West Side Story

West Side Story
by Nahzi

I fell in love with the film many years ago and tonight I went to see it on stage again. It was a rainy night, the Pantages was packed and filled with the familiar music and the lyrics we all knew too well.

It is ironic that I watched Scorsese's "Gangs of New York" last night where conflicts of "Natives" and all other gangs of immigrants of over 150 years ago were portrayed and here I was, at the opening number of the West Side Story, witnessing continuation of the same theme in the same town (Natives = The Jets against The PRs - Porto Ricans).

I guess it is a never-ending saga that although may look and sound a bit different here and there, but like an epidemic, it has clawed its way throughout societies big and small, third world countries or super powers alike.

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