New released picture of Khomeini's return

New released picture of Khomeini's return
by عموجان

When you look closely you actually can see death was coming out of that airplane. 


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دمت گرم عمو جان!


نگاه کن به قیافه ها، یک مشت قاتل، دزد، بی‌ ناموس  و وطن فروش در حال حمله به ملت ما....

hamsade ghadimi

how could i have missed that?

by hamsade ghadimi on

lol... amoo jan, dast marizad.  you gave me a good laugh.


That’s the dumbest clip I have seen yet

by عموجان on

He showed us how to move forward but we the people chose to go backward and now we are paying for it. 



by comrade on

It was not much of a life which had departed on January 16, 1979.

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