No Wonder Even Michelle Fell For Justin Bieber!

No Wonder Even Michelle Fell For Justin Bieber!
by Nahzi

I had heard his name and seen his pictures.

I even knew he has millions of fans, including Michele Obama!

But I just saw the video “Baby”.


No wonder he is the phenomena that he is!

He’s got the looks, talent and charm to demand an audience.

Enjoy: “Baby”

‘… Oh oh For you, I would have done whatever
And I just can't believe we ain't together
And I wanna play it cool
But I'm losin' you
I'll buy you anything
I'll buy you any ring
Cause I'm in pieces
Baby fix me
And just shake me till you wake me from this bad dream
I'm goin down, down, down, down
And I just can't believe my first love won't be around…”


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Real McCoy

Canadian blob!

by Real McCoy on

I think we've been through your identity crisis once before. Are you still mad at me?  Why are you stalking me? I left a two-edged comment here, to which Nahzi responded so gracefully.

I think if you have any personal issue with me, you should take it onto a blog of yours.

Sorry, Nahzi. It must be a Canadian thing, eh?





by yolanda on



Justin is not Iranian but he

by benross on

Justin is not Iranian but he is Canadian. That's good enough for me!

I saw his performance in SNL some weeks ago. He is not just a pretty boy. He is talented too... and did I mention he is Canadian?!

BTW McCoy, spare me with your blob. That 'modern global village' will do.



by yolanda on



Michelle Obama...

by Nahzi on

I think there was some sort of compliment in your comment.  Thank you.

As far as your question, "Michelle who" is concerned, your answer was in the second sentence.  Had you read that far?    :)

Thanks again, Nahzi

Real McCoy

Michelle who?

by Real McCoy on

This trend of promoting "beautiful" boy singers, started in late 70's, mid 80's. New Kids On The Block, were possibly the most famous, and the best money-making toys which the American music industry invented at that time.

Although your blog is not as "Iranian" as one might expect from IC, but it is certainly a window to a modern global village.