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Niki Tehranchi
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Apprentice Recap, Season 10, Episode 7, Thursday, October 28, 2010

I knew this was going to be an explosive episode when Mahsa and Brandy started throwing F Bombs at each other while their teammates were still duking it out in the Boardroom over last week's task.  The women behaved cattily as usual throughout the entire task. Taking a page out of Mahsa's 3 million mentions of her 15 year experience as a receptionist at her mother' salon during the doggie daycare task, Stephanie made sure she had at least 3 million and 1 mentions of the fact that she had thirty years experience as a musician. And the despicable Poppy (no, those fake nerd glasses did not make you look smarter) and Brandy (yes, that perpetually frozen smug smirk did make me want to smack you in the face) were snickering together at Mahsa like a couple of prissy sorority girls blackballing the girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

I am not even going to bother talking about the actual task this week except to say very briefly that it involved putting together a backer's audition and promotional materials for a new Broadway show.  It's worthless to analyze what each player did and what the winning strategy or fatal mistake was simply because the person who got fired this week was fired not for something having anything remotely to do with the Broadway show but for some weird behind the scene event that was not even caught by the Apprentice cameras.   

Basically, what went down in the Boardroom was that Brandy accused Mahsa of being disloyal to the team because last week, she had divulged to Clint, from the opposing team Octane, the amount of money the women's team had made from their pedicab tour of New York, before stepping into the Boardroom.  While Mahsa admitted that she said that, she also said it was only in response to Clint telling her the amount the men's team made.  Lost yet? So am I.  And bored.  To tears. 

First of all, who cares? It was the end of the task anyway.  What the hell is that gonna change at the Boardroom if the men already know they won. How would that give them any upper hand?  I don't understand what Ivanka meant when she said Mahsa changed the "dynamic" of the game.  She was just looking for an excuse to jump on the I hate Mahsa bandwagon. 

Secondly, this was last week's issue.  If Brandy did not think it was worthy of being brought up last week, then in her own oh-so-classy words, she should shut the F up this week. Plus, that makes her a tattle-tale.  I have seen more mature behavior from the kids at SweetPea's pre-school. 

Third, I find it very suspicious that this is one of the "best-produced shows" (Mahsa's words, not mine) and the cameras are running 24/7 and the producers are watching every contestant like a hawk, monitoring even their private phone calls to their significant other, and yet, this infamous conversation between Mahsa and Clint was not caught on tape, leaving the two of them to get into a screaming match of he said-she said at the Boardroom.  It was really brutal the way everybody ganged up on Mahsa, including Trump himself who, though he had had some weird psychotic moments with her in the past, had basically been championing her since the moment she auditioned for the show.  Seems like a pretty transparent producer-created drama if you ask me.  That being said, this was not the first time we saw a hysterical hyena-like massacre in the Boardroom and Mahsa had been the instigator of quite a few Mahsa-cres herself.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander, I guess.

Finally, if Mahsa had broken some important production rule that forbids the contestants from talking to each other about certain subject matters, then she should be penalized under the terms of her contract with NBC.  I don't know what the penalty would be.  A fine? Being disqualified from the rest of the game?  Getting a slap on the wrist?  Any of it would make more sense than what really happened which was that Trump fired her on the spot.  Trump should have fired the person responsible for the women's team losing their task.  It was very debatable who, out of Mahsa, Liza, and Stephanie, was to be blamed for messing up their promotional materials for the Broadway show.

In the end, this is just a game and Mahsa had served her purpose which was to drum up a little publicity for a show that has otherwise failed dismally in the ratings and is far from the watercooler conversation starter that it was when it first started ten seasons ago.  The producers decided it was time to let her go and this is exactly what happened.

Good luck Mahsa in your future endeavors either in front or behind the camera.  I enjoyed watching you and rooting for you, even though sometimes I did not agree with you.  You were a fierce competitor, an enjoyable TV character, and a cute dresser :)  Too bad the Apprentice is an NBC show, cause I think you would be a very good addition to the ABC show the View, as a breath of fresh air and a representative of our generation who is not nearly as cringe-inducing as the Hassle-Beck.

And as the Apprentice journey for Mahsa ends, the Apprentice recap journey for this blogger ends too.  Thank you to all of you who read my recaps and took the time to comment.  These were my first ever recap blogs and your participation was much appreciated.  Now back to regular programming :)

For those of you who still care, the Apprentice continues to air on NBC on Thursdays, 10/9 c.  Mahsa's twitter and blog can be accessed at this site:



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David was fired and Mahsa still doesn't have an exit interview!

by Anonymouse on

Niki jaan I know you provided the link but Mahsa's apprentice page, doesn't have an exit interview! David and ALL other fired contestants have an exit interview but not her?!  Must be cause she's Iranian and we're special ;-)

Everything is sacred

Niki Tehranchi

Don't worry you'll still see me around

by Niki Tehranchi on

just not doing Apprentice recaps


And I can't take credit for Mahsa-cre.  That nickname has been going around on the Internet since the show began, along with Mahsa-rosa :)

Big Boy

Bye Niki

by Big Boy on

I'll miss you in the boardr..., I mean on the blogosphere.  Wordplay like "Mahsa-cres" is gold!!

Read you later...somewhere, someday.




She tried and failed

by zztop on

She tried to "Irooni Baazi" and tell a lie thinking she would get away with it.  The men walked back into the board room and set her lying a** straight.  She got what she deserved.

Niki Tehranchi

exit interview

by Niki Tehranchi on

Dear Mouse,

Her exit interview can be found here:


They probably posted it later.

The full episodes are available here:


Dear Azadi: I noticed most candidates cannot formulate a single sentence let alone be effective public speakers (James, Liza, Gene, David, Steuart, am I missing anyone?).  Makes you wonder if the economy is the real reason they are down on their luck or it has more to do with their personal failures!


Oh well

by Anonymouse on

I'll have to watch the re-run.  Sounds like the team had figured out how to get rid of Mahsa, by ganging up on her.  Perhaps Ivanka gave them a side tip, wink ;-) wink ;-) Seems Trump pays more attention when more people criticize someone and use it against the one he wants to fire.

I don't think Trump would have let Mahsa (presumably a Muslim :-) become the winner anyway.  I don't understand the issue with giving info to the men's team and don't know why Mahsa or the guy would even do so and besides the guy should get fired too, if it is such a breach.

Mahsa got the exposure and she'll do fine.  I'm sure she'll have a lot of opportunities.  BTW she doesn't have an "exit interview" like others, see here's for Gene (same with other fired ones) but nothing for Mahsa.

Thanks for your recaps I really enjoyed them.  I won't follow the show either but will now root for David to get fired.  I think when the teams become co-ed the women would have a better chance of kicking his shins and getting his ass fired!  Men seem useless as it relates to him! 

Everything is sacred



by azadi5 on

I have been watching Apprentice from the first season. I have to say that compared to seasons past, this year has the worst crop of contestants ever. No wonder they all have been fired or laid off before, non of them are stand outs in a positive way. I am surprised Trump has not fired these people in groups. And Mahsa herself, I can't say I liked her, she reminded me of Omarosa.