I am a supporter of Ahmadinejad.... ask me anything.

I am a supporter of Ahmadinejad.... ask me anything.
by No Fear

I understand the bitterness that exists between us and the supporters of GM. This is my attempt to explain our positions and goals to those who lost in the election or others. I will try to have an open mind and to respect the boundaries of a civil discussion. I am willing to change my position if proved wrong, but nevertheless, will give your arguement my full attention. However, certain principles should be respected in this thread if you wish to participate in this discussion.

1- Iran's integrity and sovereignty is not up for discussion.

2- Islam and religion should be respected in this discussion

Everything else is fair game. Lets start by a series of short answers and questions and see where that leads us.  Anyone can join the discussion at anytime whether pro or against.

Please be civil in your discussion.


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A-HAB, RE your 2-riali

by Cost-of-Progress on

You wrote:

" One does not need to be a supporter of IR and its thugs to fully support [Iran's integrity and sovereignty], nor do they need to be a Muslim. "

You should have said:

The support of this Islamic Government is actually the very essence of anti-nationalism, i.e. sovereignty and integrity, as proven by the last 30 miserable years. Give away nations wealth to a bunch of Arabs who hate us deep down and won't hesitate killing us in a heartbeat while alienating the rest of the world, systematic and institutionalized corrpution at the highest levels of the government so government officials and Guard goons stuff their pockets with the nations wealth, mismangement, misuse and abuse of public funds in projects that never finish or are desparetly inadequate... etc. etc.

Don't forget the $18.5 billion that was recently seized by Turkey which both governments are now busy trying to figure out how to steal the second time, now that the cat's out of the bag.

If the previous regime was bad, these folks wrote the book on the systematic approach to dismantle a nation. It is uttler ignoranace and an insult to the Iranaian people to see this brutal regime of the unelected as anything but a bunch of thugs bent on the destruction of our motherland.

It is shameful that we are at this juncture given our long and tumultuous history and our never ending struggle for freedom. 




khaleh mosheh

خيمه شبازی

khaleh mosheh

Jaleho=kharmagas=booshveg=HollyUSA=No Fear=Setareh Cheshmakzan

The agenda and style is a dead give away. 


NO Fear: Why do hezballhi

by vildemose on

NO Fear: Why do hezballhi and basiji like you view Iran as their ATM machine to expand their militant version of Islam throughout the region?



by yolanda on

Why does your avatar look so scary? Is your avatar your reflection? or your opposite? Will AN ever shave his stubble? Can a guy be clean-shaven and a devout muslim at the same time? or it is mutually exclusive?

Thank you for the blog and thank you for taking questions from us!

I look forward to your answers!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


My question For the capitan

by KouroshS on


Who has put you in charge of making the determination of who is vatanforoosh and who is not? Is someone paying for this? If so, How much?

IS that ok by you that someone would hold on to support for sanctions without any pedar koshtegi with anyone, and yet at the same time carries in his heart his love and passion for his nation? Do you see that as a possibility at all?

Sorry for stealing the blog for  a sec there. :)


Mr. Kharmagas

by capt_ayhab on

I agree with your point and am willing to go even further on that.

It is not only matter of irritating people when a HAMAL like Ahmadinejad denies such historical fact as Holocaust, it is matter of having a criminal mind. Same type of criminal mind that have sent so many of Iranian youth to the slaughter.

With that said, when people like David Duke, and entire anti Semitic hate groups[KKK, Neo Nazi, Aryan Nation, White Supremacist and etc etc], who happen to be white Christians who deny Holocaust and who are after purity of white race and Christian beliefs, Israel does not threaten them with nuclear attack. Nor are the entire faith of Christianity is demonized for the criminal acts of these fringe groups.





How are you going to be

by vildemose on

How are you going to be affected personally and financially if the IRI is overthrown??  How much do you stand to lose? Do you fear for your life because you have blood on your hands too?


NO Fear: Do you consider

by vildemose on

NO Fear: Do you consider prostituting for Russia in othewords being a client state of Russia as being Independent and Sovereign??

روسیه راه اندازی نیروگاه بوشهر را بار دیگر به تعویق انداخت


16-Nov-2009 (5 comments)

روز دوشنبه، 16 نوامبر (25 آبان)، سرگئی شماتکو، وزیر انرژی روسیه، در مورد نیروگاه اتمی بوشهر در ایران گفت که "برنامه اعلام شده راه اندازی این نیروگاه تا آخر سال 2009 عملی نخواهد شد" و دلیل آن را "بروز برخی مشکلات و مسایل فنی" عنوان کرد.

