In Celebration of Dance

In Celebration of Dance
by Nahzi

To energize you for the week to come... "Waka Waka" ... Enjoy, Nahzi


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Ari Siletz

Refreshing viewing, thank you!

by Ari Siletz on

Talented male performer!

On the critical side, ballroom dancing relies on sensuousness--a hunger for the partnter's body--that these kids obviously have no reason to possess yet. For example the male's sweep of the eyes over the female's body and the female dancer's suggestive eye sweeps over her own body, characteristic of the dance, are missing  or weak. The two children are more preoccupied with the audience than with each other. The impressive technique on the male dancer's part isn't fully art yet. Looking forward to watching this artist as a mature dancer.


Watch how these two mature dancers create well executed "eye" moments between each other (for example 0:51).


I call it Nadia Comaneci syndrome

by comrade on

In my "unqualified" opinion, there is a sinister danger of "feeling a void" that lurks underneath from having been in the spotlight too early in one's life.

An entertaining blog, nonetheless.

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