VIDEO: First Nowruz Celebration @ European Parliament, March 2012

by Pejman7

The first celebration of Persian New Year "NOWRUZ" @ European Parliament.
Brussels, March 2012.

Camera & Edit: Pejman Akbarzadeh / Radio Zamaneh


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Poor performance in front of the European parliament

by maghshoosh on

Since the clip is Radio Zamaneh's edit, it's probably showing the highlights of the event.  If so, it was a rather poor performance, given the venue. It looks mostly like an average run of the mill Persian party, rather than a cultural event in front of continental representatives.

Maybe there's more sensitivity in the US, but the Europeans can't be as comfortable with doing blackface (Haji Firouz) shows as Iranians may be.  Besides putting a show of its own (at the start of the clip), Haji Firouz is present at their haft-seen (around min. 1).  And the haft-seen, which doesn't look fully "haft", wasn't that impressive, just very green (political message?).

The Sa'di translation was rather bland.  Any other samples of Persian poetry?   The clip's last segment w/ the participants dancing Bandari is just average Persian party material.  Couldn't they solicit professional dancers (like MoshkinGhalam from Paris) to do something more impressive?

You can find many clips of Iranians doing more impressive Norooz celebrations in Western countries.  Looks like the Iranian organizers were just trying to throw themselves an average insider party at the expense of the European parliament.