Mykonos Restaurant Assassinations: 18th Anniversary

by Pejman7

In the Mykonos restaurant assassinations of 17 September 1992, Iranian-Kurdish opposition leaders and their translator were assassinated in Berlin.

In 1997 ruling, the court issued an international arrest warrant for Iranian intelligence minister A. Fallahian after declaring that the assassination had been ordered by him with
knowledge of supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei and President Rafsanjani. This led to a diplomatic crisis between the governments of Iran and several European countries, which lasted until November 1997.

In the Mykonos trial, the courts found Kazem Darabi, an Iranian who worked as a grocer in Berlin, and Lebanese Abbas Rhayel, guilty of murder and sentenced them to life in prison. Two other Lebanese, Youssef Amin and Mohamed Atris, were convicted of being accessories to murder.

Kazem Darabi who was sentenced to life imprisonment by a German court was released on Monday 10 December after serving 15 years in jail. He had been convicted of involvement in the murder of three leaders of Iranian Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), Sadegh Sharafkandi, Fattah Abdoli, Homayoun Ardalan and their translator Nouri Dehkord in Berlin. They were dining in the Mykonos restaurant and were in Berlin for a convention of the Socialist International.

The assassin was welcomed home to Iran by the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Baqeri. The picture from the airport was published by IRNA:


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az usual ......

by shushtari on

ANOTHER convicted murderer welcomed by the akhoonds as a hero!!!


this is what our country has come too- iran is the laughing stock of the world, where iran is known for stonings, terrorism, raping of prisoners, and murderers being treated as heroes!!!

 what a disgrace.....what a shame that iran was left to be ruled by a bunch of ruthless idiots


31 years of terrorism did buy the islamist regime a few years

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

of pathetic rule, and more  hatred from Iranian nation. The final storm of people's revolt against this fascist  dictatorship will be massive. The Islamist leadership and their supporters will pay a heavy price for their decades of rape, murder and torture of Iranian nation.... 

Mona 19

Ali, here is the clip

by Mona 19 on



by Faramarz on

حوصله داری سر صبح!

باز دوباره اینا پیداشون میشه و شروع میکنن به عبه ببه کردن!       




Shameful. Not a whisper from

by vildemose on

Shameful. Not a whisper from the usual IRI apologists on this thread.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

تف تو روی "جمهوری اسلامی"

Shazde Asdola Mirza

و طرفداران جیره خورش!


Thanks for posting

by divaneh on

This case shames German politicians as much as IRI terrorists. If it was not for an independent justice department they would conveniently let go of the case in the very same way that they treated the Farokhzad case.


Thanks for reminder

by Onlyiran on

the IRI always banks on the idea that people will forget about its atrocities.  So, it's always good to keep reminding the world of the despicable and terrorist nature of this regime, and it's always good to keep the memory of its victims alive.

Hoshang Targol


by Hoshang Targol on


Do you recall the ending at the end of Simorgh myth, all the birds looking at their collective shadow and seeing Simorgh?



Let this serve as a reminder

by Simorgh5555 on to why the Islamic Republic must be rmoved by FORCE if necessary

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

I just saw a video clip of this man,Kazem Darabi, on Iranian tv,shamelessly, implying that he is a hero, but I just can't find it right now.

Can someone post it? It is a 'must see'.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

IRI is an openly terrorist regime, which must collapse

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks for posting and reminding us of these attrocities

Hoshang Targol

At the time of this assasination AN was an operative of

by Hoshang Targol on

Intelligence Ministry, according to some reports he was the actual "mastermind" behind the operation, providing the weapons, other logistics and "practice runs," with the assasins. According to some other reports AN also has an arrest warrent for him in Austria, becuase of his role in this assasination.

When was the last time AN went there?

Down with Islamic Republic.

Stop all executions in Iran.

Free all political prisoners in Iran.  

Pejman aziz, thank you so much for this timely reminder.


Why was he released?? He made the last head shots to kill+.

by Anonymouse on


Parviz Dastmalchi who survived the massacre described what happened: "We were just starting eating and talking. From one corner of my eyes looking at Mr. Sharafkandi, I saw the door open and a man entering, brandishing a machine gun and firing. I just plunged under the table, the sound of the machinegund continuing, corpses were falling, blood covering everywhere. The first terrorist was replaced by another one who, to make sure that all of us are dead, shot all the group one by one in the head, except me, because I was under the table and looking as I was dead already”.

In the trial, the courts found Kazem Darabi, an Iranian Intelligence Agent and Lebanese Abbas Rhayel, guilty of murder and sentenced them to life in prison. Abbas Rhayel was convicted of having fired the last shots in the victims heads, the court ruled that Darabi was the mastermind behind the murders. Two other Lebanese, Youssef Amin and Mohamed Atris, were convicted of being accessories to murder. In its 10 April 1997 ruling, the court declared that the assassination had been ordered by Iranian intelligence minister Hojjat al-Islam Ali Fallahian and with knowledge of supreme leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and president Ayatollah Rafsanjani. The court issued an international arrest warrant for Ali Fallahian.

In a 2004 letter to Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (then mayor of Tehran) objected to the commemorative plaque in front of the restaurant, calling it an insult to Iran.

In 2006, a court ruled that each of the murderers should serve at least 23 years before being considered for release on parole. Given Darabi's reaease after 15 years there is now speculation regarding a secret deal between Berlin and Tehran. Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger denied there was any such deal but would give no further explanation.

Groups including the Green Party and the Berlin-based Association of Iranian Refugees have condemed the early release of Darabi. and Abbas Rhayel who was also freed on Monday.

"We were hearing some news about Darabi going to be freed and I talked to our lawyer. We are going to lodge a formal protest, but we are told that everything is legal, and apologized to me and my daughter”, Mrs. Shohreh Badi’i, the widow of Mr. Dehkordi

The assassin was welcomed home to Iran by the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Baqeri . I wonder if every muderer gets such a high profile welcome home to Iran? 

Everything is sacred