Swine flu vaccine: To do it or not to do it?


Niki Tehranchi
by Niki Tehranchi

Every day, I am being bombarded with news headlines SCREAMING about swine flu and the swine flu vaccine.  The level of hysteria and panic reminds me of those National Enquirer headlines that would tout the arrival of a half-alien, half-human baby or the discovery of Elvis eating a donut at an Alabama truck stop twenty years after his alleged death.  I just don't know what to take seriously anymore when I read stuff like the fact that Moldova is giving its soliders extra rations of garlic and onion to aid in the prevention of swine flu (or is it to protect them against vampires???); or that China is quarantining planeloads of passengers suspected of carrying the virus.  My doctor has scared me half to death, telling me about a pregnant woman in New York who lost her baby and almost died herself because of swine flu.  On the other hand, there is a youtube video going around about a young woman who got neurological damage as a result of getting the flu vaccine.  Now, she can only walk backwards!  I don't know if I should take this as news or as a hoax. 

My cousin is in the pro-conspiracy camp, believing this is a huge money-making entreprise by the governments of various countries combined with pharamaceutical interests to push yet another vaccine.  The chance of you getting swine flu, or malaria, or having a helicopter crash unexpectedly on the roof of your house, are about the same, she says.  If they could make vaccines against helicopters crashes damaging your rooftop, they would market and sell that too.  I replied that they already do, but it is called an insurance policy rather than a vaccine!  There is so much information and misinformation out there about vaccines that it makes my head spin.  I mean vaccines have been recently linked to autism too.  While my pediatrician scoffs at what he calls a deeply inaccurate study, my other friends who are both doctors have not given any vaccine to their own two daughters since birth.  I mean NADA.  Aren't they scared of polio or TB or.....

Every year, there seems to be a new scare that is being exploited by media to sell their newspapers.  Mad Cow.  SARS. West Nile.  The list goes on.  Obviously, these are real diseases and people have become ill or dies from it.  But are they really "epidemics" or is this just being blown out of proportion?  Don't we live everyday with the chance of catching something that will lead us to illness or possibly death?  It reminds me of an essay by Andy Rooney I read long time ago that was called "living is dangerous to your health."  Meanwhile, I have an appointment today with my doctor and I know she is going to want to push me again to get the vaccine, which my "instinct" is telling me not to.  I have never had a flu vaccine and thank god, the last time I got the flu was 7 years ago but then again you never know.  Am I putting my unborn child in jeopardy by getting or NOT getting the vaccine?  I just want to skip my appointment and run for the hills...sigh...


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Niki Tehranchi

interesting update on H1N1 saga

by Niki Tehranchi on

Apparently, the scientists who drafted the WHO's governmental advisories to stockpile on the swine flu vaccine were paid consultants for the vaccine's producers.  Here is the link:





CDC: 1 in 6 Americans Have Had H1N1 Flu

by Anonymouse on

I saw this report last night and thought it was interesting and worth mentioning it in this blog.  At the time Niki wrote this blog the virus was at its peak and CDC had really good reasons to go into full disclosure and making people understand the severity of it. 

Here are some numbers:

Health officials now estimate that H1N1 flu has sickened nearly 50 million Americans and killed nearly 10,000.

Previously, the CDC estimated that about 22 million people came down with H1N1 from April to mid-October, reports CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook. In the space of four weeks, that number jumped to 47 million, the vast majority under age 65.

So bascially in just 4 weeks, 25 million more people got sick.  That's like 6.25 million per week or nearly 1 million per day.

Everything is sacred.


Mr Karimi

by Souri on

Regardless of  your opinion being the absolute truth or not, from a professional point of view, I believe you need to apologise to ON.

When someone says openly that they are feeling insulted by your words, trust me, the least you can do is to apologise and get back your words.




I've also read and heard that vast majority of H1N1 deaths after

by Anonymouse on

I've also read and heard that vast majority of H1N1 deaths after the vaccination were people with chronic diseases.  Their immune system were already bad.

Everything is sacred.


RE. Souri,Tehranchi

by OmidKarimi on

Dear Tehranchi

The thalomid incident was very special as it was a medicine prescribed to pregnant women to milden the symptoms of pregnancy like nausea etc. It was made before the strict rules of medical testing was written in the US and Europe. It belongs to a completely different time period than what we exist in today. It should not scare you. You are pregnant, you are in a risk group and the flu season has just begun and you should be fully aware of the lethal risk. If you decide not to take it even so, I fully respect that But Im vaccinated, my entire family is vaccinated, and most of my friends have been vaccinated.

