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Niki Tehranchi
by Niki Tehranchi

Monday 7/26: Editor in Chief Jahanshah Javid debuted a strikingly handsome new avatar, prompting masses of readers of his popular site to feverishly wonder whether he will star in ABC's next edition of The Bachelor

Tuesday 7/27: BP CEO Tony Hayward was forced to resign in the wake of an oil spill scandal that made him, in BP Board members' words, the "most demonised, vilified, and reviled man on the planet."  In an effort to salvage the company's public image, Board members have been attempting to recruit more likeable individuals as Hayward's replacement, such as Idi Amin and Pol Pot. 

Wednesday 7/28:  To cheers and jeers alike, a Federal Judge struck down controversial aspects of a new immigration law in Arizona that would have allowed police to deport any individuals whom they would have "a reasonable cause to suspect are illegal aliens."  The State of California promptly passed its own immigration law, with a slight amendment, in that the police are only required to deport any individuals whom they would have "a reasonable cause to suspect is Mel Gibson."

Thursday 7/29: For the first time in American history, President Barack Obama sat down for an interview on the daytime estrogen-filled gabfest The View to discuss such 'soft news' topics as whether he knows about Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence or Snooki from the Jersey Shore.  Shortly after the show aired, Snooki sat down for her own interview with French journalist Bernard Pivot to discuss whether it was Kierkegaard or Nietzsche who was the true forefather of existentialism.

Friday 7/30: After earlier reporting that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has announced a new incentive of $950 to encourage Iranian women to have more babies, ABC news, after further investigation, clarified that the incentive of $950 is to encourage Iranian women to have more babies specifically with President Ahmadinejad. 



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LOL each day!

by Monda on

Niki jan, this is seriously Funny stuff! I think you have a definite Knack for writing jokes. Hey it's a perfect cortisol-reduction, endorphin-raising plan for the new mama. Especially if you laugh along while creating the lines. You have an excellent weekend.

(know Pivot from Lipton's interviews, is it still on Bravo? gottocheck) 

Niki Tehranchi

Thanks guys :)

by Niki Tehranchi on

Darius: Did you know James Lipton lifted Pivot's Proust Questionnaire for his own show Inside the Actors Studio.  I don't think Pivot is widely known in US.  I know him from my days in France.  I think I even entered his concours d'orthographe.  Lipton must have watched Apostrophe back in the day where he himself lived in France supporting himself, by his own creepy admission, as a pimp.

Rosie: Hubby read my article stone faced but actually laughed out loud (is there any other way to laugh?) at your comment :)

Anonymouse: Can't wait for the Persian Shore!

RedWine: Thank you so much for your comment.  Like I said in my previous blog, I only got very basic reading/writing skills before my dad ran out of his old schoolbooks and he refused on principle to get anymore from Iran (subject of another blog) so I am nowhere educated in Persian enough to write satire.  But I want you to know despite it all Persian is the language of my heart.

Ari: I like to think I can write good jokes.  I always thought it would be cool to have a satiric news/sketch show like Canada's This hour has twenty minutes, or Royal Canadian Air farce or SNL's Weekend Update, but with a Middle Eastern flavor.  We certainly have enough talented comedians and actors to do it. 


Ari Siletz

Good current events satire!

by Ari Siletz on

Can imagine this pieces as an opening monologue in the Iranian diaspora version of The Late Night Show.


Friday update

by Rosie. on

Mouse and Rosie had telepathic episode; agreed on something.

Sun still high in the sky.

Red Wine

پارسی شکر است

Red Wine

نیکی‌ خانم عزیز،حیف است که با این استعدادی که دارید،به پارسی ننویسید ! قطعاً زبان مادریمان مطالب شما را شیرین تر و زیباتر می‌کند.

یادمان نرود که پارسی شکر است.

آخر هفته خوبی‌ را برایتان آرزو می‌کنم.



Also Rick Pitino's sexual confessions on the witness stand!

by Anonymouse on

There could actually be a Wrapup Show about itself about news of the daily or weekly community acitivities, like Howard Stern has it on his Sirius satellite show.

Oh and 2nd season of Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D started too! 

Everything is sacred


Questionable Intelligence News

by Rosie. on

 Monday: Niki's husband got jealous of Jahanshah's new avatar. Tuesday: Prophet questioned his own intelligence.
Wednesday: Ari hooked up with weightlifter Thursday: Grand Ayatollah became Monarchist Friday: Sun rose. So far, so good.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Ha Ha ...

Very Good.

I didn't know Bernard Pivot was famous in America ;0)

Remember the famous or infamous interview he did with Bukowski ?


Bukowski chez Bernard Pivot (Apostrophe 1978):