Irandokht and Javaneh was also very easy for me to write, I did not forget about your other post. You will get my reply soon.Still 'chillin'.  ;o)

David ET

few points

by David ET on

Anvar: Q did not violate anything by resposting what is permanently cached on internet:

First video blog: // 


The second blog:  


but you are absolutely right that heresay's should not be trusted as factual.

e.g. some the two times I responded to false accusations , have instructed me that this should be put to rest and told me that I should stop responding so that it all goes away, yet they are the ones who have still continued to talk about it the most!!!!!!!!! Just that one example should give any unbiased new reader an indication how unreliable some hearsays can be. Some in their guilty feeling of having rushed to criticize that may have hurt the blogger,  later rushed to apologize then again rushed to criticize or silence the ones who were the few voices of reason from the beginning to the end!

and then there are some others who have no idea what happend and have not read all comments on either blogs , but are suddenly jumping in barefoot and giving themselves the right to make judgement calls and giving lessons too, only to fish in muddy waters for own if we do not already have enough such biased judges in IR !

Thank you Q for posting the original blog for those who want to form their own opinions aside from all the dramatizations and mischaracterization of events and undue blames.

Like I said before , I too wish the bloggers would not have left, nor delete their video (I always have appreciated supports and solidarities and avoided undue critsisms as everyone does it own way and that is the beauty of this solidarity)... but the blogger chose to come here and later chose to leave and that remains to be her choice.

As for what the content of the 2nd blog, of course I am not going to do my own hearsay but just to see it from a different angle and from your own viewpoint, you may want to substitute the words "you guys" and "Iranians" to (you jews) or (you blacks) and then you may get a different view of the supremecy that exists within the mind of the blogger. 

I simply quote few comments there which I refuse to "whitewash" the generalizations regardless of if the person is hurt or not, Parsi or Arab, Zorosterian or Muslim, pure or unpure!, 26 year old or 86 year old . Principals of human equality are regardless of feelings, racem language, religion, blood or age and if zartusht wanted he would have said good thought, good words, good deeds ,,,,and good race or blood or language etc.. but he didn't!:


..criticisms from many perspectives. We would expect it from Middle East nationality, but we could not imagine or even think of it coming from Iranians!

you guys are trying to show us who is the boss by advising us, you should think twice about who is your daddy. 

You guys are absolutely right every one of you, thank you so much for your honestly to show us your true nature, we were wrong. 

Sadly we tried to make a difference by breaking our rules 

we will stay as far as possible from you Iranian`s 



There was a reason they deleted her blog and that was its content


...and passing the blame to others even by some of the the same ones who actually caused the hurt feeling to begin with is so unfair and uncalled for.

yes I too agree that it is best to put this to rest but since Rosie in her moments of the spotlight has picked her alter and the sacrifice least we may learn that next time we write something, we best think twice and ....not simply respond or follow the first commentator  as is so customary here but to address the blog content itself

and also under the context of having tried to save a hurt feeling not cause more hurt feelings !!!!!!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, ID, Jav,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

ID, I just read your full post. Originally I just saw the beginning of Javaneh's telling the whole story from the beginning, then down to yours saying I'm lost with a lot of questions. I figured it would just be clearer for me to do what Javaneh was doing, give a summary from beginning to end without being influenced either by Javaneh's version OR by assumptions you had in your questions about what had happened.

Now I am thinking maybe you wanted to know more about what problems people had with the video in the original submission and why the comments were so harsh. Well actually that is the irony. They WEREN'T harsh. There were probably 10 or 15, several by the same posters. There were two which I felt were offensive, one just said "too white" and one other, I don't remember but it really rankled me. However, it was not abusive, just..well, seriously rude.

Then there were comments saying I really don't understand why you sent this video. I mean it's nice but why Celtic Woman. What does that have to do with Iran? Again, I stress that the video could not be seen full screen (at least not by me so probably not by others) so that would be a lot of the cause for the mystification. Be that as it may.

Those comments either went two ways. Some kind of knee-jerk criticism along the lines of it shouldn't be a song by Celtic Woman (the I know everything based on no information syndrome), or you know, I read somewhere in a book by Frazier that certain Celtic rituals are related to the Mithraic sheep sacrifice at the first full moon of every second year (the I know too much based on too much information syndrome). Bascially that's all that it was. No nasty language, no intentional slights. That is what was there.

The problem I think lay more in what WASN'T there. Things like: Oh what a magnificent song. Could you please explain why you chose this one? or Thank you so much for the lovely video but I'm a little confused...

