Kamancheh @ The Getty

Kamancheh @ The Getty
by Nahzi

My friend and I had the privilege of attending a musical event at the Getty Center last night (Sat 10/23/10) where Mani Bolouri, an Iranian musician, was being featured.

On the printed handout, he was introduced as a composer and a virtuoso player of the Kamancheh and gheychak who began his musical studies at the age of ten under the guidance of his grandfather, an Ashegh (traveling musician) who taught him Armenian folk music.

He received his MA in composition from Tehran Art University. In 2006 Bolouri joined the Lian Ensemble and their performance of one of his compositions "Creation" at the Holliday Celebration at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles in during the holiday season of 2008 was broadcast live on KCET.

Last night, he was accompanied by Pirayeh Pourafar, the well-known tar player as well as two percussionists of the Lian Ensemble. They played 8 pieces to a hall packed by Iranian and American audience who applauded them enthusiastically.

Jaay-e shoma khaly!


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You are welcome.

Jaat khaly.  It was a short, yet rich, program.

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...for my hastily but never expressed judgment, about you from the day of your Justin Beiber blog.

Thanks for the links. 

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