Azeri Tribute for Legendary HAYEDEH


by Pejman7

"I was dying for you" (or "Vaasat Mimordam" in Persian) is one of deepest songs of Hayedeh. The music of the song was written by Andranik on the lyrics by Leila Kasra (Hedieh).  Perhaps as there is no music video for the song it's not very famous even among Hayedeh fans.

When I meet Andranik in 2008 in Los Angeles I asked him: "What do you remember from the time that you were recording this work". He just said: "there was a very sad atmosphere at the studio...". And the song is really sad... An exceptional song among Hayedeh's works.

"Vaasat Mimordam" was recorded in 1989 in Los Angeles and distributed by Taraneh Records in the same year in the album "Sowgand", the last official album of Hayedeh.

Almost 20 years after Hayedeh's death in exile, a singer from the Republic of Azerbaijan, based on the original vesion, presents a new version. Let's enjoy his work and consider it as a sing of friendship between Persia and the the Rep. of Azerbaijn.


Source: Pejman's blog (in Persian)

(وبلاگ نق نق های پژ)




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God bless her soul - Marhoom Hayedeh

by MM on

Thanks for the treat.  I did not know this new version of the duo and just downloaded it.

PS, in the old days when voting was even more of a fraud and people were forced to vote in Iran, I heard that many folks wrote in "MARHOOM HAYEDEH" for what ever position in the voting booth.