However one thing was on that submission: the lyrics to that song. And so. I also REALLY DO HAVE TO SAY  AGAIN (and I said it in my Sedaa blog) that it is incomprehensible to me how a modern Iranian could hear a song and read its lyrics that say "I am the voice of your history"from Zoroastrian Parsees dedicated to them and not immediately grasp that there was a very deep meaning and an OBVIOUS good reason to choose that simply...astounds me.

All over the Internet non-Iranians have been making videos and writing poems and sending them out about 'the Call', based on Neda's name. Is this not true? Because no one ever talks about it here:

The incident has taken on an added poignancy from the meaning of Soltani's first name. Neda, an Arabic word used more commonly in literary rather than spoken Farsi, conveys the spiritual meaning of "call" or "voice".

If it is true, then...well you get the point. Tragic irony upon tragic irony. They didn't even write on the original video submission that the video was inspired by Neda. And if it wasn't viewed full screen so you couldn't see the inserts of the imagres of Neda's death. on the tallest building in Times Suare with a video screen of Lisa Kelly singing I am the voice as the flames of Ahura Mazda come out of the top of the building and reach to the sky???.?

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

in informal usage is just another way of saying 'picky' about small cetails. Not petty. Just picky.


Explanations Usually Help

by Anvar on

Well, *rosie is roxy is roshan*, I certainly appreciate your effort to clarify things for me.  Not everybody had read my questions on your blog.  If I’m the only one under the wrong impression that you were, in effect, equating the two, in the sentence that you wrote, then I’d certainly reconsider.  Even though, in your clarification, you did equate the two in essence (and not content).  I'm glad that in your follow up post, you explained what you had actually meant earlier.

Sincerely, I think in your fine description of this medium, you reinforced the points that I was trying to make.  You just expressed them much better than I ever could.

BTW – I regret that you find my comments and questions picayune (mean, petty, of small importance or value) but I hope you don't think that I’m also so stupid that it would take so many words to get a point across to me.  : )

You take care as well.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, Anvar,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

*rosie is roxy is roshan*, my comments were not necessarily in disagreement with anyone.  Even though you could’ve kindly answered my questions in your own blog, for some reason, you decided to bring it up here in *Q*’s blog. 

I wrote a reply to the one on my blog, I just didn't post it because I found it inadequate. I found the reply was more complicated to write than I thought it would be. So I decided to go back later. In the meantime, I saw your first post here and it was just something very easy for me to reply to. It took a few minutes and I was satisfied so I posted it right away.

 My comments here and the ones posted on your blog are not the same.  Not by any stretch of imagination.  I should know better than anyone since these are my comments and questions.  But you said: “…First my thread, now the same thing here.” 

I didn't mean to say they were the same in content at all, they are completely different. I meant to say they are the same in terms of both being highly literal and analytical and 'picayune' so to speak about a situation which is dynamic, human, alive. You kind of don't let it breathe enough. I will answer your other post in a while and then maybe you will see what I mean.

That’s an example of, perhaps inadvertent, misrepresentation to which I was alluding. 

Look, things we could clarify and resolve in five minutes in person could take five hous here. Or five days. Or never. It isn't really about inadvertent, or misrepresentation, or anythig like that. It's just about lack of visual clues, tone of voice, inability to stop someone in mid-sentence and say excuse me, did you mean this??? kind of thing. Inadvertent misrepresentation seems to me to imply a kind of mistake made, whereas here we are talking about simple lack of clarity. Which is relative. I could say something that is totally clear to one person and completely opaque to another. It's a very imperfect medium for communication. The solution, I think, is to not be too defensive about what is read.

Not only you didn’t tell me (as of now) who “them” were, on your blog, but you are also saying here “I rest our case.”  I’d hate to ask, but who else are you representing? 

 I will go back to the other blog later and tell you who the 'them' were but I am NOT gonna tell you who the 'our' is here! lol That one you have to figure out for yourself...

 In the end, I agree with you that there’s a lot noise here.

That is the problem with the medium. Too easy to wind up debating how many angels on the head of a pin. Hard to keep the blood flowing, the human dimension. Who even knows how long it will last? Everything might change to audiovisual within 50 years. In the meantime, we plod along...believe me, if Maya's blog had at least been audio, it would've had a very different outcome once everyone heard her crying.

Well, at least after all that, it should probably be easier for me to tackle the other post later.

Take care.


