Short Video Report About Shoosh

Short Video Report About Shoosh
by Nahzi

I just sat there and watched this short video in disbelief and learned how the government of Iran simply signed away the right to the French, in the 19th Century, to excavate in Shoosh and keep priceless artifacts!

My disbelief was bombarded with another feeling, PAIN, as I watched half way into the video and learned what had been done to a 12 ton stone head figure, in order to be able to transport it to France.  I remember having seen this piece at the Louvre and here is a picture of it after restoration.

The short documentary manages to give out a lot of information in just a few minutes including referring to a castle that was built there by the French, "Acropol or Shoosh Castle".

The physical pain I felt in my chest has subsided but the wonderment has not been lifted yet!


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My bad

by iamfine on

I did not take into consideration the lack of importance that IRI gives to our historical treasure. Absolutely right. In addition, Iranians are also not in general sensitive to this issue. Probably because they are not educated about our pre-islamic treasure

hamsade ghadimi

i could not agree more with

by hamsade ghadimi on

i could not agree more with mrx1.  there's almost no protection in perspolis to keep visitors from damaging the ruins.  there is one guard in a high tower that talks through his loudspeaker every 20 minute or so: "bacheh as oon mojasameh bia paiin."  and how could i trust the iri with such valued pre-islamic treasure?


leave it where they are

by MRX1 on

They are  well protected, respected , visited and admired by millions and give a sense of what a great civilization true Iran once was, not a current omatestan as we know. The historical treasures in Iran are  neglected and under attack both from the regime and ignorant masses  that we call our country men. At least in the museume in paris there is no chance that some one would write "in yadegari man ast" on a three thousend year old remain, some thing that I saw visvibly few years a go in persepolis (takht jamshid) myself.


very sad

by iamfine on

If the Iranian government push hard they may get some of them back. We need to be united for this to happen. I think Greeks are doing something similar to that to the British government

Real McCoy

Oh, Saint Maryam!

by Real McCoy on

You are disturbing ants' nest with your stick of historical evidence!

Nahzi, this time I read, and watched the whole blog. Good one.

Red Wine

Dear Maryam Hojjat what you

by Red Wine on

Dear Maryam Hojjat what you mean ?!

Maryam Hojjat

Indeed very sad & painful!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Ghajar & IRR /IRI have similaries in looting IRANIANS' resources & haritage!

Red Wine

Nahzi's Corner

by Red Wine on

Usually i don't read stuff in english(just reading blogs of friends of mine !) but i saw your blog in Nahzi's Corner and i liked it.

God bless you :=) .