9th World Day Against Death Penalty and a Message for Persians

by Pejman7

Today, 10th October 2011 marks the 9th "World Day Against Death Penalty".

Amnesty International has released an interesting clip on this occasion. In the meantime, Jan Wetzel, an Amnesty International adviser in London told Radio Zamaneh: "Except for all efforts in regards of the politicians, we have a message for Iranian public as well; a message which asks Iranian government to revise its laws...".

* Radio Zamaneh Special Program for WORLD DAY AGAINST DEATH PENALTY (in Persian)

* Amnesty International Clip for WORLD DAY AGAINST DEATH PENALTY, 2011


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As I cleverly (ehem!) pointed out Steve Job's transplant rumor

by Disenchanted on


      was evidently related to THIS DAY! That vicious rumor was a way to get attention to executions in IRAN! Interestingly I had no notion that such a day is coming so soon before I speculated the cause of that rumor. Damn I am good! :-)

Mohammad Ala

I am against death penalty

by Mohammad Ala on

I am against death penalty, especially for political people everywhere.