"The Poot": A Unique Persian Carpet Documentary

by Pejman7

"The Poot" is a 40 min. documentary about the handmade carpets of Persia. The documentary maker is the 29-year old Elham Asadi from Tehran.

"The Poot" recently was selected and screened at IDFA (Amsterdam International Documentary Films Festival) in the Netherlands. The documentary has also been invited from various Asian and American festivals.

Elham Asadi in her interview with Radio Zamaneh's Pejman Akbarzadeh gives more details about "The Poot". The text and audio file of the interview are in Persian.


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by orientbazar24 on

Where can I buy a full Film?


Thank you for this beautiful post

by Mehrban on

Iranian carpet is an art in a class by itself.   Some of its patterns and color combinations are truly intoxicating.  I am not sure why but the market for Iranian carpet seems depressed now.  Pakistan and China produce carpets with Iranian patterns and have gained a large market share.



by yolanda on

 It is such a beautiful and visual trailer. The images are synchronized with the background music, especially the last 10 sconds of the video! It is awesome! I wish the tape was longer!

Thanks for sharing

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"



by Omid B on

Thank you. What a terrific short video. I'm going to follow the link.