Mir Hossein Mousavi and the 1988 massacre of political prisoners


Mir Hossein Mousavi and the 1988 massacre of political prisoners
by Observing_Iran

The Telegraph has finally picked up on what Iranians have known for several decades now, that the so called "reformist" Mir Hossein Mousavi is nothing but an oppurtunist Islamist with a history of mass murder and racketeering.

The report (download here) focuses on Mousavi's involvement in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners, during which time he served as the Islamic Regime's Prime Minister. The victims of this atrocity were mainly communists, leftists and members of the Mojahedin e Khalgh, groups which had first been involved in armed resistance against the Shah's regime and then began attacking the Islamic Regime in the 1980s, succeeding in killing many high profile figures of the tyrannical regime.

Khomeini's revenge against the prisoners was brutal, and the massacre included the execution of children and pregnant women. In his own words:

"It is naive to show mercy to those who wage war on God . . . I hope that with your revolutionary rage and rancor toward the enemies of Islam, you can satisfy the Almighty"

So as the author of the report, Geoffery Robertson QC goes on to say:

"They were hung from cranes, four at a time, or in groups of six from ropes hanging from the stage of the prison assembly hall," the report states. "Their bodies were doused with disinfectant, packed in refrigerated trucks, and buried by night in mass graves."


Under the Islamic Regime however, the people involved in such atrocities, far from not being held accountable for their crimes, live on and carry on working in the system, witness the promotion of Hojjatoleslam Mostafa Pourmohammadi (a member of the 1988 execution committee) to Cabinet Minister under Ahmadinejad. He is just one of many criminal perpetrators including Raisi, Mobasheri and Shushtari who all went on to get promotions within the Islamic junta, most interestingly Ayatollah Gilani who headed the Guardian Council of the time and went on to receive the Islamic Republic's Medal of Justice last year from Ahmadinejad.

Mousavi has never actually repented for his involvement in these crimes, as he stated himself in 1988:

"[The prisoners] had plans to perpetrate killings and massacres," he claimed. "We had to crush the conspiracy ... in that respect we have no mercy."

Funny then that last year in the run up to the Presidential "elections", he hastility beat a retreat and when questioned by students about his role in these crimes he simply replied that:

"[his] branch of the executive had nothing to do with the "trials".

Mr Robertson goes on to make an excellent point both inside the report and in an article he wrote in the Guardian:

"There is still time for the UN security council to enforce international law by setting up a court to try the perpetrators of the prison massacres. This may be a better way to deal with a theocracy whose behaviour in 1988 provides the best reason for concern over its future behaviour with nuclear weapons".

This is the best way of dealing with murderers like Khamenei, Mousavi and Rafsanjani, not endless rounds of useless sanctions which the regime laughs at, or worse, attempts at diplomacy with this fascist regime.

The ex-Evin detainee Maziar Bahari was quoted as saying after his release that "The prisoner’s worst nightmare is the thought of being forgotten". Bahari had an advantage in that he was a Western based high-profile journalist. Those killed in 1988 were by and large students and ordinary people. To ensure that their memories are preserved, we must not allow the Islamic Republic criminals to recast themselves as "pragmatists" or "reformists", when in fact they are nothing but the terrorists and murderers of yesteryear.


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Let me tell you a story about those days...

by Javan on

I am the son of an Iranian nationalist...

My relatives were executed after the revolution...

However, being a nationalist does not mean that I don't like Islam...to the contrary...

God and Country is very dear to me, I am an Iranian and a Muslim (a practicing one).  I refuse to let the crazies...either Sunni or Shia that have hijacked Islam for political power grabs and abuses have Islam and claim it for themselves.  

Islam is my faith, the faith of a free Iranian...I will take control of my faith and not allow bastard extremists of any kind tell me what my religion is.

I love Islam and I love Iran...but I do not love the crazy people of any kind.  

If you want to help change Iran...don't hate Islam, it is not at fault. Just like fire that you can use to cook your food, you can also burn your house down.  

In the case of Iran...we tend to love extremism and conspiracy theories...and we burn the house down more than we cook.  

Once we get the balance right, then we can be at peace.  


Kaveh V

Have you learned anything in 30 years ?

by Kaveh V on

Obviously many here continue to disperse their ignorance by repeating Islamist propaganda and labeling of regime's victims and opponents. The murderous filth of Islamic rule today owes its existence to Islamic MKO's (MEK) hierarchy and their ideological terror. The kids murdered in these prisons were nothing more than high school and college students expressing their displeasure at the emerging Islamic tyranny. They were snatched from their homes, their classrooms and were murdered because they were not practicing muslims (according to written Islamic verdicts). Some, were indeed, hardcore Islamic MKO types who dragged the unsuspecting high schoolers into the "scene". This is one of the main points of the Guardian and Daily Telegraph's articles. READ IT! Even the bloody murdering Islamists call them 'Moharebs', enemies of God, which is written on their 'Hokm-e Edam'. How would you know if they were MKO, MEK, FKO, Tudeh , or whatever you feel like labeling them ? What does it mean to be a 16 year old "member of XYZ" group in 1980 Iran (growing up in 1970's Iran) ? How many survivor videos from those times have you seen on this site telling their stories of why and how the Islamic justice was set upon them ?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

the MKO's Ideology as marxist/Islamist ...!