True, you might survive driving around with your car without a seat belt, but when you crash, and people die/get hurt, its to late to say "I wish I had wore my belt".. if you get my point, thats what this vaccine is, a seat belt.

Take note that many people are trying to make money out of htis by selling conspiracy theories and false remedies, mix that with an economical downturn, and you have a potent situation were alot of misinformation gets spread amongst the general public.The virus is there, its spreading and healthy young people are dying of it.

Sweden has currently vaccinated 1.4 million of their 7-8 million populace,  the report is trustworthy and can be read here

Dear Souri

There was nothing in my reply that was arrogant. What I say is the truth. If you dont have the education to go around telling risk patients what to do or not regarding such a dangerous issue, dont do it. Its completely irresponsible. Ive met enough patients who have trusted so called "wonder medical cures" on the hospital bed. And Ive made several phone calls to companies and private "experts" who give out advice and threatend them with the police if they dont stop spreading misinformation. I dont care if this is a medical site or not, the question is of medical nature, dont spread rumors and false stories/cures if you dont have a source or medical data to back it up.

If we were talking about how to lose weight, shure, tell me about your 100 different ways, but this issue is serious.

As for death, instead of listening to news outlets, go to the source and read the real medical data, the same swedish report reports 5 deaths "Likely" caused by the 1,4 million vaccines given, I quote:

Deaths reported

reports of death have been received all of which have had a temporal
association with vaccination. The time between the vaccination and the
death has varied between 12 hours and 4 days. These five patients had
previously known chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease,
diabetes, renal failure, dystrophic muscle disease and senile dementia.
All patients were on chronic medical treatment. Three of the patients
were >74 years, the two others between 54 and 65. Autopsy result is
available for the first reported case. This showed that the patient
suffered from generalized atherosclerosis and previous heart attacks.
The other reports are still under investigation and autopsy results are
awaited. From what has emerged so far for these cases, there is nothing
to support a causal association between the vaccination and the death.


assessing the number of reported deaths, it is important to take into
account that in Sweden on average 200-250 deaths occur per day and at
present a large proportion of the population, particularly the elderly
and other risk groups, are being vaccinated. The majority of deaths
occurring daily in Sweden are older people with complications of
chronic diseases.

Experience from consumer reporting

the vaccination campaign with Pandemrix began, the MPA has received
more than 450 consumer reports. Still a large majority, about 90% of
reports, describe non-severe, expected and known reactions. The
potentially serious cases are similar to the ones previously reported
(such as events of transient flu-like symptoms, severe pain at the
injection site, pain in arm and adjacent muscles).). Despite the fact
that an adverse reaction is known and judged as non-serious, symptoms
may of course still be perceived as troublesome to the individual. Some
patients have reported that the reactions to this influenza vaccine
differ from their experience with previous seasonal flu vaccinations,
such as more pronounced pain in the injection arm and stronger flu-like


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None for me either...

by HollyUSA on

Doctors are just people, not God. As appreciative I am of medical science and staff, after much reading I have decided to pass on this vaccine.

Niki Tehranchi

I appreciate all your comments

by Niki Tehranchi on

Thank you for all your informative comments.  I understand and appreciate that you are passionate in your different points of view and that it is all coming from the desire to help.  I am not usually the type to regard the medical establishment or scientists with a paranoid outlook or believe that vaccines are all evil.  Simply, the recency of developing this vaccine, which hasn't been around in the US for twenty or so years make me question whether there has been adequate time to put together something that is safe and whose benefits outweigh the risks.  After all, who can forget the tragic Thalidomide episode of the 50s and 60s where doctors advised pregnant women that it is perfectly safe to take this drug and then when the poor babies started showing up missing limbs, then they realized "oops" it wasn't so safe after all.  Like it or not, while scientists and doctors are super smart and save lives every day, they are only human and therefore not infallible.  Again, I want to say that I appreciate very much every person who left a comment and sources and shared their experience for me and hopefully for others who are pondering this same question.  Please let's remain civil to each other while sharing information.

 Best to you all!


Mr "the medical student"

by Souri on

Nikki's blog was meant to ask this question from the general public. She was not (specially)  looking for a professional advise!

