To you it is a backyard, to me it is my GARDEN!

To you it is a backyard, to me it is my GARDEN!
by Nahzi

I had a hundred ideas for my " GARDEN" when I moved in 17 years ago. My friend made fun of me and the way I talked about that small space. Let me see if I can clean it up and repeat what she used to say: "Yeh hayat dareh andazeh ch*s mikhad toosh saad taa G**z bokoneh".  You see, it was "backyard or balcony" to visitors, but to me it was going to be my GARDEN.

Years have passed. Some of the ideas came to life and most of them did not but I still feel the same about my garden. This year in particular, it is lush and covered by flowers.

I was thumbing through the October '10 issue of "ReadyMade", a magazine filled with ideas and instructions for everyday life, and I came across a paragraph referring to gardening in small spaces and a related website: Life on the Balcony. The website is filled with suggestions, easy to follow instructions, and videos for gardening in small spaces.

I checked it out and instantly knew I have met someone who realizes how I feel about my "GARDEN".


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by Nahzi on

Wow, What a great idea.  Thank you.  I will definitely add your idea to THE list.

Happy 4th, Nahzi

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Very valid points. One's balcony, patio or a small backyard can be her oasis, sanctuary and a temple. Miniature and container gardenig is an art all by itself and follows artistic talents and creativity. Congratulations on your perseverance and success. So that you might be interested, when I lived in the east coast I had a small backyard in a townhouse. It turned out like a true oasis with fountains and many other features. One special effect I used was large pieces of mirror behind bushes in shaded areas and little opennings into the bushes in front of the mirrors like a window reflecting other parts of the garden. Mirrors created a feeling of windows to some other gardens! Edges of the mirrors should be well protected for safety, but the result is worth a try.