Iran's Terrorists Supporters in The Hague Gathering!

by Pejman7

(Persian Dutch Network) – On Saturday, 27th Aug. 2011, supporters of the Islamic regime of Iran, organized a gathering in The Hague. Most of the attenders were from Arab countries, not Iran, and most of the slogans were in Arabic, not in Persian.

The organizers were hanging a big photo of Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of 1979 Islamic revolution in Persia [Iran] who ordered the execution of more than 3000 political prisoners in 1988.

Being allowed to held this gathering in front of Dutch parliament was quite surprising for many Dutch-Persians. They believed the gathering “supports the terrorists in Tehran”. Some people even talked to the police in The Hague and expressed their disappointment.

More than 32,000 Persians live in The Netherlands and most of them have fled from their country because socio-political restrictions. Currently in Iran, many political/social activists and journalist are in jail and during the peaceful pro-freedom demonstrations in 2009 many were arrested, tortured and killed in Iranian prisons.

SOURCE: PERSIAN DUTCH NETWORK (in English, Dutch and Persian)


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Kaveh V


by Kaveh V on


In my previous 2 comments. I have been addressing the general diaspora readers, any reference to "you", in those comments is for them, and nothing personal.

 My best,




Rea: "incredible", not!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Holland's extremely tolerant and liberal immigration policy has allowed a large number of muslim immigrants to settle in Holland. Most of these folks are law abiding citizens. A small minority of them are indeed dangerous criminals with direct ties to terrorist entities and the islamist regime of Iran. I have no doubt that this entire gathering was filmed and indeed attended by Dutch intelligence services :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Darius Kadivar

So Free Demonstrations are actually allowed in a Monarchy ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Incredible !

by Rea on

Really suprised the Dutch tolerate death chants in their country. 

Btw, the weather served them right, he,he.

Kaveh V

What are you gonna do about it ?!

by Kaveh V on


Iranians, particularly the diaspora, are notoriously inept in identifying serious THREATS of any kind. This is all credit to their "play victim" culture that has acquired new dimensions in the past 32 years.

The Islamic destitutes in this video that are being manipulated into blood thirsty Islamists by IRR are first, and foremost, a threat to the Iranian diaspora in Europe. The next assassination, act of terror and murder in the Euro-Iranian civic community will be coming from these goons in the video. This scenario has been repeated many times, and yet, NO acceptance of the fact! Too easy to play the victim for you!


Is it clear to any one as what they are demonstrating for?

by Bavafa on

It seems to be demonstration of Arabs holding Iranian flag?

But if it is an Iranian demonstration, then it resembles the one that was just held in DC. Chances are that the same khoreshte ghymeh and sandis was served also in this gathering.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Soosan Khanoom

I agree Rozbeh

by Soosan Khanoom on

that IRI is doing them more harm than justice . I have no doubt on that but never before anyone played such a nice music for their cause either ....

I see them as a bunch of kid following the piper.  !!!!


"IRI has been their voice of many years defending their rights."

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


IRI has shamelessly expolited the just cause of palistinians for self determination and peacefull co-existance with their jewish neighbours, in order to drum up support and publicity for itself amongst non iranian muslims, and recruit a few more gangs of crazed islamist killers of all persuations. IRI has used these killers in most of it's terrorist acts against iranians abroad (killings of bakhtiad and Dr. Ghasemlou pf kurdish democrat party). post 2009, a number of these hamas and hezbullah terrorists were actually photographed shooting at unarmed iranian demonstrators in tehran.

IRI's "support" has set back the just cause of palistinian people by many decades.. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom

Kaveh ,

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am sure if we walk down the street of Miami with pictures of Che and Fidel the cuban exile community would be as much outraged ... but cool down it is not good for your blood pressure .... lol

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

 IRI has been their voice of many years defending their rights.   The thing is they really like IRI leaders. I wish we could wrap all of our leaders and send them as a gift to their Arabs supporters . So they can have them and enjoy them as much as we did within last three decades . Once they get to know them not just by their words but by their actions, then they will end up where we all are today finding that talk is cheap. 

Now, how can you compare them to that church lady from  some remote area in the U.S who had Maryam's picture pinned all over her in an exchange with a bus ticket, a cookie, and a trip to sunny CA?    I wonder !!

but you are right that thay both are not Iranians ....  


To the IR supporters on this site

by Reality-Bites on

So who are the "fake Iranians" now?

maziar 58

shekam-e seer

by maziar 58 on

@ 2.45 I saw chamraan's ghost walked by.

FREE DUTCH monthly benefit along with weekly hashish cards will result for the stomach wanting some ghormeh with khoboz(naan) and the dutch don't know how to cook it ;who better for them than IRR .

They all need to be deported to GAZA.


Kaveh V


by Kaveh V on


This is the most disgusting and the most resentful gathering of a bunch of Islamic animals under Iranian national colors and name. This is a clear provocation by these animals to a bloody fight. There is absolutely no justification for gathering of these Islamic animals in a European country to express such violent and extremist vulgarities. The Dutch-Persian community is on the front line of this fight and must stay vigilant AND FIGHT these animals in their new homeland! A tiny fraction of the 32,000 residents should have been there to confront these animals defiling your heritage. The Dutch nationalist youth would be more than happy to provide you the protection "muscle" confronting these animals.


Maryam Hojjat

Arabs Are Paid by IRANIAN's Money

by Maryam Hojjat on

Most of these people are paid & live & study in West by IRANIAN's Money through IRR and never lived In IRAN.   They only enjoy Iranians' money.  What do you expect from an anti Iranian IRR?