What would YOUR last meal be?


Niki Tehranchi
by Niki Tehranchi

Have you ever thought about what your last meal on earth would be, if you had the choice to order it in advance?  Sorry guys, I don't mean to be macabre.  The reason I have been thinking of that lately is because of a recent episode of one of my favorite TV shows, TOP CHEF, a cooking competition show on Bravo TV.  Each contestant was paired with a star of the culinary world and was given the task of cooking their ideal "last meal" for them.

It was very interesting that these gastronomic superstars, who have refined and reinvented our way of thinking about food, chose very classic, old fashioned and simple dishes.  Like Wylie Dufresne, a very avant-garde chef who is a major proponent of molecular gastronomy, a movement to introduce new techniques and scientific methods to prepare food, chose a simple eggs benedict.  Other requests included a roasted chickens with potatos or squab with green peas, a dish that Jacques Pepin said he chose because his mother used to cook it for him as a child.  So they all chose comfort food and things that took them back to happy childhood memories to taste as their last meal on earth.  Interesting how we go back to the basics so quickly!

Anyways, I thought about what my own last meal would be.  That is kind of difficult given that my mom never cooked!  The closest thing to a childhood comfort food would be my grandmother's persian food but honestly, I don't see myself ordering Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi to celebrate my last day of life.  Actually, nothing with beans, garlic or onions, as I want to make a good impression when I walked past the pearly gates (hehe you never know).  So that leaves out koobideh, most Italian dishes and Mexican dishes too.  I do love sushi but again, I am not too crazy about having that fish taste in my mouth as I expire.  I thought about all the travels I did and where I ate the most delicious meals.  I came to the conclusion that a simple Mediterranean salad, with locally made Feta cheese and deliciously ripe, sweet tomatoes, scrumptious artichoke hearts, refreshing cucumbers and just the right amount of drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar, all with a loaf of fresh bread, was probably the best meal I have ever eaten in my life.  But just as I was about to zero in on this dish, I remembered in a flash what my childhood"comfort food" was, something that I would probably never again have the opportunity to relish except for my imagination.

Back when it was considered perfectly normal to let your kids roam the streets unchaperoned, I remember every Sunday, we neighborhood kids would all be sent out in the morning to the local boulangerie (I don't know if bakery is an accurate translation, this place was more about bread than pastries).  Anyways, we all had to go way early in the morning in order to get that freshly made baguette, right out of the old fashioned bread oven.  And it was cheap, oh my god, it wasn't even one Franc if I recall.  Unlike kids nowadays, we did not have to be cajoled into running this errand, or paid an allowance or anything like that.  We did get a special tip though.  The joy of running this errand was that on the way back home, walking slowly so as to delight in every second of it, we could get to eat the best part of the baguette:  The two very crunchy golden brown domes that could be found at each end of the long stick of bread.  The taste of that freshly baked bread, that would warm up your whole body as you let its fragrant goodness melt in your mouth, contrasted with the cold dewy morning, was exhilirating.  I don't think I could ever capture those moments again, even if Jacque Pepin himself decided to bake me a baguette from scratch.  So that would be my "last meal."

This is of course assuming I wouldn't be throwing up all day and night at the thought that tomorrow is judgment day!!!  

What would be your last meal of choice? 


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Literary Critic, I hope you don't mind

by Title Critic (not verified) on

Literary criticism is the analysis of a text in order to reveal and interpret its structure and meaning. Your correct title should therefore be "spell checker."

Niki Tehranchi

Deer Litterery krittique

by Niki Tehranchi on

Tank yo four teykin da thyme too poynt owt maille groce eroors. Aye wheel defifitely traille too dough butter nix thyme...:o)


Dear Niki Tehranchi, I hope you don’t mind

by Literary critic (not verified) on

“eggs benedict“, should be written as ‘eggs Benedict‘, or even ‘Eggs Benedict’
“a roasted chickens”, should be written as ‘roasted chickens’ or ‘a roasted chicken’
plural of potato is potatoes not “potatos”
It is Persian food not “persian food“
“most Italian dishes and Mexican dishes”, should be written as ‘most Italian and Mexican dishes’
[childhood”comfortfood”] needs to be written as [childhood “comfort food]
“...we neighborhood kids would...”, should be written as ‘...we, neighborhood kids, would...’
It is ‘exhilarating’ not “exhilirating”

Azarin Sadegh

Since I love to live..

by Azarin Sadegh on

Since I love to live and since I don't believe in after-life, so I'd be miserable before my last meal!!!

So, instead of having something I love (like hot black tea), I rather have something I hate ...so when the death comes afterward I'll be happy to get rid of that disgusting taste in my mouth!

So my choice would be some bitter tasting dry alcoholic beverages!  


anonymous fish

my motto is...

by anonymous fish on

"This ride though life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely! Life is an adventure which should bring you to a sliding stop into Heaven's gates, totally worn out, scuffed up and bleeding, yelling, "Whoo Hoo, what a ride!""


Sangak-e daagh o bereshteh! yum yum

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

sangak-e daagh o bereshteh va rayhaan. Just that, it is unlikely that one is given the choice of the last meal, or even if given, is capable to eating and enjoying ...

Another problem (!) is that sangak is like gold dust now, even in Iran.

