"ARGO" - Nothing to be worried or ashamed of!


"ARGO" - Nothing to be worried or ashamed of!
by Pejman7

I didn't read any reviews of "Argo" before seeing it. I did not want to be affected by any of them. I had heard that some Persians have felt ashamed about what their fellow countrymen did back in 1979 at the US Embassy in Tehran, and some believe the movie gives a negative impression of Iranians to the world.

To me, "Argo" is just an entertaning movie, like many other movies that Hollywood produces. After watching it, I was just happy that at least the filmmaker has been fair enough to give an introduction about the US role in 1953 Persian coup d'état. Hopefully Hollywood will one day make a film about shooting down the Iranian airbus in 1988 which caused killing of 290 civilians over the Persian Gulf.

In "Argo" the locations were fantastic, especially the US Embassy building, which is quite similar to the real one in Tehran. Thank god that "Argo" guys did not film that in Arabian deserts!

Parts of Persian-language dialogue are funny: for example, in the end of the scene with at the Culture Ministry in Tehran, Argo and the Iranian official say "Salaam" (hello), instead of "Khodaafez" (goodbye)! Also some Persian speakers have an American accent, which shows the filmmaker has used Persians who grew up in the United States. Of course, there are many in California who speak Persian with no foreign accent.

Anyway, if you are intrested in routine exciting films of Hollywood, go on and watch the film. Nothing to be worried or ashamed of! :)

* Pejman Akbarzadeh is an Amsterdam-based pianist, journalist and documentary maker. (Official Website)


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Our worse ennemy are Our national liars !

by Shemirani on

I did like the movie but not the pseudo-historical introduction !!!! Saying that the King was importing his souper directly from paris by Concorde while his population was starving ??????!!!!!!  THE BIGGEST LIE I EVER HEARD  !!!!

 Yes at that time Iranian were almost starving because of the U.K imposed the oil Boycott  and bloked the persian gulf access and Mossadegh was too stubborn to see it !

 I wonder who is the subcontractor who did this "cartoon" i believe it's not the movie's director work but another Iranian Antellectual's work !!!Shame to them with their dirty mind and huge lies !!!




Thank you dear Pejman

by Souri on

For a very realistic and impartial review of that movie. I haven't seen it yet, and honeslty can wait to watch it at TV, in a year or so. I am not a fan of Ben Affleck, either :)



by Pejman7 on

I did not underestand that on that part they talk about Farah or Soraya. Anyway it's not a documentary and there are various issues in the film which is not factual.

But to be honest in my opinion, it's not important that someone bath with milk!