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Apprentice Recap, Season 10, Episode 5, Thursday, October 14, 2010

This week, Donald asked the teams to organize a fashion show to promote a shoe company.  And just to be "fair", Donald asked Fortitude, the women's team, to style men' shoes while the men of Octane would style women' shoes.  I thought that even with this, the women had a great advantage right off the bat.  I mean, I don't care if you are a banker, a lawyer, a baker, a teacher, what have you.  Fashion shows get women excited. On the other hand, the men looked and acted like lost puppies, except for hubba-hubba Steuart (yes that is the correct spelling), he of the shirtless push-upping from the ice-cream task and his buddy Anand, who managed to pick decent looking outfits for the female models to wear on the runay, without drooling too much over them. 

The positive energy was palpable throughout the entire episode on the women's team, with a minimum of bickering.  Read: Our resident Persian spitfire Mahsa wisely stayed on the down low.  Donald and the two CEOs of the company had to grasp at straws to come up with anything the women did wrong.  The only minute thing they found was harping on some male model's scabby legs.  The two stars of Fortitude were definitely Stephanie, the project manager who steered the team to victory, and Brandy, who has a good chance of becoming Mrs. Trump number 4, after performing the hottest emceeing this side of the Hudson river. 

Reading Stephanie's bio on the Apprentice official NBC website, her story is the most heartbreaking out of all the contestants.  She lost both her parents to AIDS when she was a teen-ager nevertheless went on to become a successful professional and found her own non profit organization to help teens who are affected by AIDS.  And to top it all off, she is Canadian and as we all know, Canadians are the nicest people in the world!  Stephanie has a good chance to become the finalist in this competition if not the winner.  She has consistently shown leadership skills and great, winning ideas in past challenges.  Her only downfall is that she may seem a bit too pushy and intimidate the other team members who may conspire to kick her out simply because they don't want the competition.

As for the men, oh boy.  Where do I start?  Wade was a horrible project manager.  HORRIBLE.  I will pass over all the mistakes he made and simply concentrate on this crucial error, made in the first 5 minutes of the task, which doomed the team to catch a one-way bus ticket to Loserville.: He picked Crazy Dave to be a co-emcee! WTF? The guy who only opens his mouth to stick his foot in it?  Not only was Crazy Dave awful at his job, but instead of saving the day, he cowardly left the stage and let his teammate Gene to hang himself.  Way to be a team member dude!  And when Crazy Dave tried to deflect some of the negative attention by accusing Anand and Steuart of harassing the female models, I laughed out loud.  Crazy Dave, projecting much?

Taking a page out of his mini-me Mahsa, Donald wasted no time ripping  through the men's team with all the subtlety of a torpedo launched at an ant farm.  He must have been off his medication because he started spewing obscenities left and right. Wait, I thought I was watching the Apprentice, not the Osbournes!  The two corpses left in the Donald's murderous rampage were Gene and Wade.  Yes, two firings instead of one.  But if you ask me, he could have done with a third one too, can you guess who I am talking about?  Everybody who deserves to stay on the Apprentice, take one step forward, uh oh not so fast, Crazy Dave! 

By the way, in a bit of Internet gossip, Crazy Dave is now supposedly dating Poppy, from the women's team.  Well, I guess that whole plan of trying to win the Apprentice so you could win your high school sweetheart wife and 5 kids back sure went up in smoke fast, didn't it Crazy Dave?  Although I am sure the ex-wife is sighing in relief now that Crazy Dave has a new object for his fixation.  Poppy, oh Poppy, if there was any doubt that you are not Apprentice material, (other than the fact that your name is Poppy), you have now made it crystal clear not only by dating this psycho but by boasting about it in the media!

Next week's clips show Crazy Dave's further descent into madness.  I guess some women find that terribly attractive.  Don't forget to tune in.  The Apprentice airs every Thursday at 10 on NBC. 


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Thanks Niki jaan you are welcome!

by Anonymouse on

I wasn't in Iran, hopefully in the next few months, I was away at a more 'civilized' place, not that Iran isn't but you know ;-)

Yes the Tandoori paste is really something and you're right it goes with pretty much everything, especially the tomato based Iranian khoreshts. 

You just have to be careful about the amount.  For 'general public consumption' a little teaspoon is enough, you don't want to give the paste a bad name :-) However, if you're like me and like it you can be generous!   

Everything is sacred

Niki Tehranchi


by Niki Tehranchi on

Where have you been? I was starting to wonder if you made another trip to Iran.

On a totally different subject, I made khoresht gheymeh bademjoon following your recipe and I could not get enough oooohs and aaaahs from the happy diners at my kitchen table.  And the tandoori paste tip has changed my life.  I never even knew about it.  It is soooo delish and can go on pretty much everything.  Merci beaucoup!


I haven't watched the last 2 episodes

by Anonymouse on

Seems like Mahsa is starting to back down.  Deep inside we are all vulnerable.  Regardless of how strong we are when we're in a fight we're always nervous inside and the key is not to show it.  It doesn't matter how strong you are or how weak your opponent may seem, you just never know what your opponent may do.

She went from going ballistic over nothing to be all soft and nicey nice!  I'm still rooting for her, we'll see how she acts in other episodes. 

Everything is sacred

Niki Tehranchi

If you are interested to see another side to Mahsa,

by Niki Tehranchi on

the Iranian-American candidate who has been nicknamed Mah-ssacre and Mahsarosa for her fiery criticism of several other candidates, read her latest blog post in the defense of Gene, one of the two guys who was fired in the most recent episode.  It's good to know that she can be just as passionate when supporting someone as she is when taking them down:



Niki joon, I don't even watch TV

by Monda on

but from your writing, am getting curious about this show :o)