In Celebration of Dad's Life

In Celebration of Dad's Life
by Nahzi

Today is the 24th Anniversary of my father’s passing and in celebration of his life, I share this video with you in which Anthony Quinn celebrates his life by a dance.

My father loved to dance and was usually the first on the dance floor at any celebration. He shared that love with my mother who continues to go dancing twice a week and planted the seed in my brother and I and it seems he has passed it on to his daughter, Naomi who has been attending dance classes since she was just 2 years old.

So here is to you dad with all my love, Your Nahzi



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I am mesmerised...

by Tahirih on

I can not help it but was staring at your parents picture for a long time.So much love and admiration is in your fathers face, eyes and body language for your mom, awwwwwww......

Roheshan shad.



Naomi's picture at the dance studio

by Nahzi on