An Operatic Surprise!

An Operatic Surprise!
by Nahzi

I was so moved by the the video my friend had emailed me that I had to share it with you.

"On Saturday, April 24th, 2010, over 30 members of the Opera Company of Philadelphia chorus along with principal cast members from the upcoming production of La Traviata converged on the Reading Terminal Market Italian Festival.

Wearing street clothes and blending in with the crowd, the artists swung into action after the first orchestral strains of the famed "Brindisi" were piped through the market, giving a rousing, surprise performance for hundreds of delighted onlookers who were there to enjoy the Italian delicacies and the everyday treats that the Reading Terminal Market has to offer.  The four-minute piece won a thunderous ovation that included both
laughter and tears from the audience  . . . . " click here

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There is a passage in E.M. Forster's

by Marjaneh on

"Where Angels Fear to Tread", in which the Italian audience just sings along at the opera.

Whilst I appreciate the opera company's efforts, the public's reaction is quite disturbing in a way and rather telling. Lots of them were just filming and taking pictures and I couldn't see anyone joining in the singing.


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How wonderful...

by Nahzi on

 خلفای راشدین ,

This was simply a bit of fresh air.  Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

خلفای راشدین

Sister Nahzy

by خلفای راشدین on

Thanks for beautiful blog, and video. Please allow me to present to you a performance by our own brothers, and sisters who reside right here at our beloved IC.

Ari Siletz

What a fabulous treat!!

by Ari Siletz on

Thank you Nahzi. 

This is the most creative "production" of La Traviata's drinking song I've run into.

In life everything is folly
which does not bring pleasure.
Let us be happy, fleeting and rapid is the delight of love;
      I'll drink to that (and shop while I still can). 


Angel of music

by comrade on




The opera houses are among the unfortunate victims of the recent meltdown. They are
doing whatever necessary to attract new audience which is, in my opinion, long overdue. They should have done it way back then, when the crowd in the video were teenagers.

Where I live, they play classical music in the subway stations' PA system in order to deter the loitering of the youth. It's a shame!


Never late to learn....//


So it was worth it...

by Nahzi on

So it was worth it to share.

Azarin, I can simply feel the joy in your heart going through your fingers as you typed.

Thanks for expressing your feeling.  It made me feel so good.

Azarin Sadegh

Such a fantastic surprise!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I love you can imagine how much I enjoyed this video! I have already watched it three times..:-) ,

Thank you for sharing! Azarin