For Estelle, with Love and Squalor

Niki Tehranchi
by Niki Tehranchi

I was really sad when I heard of the passing of Estelle Getty on July 22.  Of course, she was very advanced in age but what was really saddening was when I found out that she had spent the last years of her life battling dementia.  It must have been so tough for her and her loved ones.  Estelle played Sofia Patrillo on the wonderful TV Show Golden Girls along with Bea Arthur as her daughter Dorothy, Rue McLahan as the sixty-something sexspot Blanche Deveraux and Betty White as the dimwit Rose from the village of Saint Olaf.  Four seasoned comedians who did not miss a beat. They don't (and won't) make them like that anymore.  It was through this show and reruns of Three's Company that I honed my English speaking skills when I moved to North America at the age of eleven.  I still watch reruns of Golden Girls whenever I happen to catch them and they still make me laugh heartily.  Estelle, as Sofia, the acerbic Sicilian widow, had the best one-liners.

Rest in Peace Golden Girl, you will always be Golden to me!



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I'm gonna miss ya Sophia!

by shireen (not verified) on

I'm gonna miss ya Sophia! Really gonna miss ya!
(thank goodness for the re runs)
You're my mini hero of heros, you fiesty, spunky Italian ..."now picture this, Italy 194...."

Loved your bag that never left your side.

Loved your humor and all...

You and the Gils gave me many moments of laughter and good times when I was recuperating at home.


RIP Estelle.

PS. Thank you Niki!

Niki Tehranchi

I didn't want to overload the blog with too many youtubes

by Niki Tehranchi on

so here are a few other links for funny sofia moments (short and sweet, like her):