It only SEEMS to be "ALL about sex"!

It only SEEMS to be "ALL about sex"!
by Nahzi

I must admit I didn't know what Shortbus was all about. I was going through the DVDs at the library a few days ago and the picture caught my attention. The quote on the cover lured me in: "An exhilarating trip. An erotic hot button of a movie." That was it. That did it. I didn't need to know any more!

Fast forward to this evening...

It may at times seemed like a compiled shots of animalistic lust but in fact there was no five consecutive minutes that went by that the movie did not deal with deep human emotions and psychology of mankind.

Don't take my word for it, "...unquestionably the most sexually graphic American Narrative feature ever made...", "It is not about sex but about sexuality", "...not about scoring but about living..." and "Brims with so much fun and heartbreak" are but just a few of the reviews I read about it afterwards.

The writer/director, John Cameron Mitchell, casually takes the audience through about 10 people's lives, ending the whole shabang with a Fellini-like carnival.

I warn you it is quite sexual and graphic but believe me it only SEEMS that way!

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Real McCoy


by Real McCoy on

What do you get onto when you add the abnormality of homosexuality to Bob & Carole &Ted & Alice? Shortbus.


Live healthy bodies having orgasms - so shocking,

by Marjaneh on

the collective insanity, and apparently insatiable appetite for watching, real, not fictional, public executions on TV (i.e. dying bodies) - all normal.

That's what's shocking. 

Judging from the trailer, it all looks quite typical, harmless and not particulary interesting.*


Satyricon and Casanova on the other hand actually do deal with a lot of sexual psychology and they are funny, both haha and peculiar.

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin

*'Can't remember who said it, but something along the lines, that there
is no point in psycho-analyzing anyone anymore, because the
sub/unconscious is just filled with TV!


Jahanshah jaan..

by Nahzi on

Hi Jahanshah jaan,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and share your opinion. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your European travel and come back home safe and sound.

Jahanshah Javid

Shocked, not awed

by Jahanshah Javid on

I saw "Shortbus" a few weeks ago. I find it difficult to recommend.

On the one hand it tries to be an intelligent film about sexuality but as a story it's a failure. Maybe it would have been more interesting if the film followed the life of only one couple instead of several.

"Shortbus" kept me glued to the screen because I wondered what shocking scene may come next, but in the end I was left just shocked, not awed.