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on


Niki Tehranchi

Mouth watering indeed

by Niki Tehranchi on

Thank you all for your succulent suggestions.  This makes me want to have a pot luck party with you guys and everybody can bring their "last meal" for everyone to relish.  Wouldn't that be something?....:-)))


Kalam polo and raw onion and

by pwnotloggedin (not verified) on

Kalam polo and raw onion and raw garlic or torshi garlic. By that, there would be a chance that the angel of death exempt me from the journey to the odorless heaven!


Forget about death or life

by Anonymous000 (not verified) on

I'm just elated that I live dlong enough to see that JJ has some taste in something after all!!! BRAVO JJ jaan....what you said COULD NOT be improved on. All your past mis-judgments are forgiven! Period :-))

rosie is roxy is roshan

ps Anonfish, I see..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

very clever. You plan to be in the Guiness Book of World Records for longest period of uninterrupted consumption.

Not me. Like I said, I'll go for two bottles of Stout.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

مجید جان: تی خاش جانه قوربان!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

هر کسی‌ در هر وقتی‌ اون همه غذای خوش مزه رو سر هم بخوره، خوب غذای آخرش می‌شه دیگه!

به هر حال ، پای من بی‌ زحمت ، یه نون سنگک خاشخاشی داغ تهرون با عسل سبلان و کره کرمانشاه و پنیر لیقوان و چایی لاهیجان ، منظور کنید که ‌ای ولله!




نزدیک خمام «گیلان» قبل از یک پل باریک یک رستوران کوچیک بود که قابلمه های دو، چهار و شش نفره کته میپخت، درست زیر پای رستوران، «کاس آقا» یک آبگیر کوچیک با حصیر و سنگ درست کرده بود که توش ماهی زنده نگهمیداشت و بر حسب سفارش چند تا ماهی از آب در میاورد و در جا سرخ یا کباب میکرد، داخل رستوران هم روی یک «رف» نزدیک سقف پهلو به پهلو غرابه های سیر ترشی «تاریخ دار» چیده بود، قیمت سیر ترشی به نسبت سن فرق میکرد «هفت ساله یک پیاله اش پونزده زار بود» ،فسنجون با خوودکا، میرزا قاسمی،تورشِ تره، مرغ تورش ، باقلا قاتق، کاله کباب،زیتون پرورده، دالار، اشبل و اوزون برون برای کباب تقریباً همیشه موجود بود، بعد از غذا دوتا رشته خشکار با دو تا چایی تو استکان شستی«کمر باریک» مهمون «کاس آقا» بودی و اگه آشنا بودی یه قلیون هم روش . اگه سرحال هم بود که گرام تپاز رو روشن میکرد و اولین آهنگش هم همیشه «ساز و ناقّارهء جو مه بازار» با صدای آشور پور و بعدشم مسعودی و ......


دلم میخواد اگه هنوز پابرجا باشه آخرین غذام رو اونجا بخورم، همه چیزهای بالا!

rosie is roxy is roshan

A pot of searing hot black espresso, no sugar, two 16 ounce

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

bottles of Guiness Stout, a chocolate croissant, and a pack of Camels No Filters.

I plan to leave here in style.


There Ought to Be a Law...

by LalehGillani on

I just finished watching Party Girl’s Sheerini Irani. Now this blog… There ought to be a law against torturing people like this… :)

My mother is a very good Persian cook. Because we are from the Providence of Gilan, most of the dishes we eat are Shomali. Still, my last meal would be the homemade Naan-o-Paneer-o-Sabzi. I can still smell the naan as it was being made, the freshly picked sabzi, and the aroma of new paneer.

Now, could we please go back to our regularly scheduled political brawls? I can handle that better…

Jahanshah Javid

The best

by Jahanshah Javid on

Ghormeh Sabzi, rice with melted butter, tahdeeg nooni, piaaz, sabzi khordan, torshi, maast moosir, salad Shirazi, ab-e yakh. For desert zoolbia with freshly brewed hot tea. Kill me now!

Orang Gholikhani

My last meal?

by Orang Gholikhani on

Dolmeh (barg mo) cooked by my mother!



by tq (not verified) on

deep dish with extra cheese a lot of olives and extra sauce and after that i would fall sleep and would not know where i am.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

very long.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You are asking a question that is honestly difficult to answer (at least for me). But it certainly provokes a lot of (mouth-watering) thought.

To start, the salad would certainly have to be insalata caprese, (or as the Yanks call it, Capri Salad), consisting of alternating thick slices of beefsteak tomato (must be firm) and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, in a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

And on that note, ba ejaazeh, it's time for lunch.


low fiber

by Mortician (not verified) on

Last meal should follow the ethics of mortality. If there is one meal during life that should be low on fiber, that is your last meal.


What a good question...

by Souri on

Dear Nikki,

Your favorite Mediterranean salad is called "Salade Nicoise" in France.  Nicoise, like from Nice, in Cote d'Azure, but I can't write the correct spelling here.

My last meal would be a gold fish!!! Although I'd never ate a gold fish in my life, but as I love fishes, I believe I would try to swallow a gold fish for the last meal of my life, to experience the true feeling of the thought I  get sometimes here in this site :O))