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Niki Tehranchi
by Niki Tehranchi

I came across the blog "Vizard of the Vestside" quite by chance (okay quite by surfing aimlessly on the Net instead of doing the research I was supposed to do!).  It is written by a thirty something Iranian-American based, where else, in Vestvood (or maybe in the general area).  I read a few entries and I found his writings quite funny and totally relatable, at least for me, another thirty something living in Hell-Ay.  Posting the site for any of you who may like to check it out:



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Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I like this site. Very good, witty...


That is just BRILLIANT!

by Marjaneh on

THANK YOU, bunbuns!  I can't stop laughing!!!

I'm going to have to keep a copy of this!

"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."

Niki Tehranchi

7 Up Tehran-Geles

by Niki Tehranchi on

1980: Ooofff, Jamshid, vee made eet too Emrikaa, tanks Gawd.

1987: Vaye Khodaa, faynally, Jamshid, vee got our Green Card, I am so happeeee.

Stop calling me Jamshid voman, maye name eez Jimmy naw. And You not Ashraf no more, but Ashley.

1994: Jimmy aaaaaahhhhhh heeeeeeellllpppp meeeee, eeerssquake, eerssquake, vaye khodaa, vy vee move to dees damn country?

2001: Vaye Khodaa, Jimmy, Bush eez called us "Evil", baaz shoroo shod, naw vee have to pretend vee Italian again?

2008:Jimmy, haalaa ke Hossein Obama President shod, can vee puh-leeze change our names and nationality back?

Inspired by Marjaneh and the Seven Up series from Director Michael Apted, chronicling the evolution of several individuals from their childhood in the 1960s to the present time, by coming back every 7 years to film them and their lives.



by Marjaneh on

Thanks Niki, honeybuns.

'Am giggling at the "negah puleaze" video. 

Would have been funny to have done a 7Up on Tehrangeles....


"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."