Private military inspection

Private military inspection
by عموجان

Well, after 22 years now they can openly show their support and love for Arabs and willingness to die for them.  


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History proven Iranian and Arabs are like oil and water.

by عموجان on

I was right after all.

Regardless of your blood sucking belief as Arabs, yet after these many centuries you couldn’t change Iranian’s language, culture, art, heritage and the people, and you never will.  You may run the existing government of Iran with fear, torture, death and bribe but it wouldn't last. I just hope you two got your greencards by now, change is in the air even you can smell it. Good luck

And yes, thanks to USA for opening the can of worm you people were in it and exposing it to rest of people in the world. 


VF in Iraq? Is this a new picture?

by MM on


Sargord Pirouz

Anybody up for a trip to Karbala?

by Sargord Pirouz on

Amazing days. Who'd have thought we'd see official Iran-Iraq fraternity in our lifetime?

All thanks to the neocons, a trillion US taxpayer dollars spent (on credit) and, worst of all, 30,000 American military casualties.