Don't never ever forget you are in a public website, not in a medical forum.

Your response to ON, was too arogant and really uncalled!

BTW: the news say today 4 more people died from the vaccin! I totaly agree with ON, neither myself nor none of my family member will do the vaccination.


Insult?! Its the truth, you are not qualified

by OmidKarimi on

to tell a pregnant woman what to do or not regarding the vaccine!

What you are doing and saying is irresponsible and dangerous, its like me going on a traffick safety website and claiming, without any academic background in traffic safety, that wearing seat belts is dangerous or has no effect.

When I have a paitent that has to go on a special diet because of her heart disease or because she has oedema and lacks this much protein etc, I would love to hear the opinions of people with your background, but in this field, really, show some humility. Thousands of people who have no academical background, have popped up all over the internet lately, offering their "expertice and help" for money and attention.

PS: This last year medical student has saved and treated more lives than your diet coke program ever has, so get of your high horse lady.


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Organic NUTritionist

I really don't appreciate it

by Organic NUTritionist on

Your a nutritonist, really, so where in your education do you cover
infectious pathology, virology disease, pandemic theory and clinical
medicine? When you do get that degree, come here and advice people on
what to do or not to do, but before that, think hard about the
consequences many people can get by your advice that have no academic

This is an insult from an educated medical student.


RE: Organic nutritionalist

by OmidKarimi on

Revealing more patient information than what I already have would be against my oath of silence, but they died in a period of 1 to 2o weeks after getting the infection, as it starts as a normal flu. I dont like to disclose where my hospital is, but its the major main hospital in our city.Together, over 15 people have died so far. In the US, maybe seveal thousands, in Iran over 400 are the last estimate from teh minister of health (multiply that number with 4).

Exercising, eating health food and injecting C-vitamins wont stop the virus from flooding your lung with water, which kills you. You are promoting and talking about a subject that is completely out of your field, in our hospital, every staff has been vaccinated, and every patient risk group has also been vaccinated.

Your a nutritionalist, really, so where in your education do you cover infectious pathology, virology disease, pandemic theory and clinical medicine? When you do get that degree, come here and advice people on what to do or not to do, but before that, think hard about the consequences many people can get by your advice that have no academic backing.You preach it like if its science, the woman who is talking here is Pregnant, and she is in double letahal risk group.

Too many people are trying to make money out of this, and its shamefull. Take the vaccine if you can after speaking with your general practician, dont listen and read to pseudo science on the web unless its a well documented clinical study that shows the vaccine is dangerous for you. The Lancet medical journal is a nice source.If you are pregnant, do not hesitate.


Oh let me add, Im in a European hospital, and yes I am vaccinated so that I dont spread the virus amongst my patients. I had no side effects exept beign a little soar on the injection area. It disappeared after a week.


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by ThePope on

Instead, drink ginger (zanjabeel) juice regularly...

Here's what I do;
I just shove lots of ginger [roots] in the juice extractor with a bit of garlic. Then I mix it with orange (or pineapple) juice to make it tast better. Even though it still tastes like zahr-e maar, but it DOES the job... 

I'm in different hospitals/clinics all the time, surrounded by infected people, but I don't remember the last time I had a flu.

Organic NUTritionist

On the funny side

by Organic NUTritionist on


Your comment made me think of this video:




2 much Mercury

by SamSamIIII on


On Swine Flu shots ;

I,m waiting to see how many drop dead ,go blind or develope SHC(Spontaneous human combustion) before I order it for my little girl.

As for the rest of you, pls , feel free to inject ahead of me ::)).


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I hardly ever get sick too with or without veggies or exercise

by Anonymouse on

It's genetic and I'm what they call the eggplant from city of Bam!  I do some exercise (winter and summer sports too) and when I don't, I feel guilty which makes me eat more junk and ... ;-)

I agree that it is never too late to start.  Fish is always fresh when you take it out of water. I quit after 20 years of smoking during the 90s with more congressional hearings (becoming educated) and facts and tools such as patches that made it easier for peole to quit.

Everything is sacred.

Niki Tehranchi

Pregnant women are said to be more highly affected

by Niki Tehranchi on

I wish it was as simple as exercising, sleeping, well, keeping away from stress, and eating fruit and veggies.  I do all of those.  however, as a pregnant woman, I am in a so-called high risk group, I guess because my immunities are down since I am carrying another human being that is literally sucking the lifeblood out of me (lol)

Thank you for your informative comments.  The debate goes on...

