To Iraj, Nasser, Kiarash And All Who CHOSE To Leave...

by Nahzi

I was in the middle of reviewing a credit card statement of all things when this video started to play (shaere tamam shode.shahin najafi .lyric:mehdi moosavi).  I don't know at what point I became transfixed.  All I know is that when it was over I noticed my hand holding a pen in mid-air, motionless in amazement!  I hadn't put the pen, or my arm for that matter, down on the desk.  It was frozen, perhaps because all of my brain power was overtaken by the senses to watch, listen and digest what was on the monitor.

I know another blogger at IC has already posted this video but I just had to share my experience with you as well.  The similar breathtaking feeling when I was watching some scenes of the "Trainspotting". Have you seen THAT?


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by Gharib on

Couldn't agree more....

I have been taken by this song and have listened to it numerous times  over the last several days. Thanks.