Is like calling a certain person a true FAMILY ORIENTED FAGGOT.!! Pardon my french.            Maziar

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

 A person I would like to leave nameless was telling me the political history of Iran as it was the NORM back in the 80's....

he was in the Imperial guard and almost all the 70's clips shows him in the footages all the way to the burial ceremony in cairo behind Nixon.

when the last premiere of USSR was leaving Iran after his official visit some how he asked the late shah to pardon & the release of Rajavi & another person who were serving LIFE in perison for murdering an American Military attache'......

And there he was out of prison and you know the rest.              Maziar

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

MKO and their ideologues Shari'ati and Tallaghani are the very

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

reason the Mullahs are here today! Why didn't SAVAK eliminate these terrorists along with the cancerous commies is beyond me!



by Majid on



اینها کسانی بودند که میخواستند گ....روسی رو با قاشق اسلامی بخورد مردم بدند! (بز حیران میان دو گلّه)

اینها با تمام ادعای روشنفکری یه چیزی رو از اصل نفهمیدن و اون اینکه « قدرت شراکت بردار نیست »

دست در دست خمینی گذاشتن نتیجه اش زندان و اعدام و فرار بود، دست در دست صدّام گذاشتن نتیجه اش حادثهء پایگاه اشرف بود، در رویای کسب قدرت آتش گشودن بروی ایرانیها نتیجه اش همینه که می بینیم    «چوب دو سر طلا» !


Bastards, or not

by comrade on

MKO, is a religious organization, group, party, cult, whatever you wanna call them. Its leftist tendencies/propaganda, if any, should not be mistaken for being communist. If you were old enough, you might remember a small political group called "Paykaar" which was created by those who left MKO, and denounced its religious standings.


The MKO / MEK are Communist bastards

by Javan on

If political prisoners like the MKO and MEK who are Communists were executed, no Iranian should have a problem. 

They were the personal bodyguard of Saddam Hussein (THE MAN THAT KILLED THOUSANDS OF IRANIANS) 


The Mujahedin Khalq are traitors to the Iranian race.  

BTW for the Muslim haters, Islam and Muslims are not the problem, idiot Iranians are the problem such as Ahmadinejad and his Hojati "SITH".  If you want to defeat these sons of bitches, then you need the help of Iranian-Muslims and Iranian-American Muslims such as myself to accomplish that.  

Take your opportunist crap some place else.  This is not a free for all of other ideologies to bash on Muslims.  

www.al-islam.org - www.islamdenouncesterrorism.com  


To be a silent endorser is

by Gavazn on

To be a silent endorser is being complicit in crimes. Too many people think to say nothing to save ones own skin is OK but it is not. Mousavi should be tried one day, noone should get awa with murder. I do not like IRI or a washed down version.


well said

by mahmoudg on

in fact i say even the trials will not work.  To combat this regime America and its allies must pound its assets, military sites and target the basij and psrdars for as long as it takes to cleanse Iran of these leeches.  that is the only way available to rid the world of this branch of Islam.  Annihilation of Islam one day at a time.


For the bizzilionth time

by Cost-of-Progress on

All of these cockroaches are the same filthy islamist anti nationalist scumbags. From Mousavi to ahmandinejad to VF to karoubi to......

Separate religion from politics. As long as you allow these bastards to brutalize you, you will be brutalized.

Religion has never been the guiding light for anyone. It may have been at some time....perhaps when it was first invented, but not now, not in this day and age.





Darius Kadivar

Moussavi was too Bee Bokhar to even have noticed the massacre

by Darius Kadivar on

Personally but it's only a personal assessment, I don't think he had any direct responsability in the masscre but simply was a silent endorser at worst.

Like all those who were or still are part of the establishment they helped create Moussavi must have prefered to overlook the harsh realities of the regme. As a matter of fact that is the only sane thing to do if you want to survive and work within the framework of such a paranoiac regime whether you like it or wish to see it reformed towards more liberal regime. This is often the case in all totalitarian states. Unless one is a dissident to openly opposed the regime's policies at the risk of being jailed or worse you keep your mouth Shut. Otherwise you choose to die a martyr for your ideals or High Standards ...

Clearly Moussavi has none ...which only proves to date that he ain't the Amir Kabir he claims to be or wishes to be in retrospect ...



I'm not talking about those who died


but those who are milking the tragic brutal event like they are hijacking the current movement for their own political goals.

Fact is, a revolution took place, there was deadly competition for power, the current rulers won. Had the Marxists or communists won it would not have been any better. They would have tried to grab on to power through brute force. This is why it was called a revolution, a violent one too, and you shouldnt expect peaceful transition of power.

Anahid Hojjati

MOOSIRvaPIAZ, some people are too dead to play the victim card

by Anahid Hojjati on


What a riot. MOOSIRvaPIAZ commenting that MEK and communists are playing the victim card. MOOSIR, don't you get it that thousands of people are too dead (thanks to people you support) to play any card?


MEK, communists playing victim card and hijacking the movement


This is what this "report" tells me. they want a piece of the green movement pie.


Very sobering & a must read

by Onlyiran on

thank you for posting.  Robertson's report, which you have linked, is a must read for all Iranians.