Organic NUTritionist

Health Care Professionals

by Organic NUTritionist on

Dear Anonymouse,

Please listen to those videos I recommended on the bottom of this page--it will give you a different perspective.

Of course it is possible to change--I was one of those unhealthy people until I changed my ways and I hardly ever get sick. 

This is not a simple, clear-cut subject.  There are many other professionals in the health field who have alternative clinical experience and knowledge as well.



Organic jaan exercise and good diet is good and helpful when you

by Anonymouse on

Organic jaan exercise and good diet is good and helpful when you do it from the beginning and follow thru.  However, these days most people don't do it.  Young people 20 - 30 don't like fruits and vegetables and eat junk food until and if they get married and then half of them get divorced because of not eating on time or properly! lol

Anyway, I think if you don't eat right and exercise then you're vulnerable and not taking the vaccine when you're in danger and ask them to eat right and exercise instead is highly unlikely.  I don't know for sure but probably some of those 4,000 dead and much more who became infected were probably on good diets and exercised often. 

Everything is sacred.

Organic NUTritionist

Natural Prevention

by Organic NUTritionist on

Dear OmidKarimi,

I have a Masters in Human Nutrition and naturally don't always think that allopathic treatment is the only answer.

I truly believe that keeping healthy has a lot  to do with your diet, exercise, rest and stress level.  I think that is a better way of prevention than the vaccine.

A few questions, were these patients infected with pneumonia first?  When did these 5 healthy patients between the ages of 20-30 die?  What time frame are we talking about?  What is the name of the hospital you are referring to?  Do you think that CDC has a record of this?  Have you taken the vaccine?



Stop lsitening to conspiracy hacks, regards, a medical student

by OmidKarimi on

Pandermix is a vaccien that is safe to take. You will most likely experience a large red bruise on the area where you injected the vaccine as a side effect, but other than that there are rarely any complications.

If you have diabetes, lung problems, heart problems, are over weight, you should really considering taking the vaccine. 

You should talk with your doctor to make shure you dont have any allergies. Pandermix is not recommended for patients with egg allergy for example.

Ordinary flu vaccine like the tamiflu wont cover you against the swine flu. In the hospital I study at, we have lost 5 pateints between the age of 20-30, all were young and healthy, but they died from a swine flue pneumonia. In other words, they were young healthy individuals that died.

Dont be reckless with your healt, do it if you can, especially if you have children or old people in your house that can get it from you if you get infected.


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Organic NUTritionist

H1N1 vaccine (I wouldn't)

by Organic NUTritionist on

Dear Niki,

Please see all parts of this video and the one's Monda posted on my H1N1 blog:


Monda's links:


Harvard Medical School releases iPhone app to protect against swine flu

This is my H1N1 blog:


My recommendation is to stay healthy by eating right, exercising, making sure you take your pre-natals, getting plenty of rest, and avoiding stress as a way of prevention.


The H1N1 (which one?!) virus is definately out there

by Anonymouse on

This is a strange case and unique so far, but not media made and not for publicity and money, it is real.  First of all it started earlier this year and the prediction was that by fall it may become an epidemic.  The fear was mostly about schools opening and the spread of the virus within students of all ages.

So they prepared for millions of vaccines and they just barely made it and it appears now there is enough for everyone to go around, after about only 2 weeks of delay.  2 weeks doesn't sound much but much of the hoopla has been in the past w or 3 weeks.

There have been more than 4,000 deaths in US and many more infected.  If you check with middle schools or high schools you'll find out that many have been infected.  Many in colleges as well.  And many have used the vaccine, so if they hadn't used the vaccine, more would've been infected.

Dr. Gupta from CNN and his cameraman got the virus in Afghanistan.  Many have been infected in Europe, so it is definately an epidemic and hopefully it has slowed down or stopped.

So it is real but it is a difficult decision to make.  To do or not to do it.  Looks like Niki jaan you have your work (research) cut out for yourself.  I guess we all do and they don't make it easy. I've had my seasonal flu but so far no H1N1which1.

Everything is sacred.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Dear lady, i have Pulmonary problem and i just was injected that normal Gripe/Flu vaccine by my Neomolog and he told me that Swine flu vaccine is not 100% good vaccine.

Becareful please.