Why a Man

Orang Gholikhani
by Orang Gholikhani

A Man shouldn’t cry

Must be proud

A Man shouldn’t fright

Must Fight each round

A Man shouldn’t have a sorrow

Must be stone

A Man shouldn’t tears for fears

A Man must be a Man

Why .. Why.. Why..

I claim the right for the Men

To be a Man

With the failure of a woman


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Omid Hast

I need a major overhaul

by Omid Hast on

I need a major overhaul of my mentality, my personal culture. The Iranian nation’s patriarchal culture can wait for later. I was called effeminate for liking visual art and didn't like it, and here I was thinking Orang was a woman because of the tender nature of his peoms. I need a major overhaul. Men suffer emotionally as much as women, I think, I don’t know because I have not overhauled my mentality yet. All I know is that after losing my parents several years ago I still cry for them, and I have been divorced for almost a year now and I still miss her sometimes and go into depression thinking about the good times.

Thank you Orang for the poem.

I need a major overhaul.


Thank you for your reply

by Nadias on

I understand what you mean now. I just needed a little clarity.

Yes, men do have the ability to deeply feel sorrow. It is a shame that they are expected to do so only in private leading others to believe that they are like a stone.

You know I was telling a friend of mine that a poems meaning are what you take from it. How interesting to hear the same words for me. :o)


solh va doosti


Orang Gholikhani

You are Welcome

by Orang Gholikhani on

By Failure, I’d say some kind of frailty which led to an emotional breach! Some kind of unexpected reactions like sometimes with your computer!


Women claim equality with men and I’m for it. We claim also the equality with women in emotional concerns. We could suffer as deeply as women do.


You know it is not important what poets expect or want to say. The most relevant is what YOU feel and take from a poem. Poems are mirror of souls

Take care


Orang.. I have a question?

by Nadias on

 Before I ask my question, I would like to say that I liked your poem. It is a very relevant subject.

My question is: I do not understand the meaning of "with the failure of a woman".

I do understand that society has certain expectations/stereotypes of a man that are unrealistic. Men should be allowed to feel and express what they feel. 

I read a poem by an anonymous author which I saved titled "Definition of a Real Man". I have kept it all these years because I wondered the accuracy of it.  The expectations of the poet are so great. I'm not sure that they are based on reality.

solh va doosti