این مقام روسی گفت که با وجود تکمیل نشدن برنامه راه اندازی بوشهر، انتظار دارد تا پایان سال "نتایج مهمی" در این زمینه به دست آید و افزود روسیه به تعهدات خود در قبال تکمیل و راه اندازی نیروگاه بوشهر پایبند است.

در ماه فوریه سال جاری، رئیس شرکت روسی مسئول اجرای نیروگاه بوشهر اعلام کرده بود که این نیروگاه تا آخر سال به کار خواهد افتاد و برق تولیدی آن وارد شبکه برق ایران خواهد شد.

>>> No matter how hard they kiss Russia's behind...

by Anonymous Observer on

First the S-300's and now this.  It looks like no matter how hard the IRI kisses Putin's behind, he has other interests in mind...and good for him.  Unlike the IRI, Russis is putting the interests of its citizens above that of some foreign country (IRI).



Mr. Ahmadinejad, are you

by Onlyiran on

shaved  down there or do you go for the 1970's "natural" look?


What is your salary? How many people have u tortured?

by Zal on

have you or anyone you know personally been raped by AN or basij? and most important...R u a human?



by Shepesh on



unnecessarily Irritating U.S/Israel?

by kharmagas on

No Fear, as you are aware I don't believe Iran should trust Israel/U.S, and it should put in place the strongest defense policies (including nuke deterrence hopefully), so that U.S/Israel can't destroy Iran or turn it into banana republics. However, I don't see any sense in unnecessarily irritating Israelis/Americans with holocaust, death to America, ..,etc.


Oh I'm so sorry

by timothyfloyd on

I don't know what I was thinking...Something impossible..

Because Americans are just not that Stupid!!!



Have a wonderful free day!


Yes I have a question for you

by timothyfloyd on

This may seem mean..

This may seem unfair..

This may seem just not right at all.

This may anger you..

How would you feel if 300 million Americans went out in the streets and chanted DEATH TO IRAN..

Every Friday..

For 30 years?

In a Row..

Tell me about American tolerance and love.

Tell me about America's Peace.

Now,forget that I would ask you to understand.

But I only ask,in hoping you do.

Thank you and

Have a wonderful free day!

p.s. i still love you man..anyways still


A few more questions

by Esther on

No Fear,

Thank you for your initiative toward dialogue.  I share your hope for a civil discussion.  My questions are:

1. Why do you support Ahmadinejad?
2. What do you think about the separation (or non-separation) of church (or mosque) and state?  With all due respect for Iran's integrity and Islam, under the current system, what prospects do you see for non-Ahmadinejad supporters to live as equal citizens?


2 riali

by capt_ayhab on

One does not need to be a supporter of IR and its thugs to fully support [Iran's integrity and sovereignty], nor do they need to be a Muslim.

Only requirement is to be a true patriot at heart. Anyone not supporting the idea, or propagating sanctions and or war is nothing but a gutless vatan forosh.

Call me as you wish and see if I care . My answer to you will be 2 word: ..... PAYANDEH IRAN.



Anonymous Observer

Thanks for the opportunity

by Anonymous Observer on

so that I can ask a question that has always been on my mind regarding Mr. Ahmadinejad.  I will saty within the parameters that you have set:

"1- Iran's integrity and sovereignty is not up for discussion.

2- Islam and religion should be respected in this discussion

Everything else is fair game."

Here's the question:

Is Mr. Ahmadinejda gay?  And is that the reason why he denied there are gays in Iran, so that he can compensate for his inner sexual conflict?

I will anxiously await your response.  Thank you again.


A few questions

by Cost-of-Progress on

1. Why do you people hate Iran?  (this question is extended to all those who support an Islamic government, be it green blue or whatever color).

1A. Why do you put Islam before Iran?

2. What do you have against modernization - note that building weapons is not considred modernization

3. Do you believe that repressive practices (as prescribed by Islam) can be a sustainable means for governance?

4. What is your stance on the recent killings, rapes, beatings, etc., etc..... carried out by the government ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE to keep your beloved president "in power"?

5. What do you think about Khamenei and his style of dictatorship?




DW Duke

Convention on the Rights of the Child

by DW Duke on

Why does Iran refuse to comply with Article 37(a) of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits the execution of individuals for crimes committed while a minor, even though Iran is a signatory nation to this Convention?