I’m Chillin’ : )

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*rosie is roxy is roshan*, my comments were not necessarily in disagreement with anyone.  Even though you could’ve kindly answered my questions in your own blog, for some reason, you decided to bring it up here in *Q*’s blog.  My comments here and the ones posted on your blog are not the same.  Not by any stretch of imagination.  I should know better than anyone since these are my comments and questions.  But you said: “…First my thread, now the same thing here.”  That’s an example of, perhaps inadvertent, misrepresentation to which I was alluding.  Not only you didn’t tell me (as of now) who “them” were, on your blog, but you are also saying here “I rest our case.”  I’d hate to ask, but who else are you representing?  In the end, I agree with you that there’s a lot noise here.

*javaneh29*, I am essentially in agreement with you.  As an active poster in the disappeared blog, I read all the comments.  Actually, I was one the few who, right off the bat, recognized how Maya and Patel were hurt and dismayed (justified or unjustified).  I did my best to give them support and encouragement.  That does not mean that I condoned everything they said.  Believe it or not, that Top5Max character, as vile and disgusting as he had chosen to express himself, also recognized the hurt in Maya.  

I was just trying to point out that, by the virtue of having lost the original blog, it would not be feasible to try to recreate the facts or to paint an accurate picture now.  We don’t have a good point of reference anymore.  Maya, Top5Max, Patel, and many others are (for whatever reason) no longer present to express their own thoughts and feelings (or even defend themselves, if needed), so it would not be fair to attribute anything to them.  Those of us, who were present, know exactly what happened, and those who were not present may possibly get a skewed version of history.

No need to misunderstand me, dear ladies, as I’m not in a feud with you.  All the power to you.



Rosie: about those deleted comments

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I actually don't know about deletions while the blog was up. I was talking about all the comments being gone because the blog itself was gone.

In praticular there were some good comments from David ET and Darius Kadivar.

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Comic relief

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When I came on to the thread there were a few comments and they were addressed directly to Maya. One of them was fairly unpleasant (that person apologized shortly thereafter). So I thought rather than address Maya directly, I would address the community . I decided I would address Maya directly later and tell her how I wasn't Iranian but how I had come to embrace a lot of Zoroastrian beliefs. I thought she would enjoy hearing the story. 

Anyway, when I wrote my first post, to the community, I talked about "you" and "Iran" (things like she is trying to say she loves Iran and I think it might be better if you contacted her privately if..that kind of thing). It wasn't intentional, it's just that it wasn't relevant or necessary to say whether I was Iranian or not. It just never came up.  It didn't come up in my next posts either, which were to specific people on the thread.

But when the nastiness started I decided I better address Maya directly quick and in that post I kept talking about 'we' and 'us'. I didn't specifically say it but I made sure to keep it wiiiide open.....

I figured it would be a good idea for time being to let her think I was Iranian!


My thoughts Rosie, Anvar everyone and anyone

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 The two summeries were written simultaneously, as Rosie explained in response to a request as Rosie also explained.

Putting that it was a request aside, I think it was important to revisit the whole experience of Maya's post(s), the impact and interaction here and then the fall out.

The conversations that arose on Maya's post scared/ upset this young woman, trampled on her intention to show her support and solidarity to the point where she ran as fast as she could from IC and also from reaching out to the Iranian community as a whole.

What concerns me is that for the want of good manners, compassion and appreciation etc and because of the all the usual war on words, accussations re culture, religion, paranoia etc, etc which is common place here on IC and something no one new to IC could possibly predict,  Maya has left feeling heart broken and with a negative impression about Iranians and IC.

Although I think that removing her video from every venue was extreme, we dont know what her experience here touched in her. Clearly something very painful. Im sure that none of us here would even unwittingly want to add to anyones distress... but sadly we, the collective, did contribute to the point where she was devastated.

Our lesson here,  I think... certainly for me anyway is about treating ppl with dignity and respect at all times.


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Anvar, there are two comments here which attempt to describe

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what happened on that blog in summary form from beginning to end, they were written on request and they are both from two different people. Interestingly, they both turned out to be almost the exact same length even though the second commenter said they would not read the first to make sure they would not be influenced by it. And they also wound up telling pretty much the exact same story, only variation being in weight given to specific details over others. It is unusual for something like that to happen even in a court of law.

So unless you would take the same time and care given to those two accounts to give your own version of the history which you feel has been rewritten, I would say your evidence is inadmissible and I rest our case..


