UCL AhlulBayt Islamic Society - Latest apologists for Islamic Republic


by Observing_Iran

I am fuming. Yet again, these morons who run our universities are turning a blind eye to the Islamic Republic apologists that seek to indoctrinate British students. This Thursday (11th Feb/22 Bahman), University College London's AhlulBayt Islamic Society is playing host to some of the vilest promoters of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

"1979 - The revolution that shook the world" will in their own words "explore the Islamic Revolutions in the Modern times, and why the 1979 Islamic Revolution led by Grand Ayatullah Khomeini was successful". And who should be presenting such an event? Why, none other than Ahmadinejad supporter and PressTV employee Yvonne Ridley and Tehran University professor and government lackey Mohammad Marandi who last week publicly defended the executions of Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour.

The National Union of Students and most university student unions are pretty vocal about their self proclaimed dislike of fascists. Most British universities have a "no platform" policy regarding the far right neo Nazi British National Party. However, these same morons can't recognise when a group of Islamic Republic fascists want to peddle propaganda! Would a talk given by the architects of the South African Apartheid regime be so palatable to these ignorant students? Why are our universities so misguided and why have the ignorant come to rule over us students?!

A cursory glance through the "attending" guest list immediately confirms my suspicions. There are more Pakistanis and Bengalis attending than Iranians, which frankly isn't surprising given that levels of support for the Islamic Republic are very high amongst the former two populations than amongst Iranians. These same Bengalis and Pakistanis who are seeing their countries torn apart by Islamofascism can't recognise it when it comes to the UK and attends their university! Aside from them, the minority of Iranians that are attending are the usual crew....hardcore Islamists who have photos of Khomeini as their profile pictures and "خط امام" (Line of the Imam) as their political view.

To further conflate matters, surprise surprise, this event is being held on February 11th (22 Bahman) the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Huge protests are scheduled all over Iran as the Iranian people continue to fight for their freedom and liberty, such that yet again the Islamic Regime has cut internet access in Iran, and what a coincidence that on the night of these protests here in the UK (where the regime can't cut internet access, but can mislead the masses), a talk will be given on the "success" of the Revolution! Does anyone still have doubts that UCL AhlulBayt Islamic Society is just another front for the Islamic Republic?

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observing Iran - dont get mad, get organized to protest

by MM on

While these folks will not give anyone a chance to say otherwise in Iran, they ARE holding this meeting in the London area.  So, get a bunch of people who disagree with the jest of this Islamic love-fest and demonstrate outside the meeting area.

Take out an ad in the paper saying that the organizers are in the minority and tell the truth about them.

But, for heaverns sake, do not listen to SP, vis-a-vis "do nothing and stay away".

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am all for freedom of speech. The issue I see is hypocrisy in the UCL. Why do they ban the BNP but allow Islamic radicals? Why do they ban the Western right wing but allow Islamic radicals?

They should either let anyone speak (my choice) or apply the censorship fairly (difficult).



pashmaloo: you know this

by vildemose on

pashmaloo: you know this miscreant?


Hey Pirouz, how are you doing?

by Pashmaloo on

Boy you have changed since the last time we met but your pen never changes. Don't you remember me? Why the name change?

Sargord Pirouz

Well, Observing_Iran, if you

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, Observing_Iran, if you disagree with the subject matter being presented at UCL, simply do not attend. It's that easy.

I happen to disagree with your characterization of fascism and your comparison to apartheid South Africa. But hey, it sounds like I sure won't be able to persuade you otherwise. So I'll spare us both any further discourse.

Anyways, have a merry 22 Bahman.