Has Shahbal Shabpareh in fact left us?

by Nahzi

I just read that Shahbal Shabpareh has left us! I cannot believe it since I don't see/read/hear it anywhere else.  But if it is true, I am geniuenly sorry to hear that.   And if it is NOT true, what an irresponsbile person is the guy who had posted this "news"

I know MANY people discounted Shahbal's type of music and some called it "moseeghieh Tehrangelesy" (Music from Tehrangeles) in a condescending manner but on how many occasions did each of us celebrated our happy gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, or any other similar opportunities, exactly by playing his and his type of music?

If this is true, my condolences to his family, friends and fans and if it is not true, I am sorry for this message.

With a heavy heart,



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Source of the so called "News"

by Nahzi on

This was the source of the "News"


I wish he had NOT posted such a false rumor.  The minimum damage was that some people were saddened by reading it.  Not to mention the effect this expereince may have had on how readers think of the blog entry and its author.

 It's quite unfortunate.

Happy about its inaccuracy but Disappointed,



I truly wonder....

by Nahzi on

Hello everyone,

I am beginning to think this news was quite inaccurate.  Of course I am happy about this inaccuracy but quite disappointed about the person who had erroneously posted this malicious rumor to begin with.  It was quite childish and disrespectful of himl!  Don't you think so?



Thanks again, vildemose

by comrade on

It's not ethical to chat over a sad news. But your comment relieved me from a spooky feeling of being an outsider for not knowing this fellow citizen.

If turned out to be true, my condolences to his family; whoever he was.


black cats

by mehrdadm on

he brought a lots of new  singers as a group like kamran va hooman 



Who is Shahbal shaparah. I

by vildemose on

Who is Shahbal shaparah. I know of Sharam Shaparah but nto Shabal...??

Adib Masumian

I'm skeptical of this

by Adib Masumian on

Like Red Wine, I'm inclined to think this is a hoax like Shamaizadeh's death, which was announced shortly after Jahan Ghashghaei actually passed away. There should be some sort of proof substantiating this. Until Shahram makes an announcement, I don't buy this.

Red Wine

Fake news ..

by Red Wine on

I think is a fake news (like that fake news about Hassan Shamaizadeh death!), you can check it out on this site :


Have a nice day ma'am.