Hafez par Hafez


Hafez par Hafez
by Orang Gholikhani

Last week I was invited to the launch of a new book named “Hafez Par Hafez” written by Hassan Makarami and edited by Harmattan in Paris. It was a very nice event and an opportunity for me to meet Iraj Pezeshkzad who is one of my preferred writers. I was delighted by meeting such a kind and sunny soul.

During the event in Harmattan location in Paris, Hassan Makaremi, accompanied by Houchang Guilyardi who wrote the introduction they presented the book. Hossein Anvary, the iranian talented musician, played Ney and accompanied the lecture of Hafez poems in French and Persian. See pictures and videos I took during this night:

Hafez par Hafez:

Piano a quatre mains pendant la soiree Hafez par Hafez:

"Hafez by Hafez", is another look to our great Hafez. This book is the result of 12 conferences Hassan Makarami has done about the ideas of Hafez. Hassan Makaremi who is psychoanalyst tries to analyze the poetry of Hafez through by the real dictionary of Hafez himself hidden in Hafez own poems. This book is a psycho analytic looking at Hafez poetry. It is available here.

The translation of the book Hafez by Hafez will be published in Persian soon, by H&S edition in London. Hassan Makaremi articles about Hafez could be found in the site www.makaremi.com


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Hafez for begginers

by Orang Gholikhani on

You should contact M. Makaremi, send me a private message thru IC or FB and I'll send you his email.

This book will be available in Persian and if an editor is interested, I'm sure M. Makaremi could translate it.



Hafez for Beginners

very interesting

by Hafez for Beginners on

Orang: Very interesting and thank you for posting! To me, any "analysis" of Hafez, any work that continues to explore and expose him, is just wonderful.

Mind vs. Heart: The book is in French - and I wish it existed in English too. The concept of going to the "mind" for human solutions is so anti-thetical to Hafez, that I'd be curious to see how psycho-analysis addresses that. The two words themselves - psycho and analysis are all so embedded in the miind, an organ that is over emphasized in my estimation in post-Enlightenment western culture.

When you look up "aghl" and "aghel" in Hafez, in the absolute majority of cases, it comes up as a conduit to be wary and watchful of - a "trickster". As an artist, I love that!! Because whether you're a painter, or musician or writer, that moment of creation, is most certainly not coming from your "mind."

Illness vs. Wellness: Martin Selligman's work addresses additional issues in western psychology - that of treating illness vs. promoting wellness. I'd definitely put Hafez in the promoting wellness branch of living.

Trust the French to have wonderful intellectual gatherings though! Thanks for the post, again.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

دستِ اُرنگ خان برای اطلاّع رسانی و ویدئوها درد نکند.