Strange Reactions to Hayedeh Documentary

by Pejman7

Fortunately last night VOA Persian-language TV gave me this approtunity to talk about some of very strange and disaapointing reactions from Persian community in
Los Angeles toword my documentary about Hayedeh.

I think "Being an agent of Islamic Republic" or "humiliating  Googoosh" are among the accusations that you can just face in LA!

Part 1

 Part 2

I really hope that we can talk more and more in the media about such problems in our society both inside and outside of our country.

I will try to write more about the issue on my personal blog or Hayedeh documentary official website in near future.



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Buying options

by annonymous_ranting on

I checked the site and looks like the only option available for buying the DVD is a wire transfer to your bank account. That is good, but you should consider adding third party options as some people might not feel confortable revealing their mailing address to you. For example the Ketab store / website in Westwood has a great site I've bought from before: //  Also and and - though not the direct from seller option - .

Regarding the reaction in the U.S. you may understand it better if you realize that you are a young person who needs still to learn many things from others.  The US iranians are an older more experienced crowd.  Many have gone thru hell and back and for that reason they know to question things more.  You come around presenting yourself as "pianist" "journalist" "filmmaker" and an older person takes it with a bit of humor, sort of like: "yeah right, fesgheli !! ".  Many iranians in the US have had direct experiences with our old artists and know the art well. Therefore their attention goes more on what extra-artistic your project might present. I mean if it was just the music, they'll watch it on youTube.  Also the US Persian crowd is much larger and you will get more variety in the crowd. So you shouldn't concentrate on one person making a superficial comment.

I'm looking forward to hear some of the interviews in the DVD. I think some will be interesting. Bibian had done interviews years ago regarding Haydeh, and surprisingly I did not like them, making comments about her music which I didn't think were correct. But Andranik, Sadegh, Anoushirvan, etc.. might have had interesting things to add to your project.



Enjoyed your interview

by Princess on

Thanks for sharing it with us, Pejman. I look forward to seeing your documentary. Please let us know the screening schedule. I am particularly interested to know if you are planning to show it in London in the coming months.



Darius Kadivar

Great Interview Pejman Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Don't worry about the LA Tehrangeles minority who did not understand your movie. In anycase a little Controversy is always good for a movie and I should say inevitable for such larger than life characters like Hayedeh.

I look forward to seeing your movie if it is released on DVD or if you will be showing it in France.

You made some very insightful and intelligent comments. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck with your film's career,




by Souri on

Dear Pejman,

You are very smart, very knowledgeable and a very good analyst !

I absolutely admired the content of this interview, the way you speak spontaneously and very clearly about the different Iranian communities behavior.

Only the people who lived in Europe for a long time, can see these differences between the European-Iranians and the American-Iranians (specially the LA Iranians)

Unfortunately I haven't seen that documentary yet. I'm now very interested. Although I am not a very mordant fan of Haydeh (My best loved one was Mahasti) but there's no question that she had one of the greatest voices among our singers. She is really one of the bests. Thanks for the documentary and thanks again for that very honest feedback.