Chill out, will you please? :o) First my thread, now the same thing here. The girl's really suffering, trust me. The rest of it is all just noise.




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I made a few posts in the disappeared blog and would like to make a couple of statements here just for the record:

- The original blog and its posts (including words, emotions, rationale, good or offensive language, etc.) are all gone.  It is patently unfair to try to artificially recreate the blog or a similar atmosphere.

- Most comments here should be taken with a grain of salt as they are hearsay and subjective attempts to rewrite history.


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Q, sorry, me again, but..deleted comments on that blog???....

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Obviously, I remember that blog better than almost anyone on this site. What comments are you talking about that were worthy and got deleted???? I'd really like to know because I only saw one vicious attack deleted and five or six other really offensive flagged posts by the same person that I was not aware ever got deleted between the last time I saw the blog and when it vanished a little while later.

Actually, the offender called me a Basij,  that was exciting, he seemed to feel that my efforts to get the Parsees to stay not to mention my rhapsodies about Zoroastrianism were part of some trick, some trick, to destroy them. Not quite sure how it

another conspiracy theory bites the dust...

ps Jahanshah would never delete a blog he featured in a million years. in fact I don't remember ever having seen one non-featured blog deleted for being offensive. I assume that in two years there must've been a handful with the open posting policy for any psycho ward serial killer who cares to blog. But I never saw it happen. Not once.

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Oh, I want to add something about Craig here,

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Craig was one of the first people to come on and apologize to them for his comment made on the original thread below the video when they first sent it in. He had said on that thread that he loved Zoroastrianism, and then I believe got into a historical cultural discussion about the Celts with Kadivar, or something to that effect. He had absolutely nothing to apologize for but he realized that they didn't grasp all this historical cultural analysis and it had hurt them,they thought they were only being analyzed, not appreciated. So I guesss he figured, well, better to just say I'm sorry even if he had nothing to be sorry about  so they'll feel better. So he did. And so they felt better.

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And something I should just throw into the general mix here,

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it's not the blog I wrote about the Parsees, it's a very short little thing I just wrote a few minutes ago.




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Irandokht, I'm not going to read your post or Javaneh's

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so I won't get influenced. I'll just try to give MY brief account of what happened.

Last week there was an item on top of the home page. It was a video. All it said was that it was from a group of Zoroastrians. It had a video using Green and Zoroastrian imagery and that song Celtic Woman 'The Voice' but no explanaton. People were puzzled on the thread, so all they said were things like Why did you post this? and started debating about the history of the Celts or whatever. And there were two insulting comments.

Two days ago the patently ridiculous blog  Q copied here appeared. which from the title is obviously devoid of any agenda, because if they had one they sure are execting it badly. Honestly I feel the misunderstandings on the original video thread started because the video couldn't be seen full screen (at least not when I clicked there, that's why I provided a direct youtube link on the blog thread), so you couldn't see the images, the introduction had said neither that they were Parsees nor that it was inspired by Neda or any explanation like that. Some of us from here and Maya's uncle, speaking on her behalf, discussed on the blog thread these misunderstandings and others. I was very clear that people should try not to judge about terms like 'pure' Persian culture for time being as a dialog was being established. The uncel, R. Patel, clarified that they mean people of all religions and ethnicities as Persians and part of the common struggle to free Iran. Stuff like that.

We agreed that we would start all over fresh and ignore the original misunderstandings, and they told us 'We love you" and we are behind the struggle 100% and will never give up on Iran. We will make more videos for you. And so on.

Then somone started polemicizing about cultural chauvinism, someone else (who unfortunately had given  them a Ferdowsi poem before for which he'd been profusely thanked, they'd been so grateful) jumped in to pontificate at them more, then R. Patel went silent and the bickering started, why did you say that to them, why shouldn't I?, lessons were given to them in their silence on the meaning of good thoughts, good words, good deeds, then a nut case came with multiple postings of the most vicious, violent kind with the worst language (professing to defend THEM against US because we were all Basij....)...and then the Mrs. popped in to tell them she had watched bits of the video and read no comments but it was a stupid video to make for Iranians, and soon after that, they deleted the blog, the first video submission, and their entire account from youtube.

The problem is that if you haven't seen the video (full screen) any complete discussion of them or their message or intentions is rather academic. But you probably CAN imagine the graphic Maya chose for the blog, a drawing of a huge heart cracked right down the middle, with a little bandaid and patch on it.

And such a silly, naive...title in such...clumsy English...