by Nahzi

How many times have we watched a new artist being interviewed on the red carpet, on his/her way to an award show, talking about their excitement and disbelief of even being there and saying how they were just a viewer, watching that very same program on television the prior year!

I say this because when an unknown artist or band is paying its dues and performing for small audiences, no one really knows which band will turn out to be the Beatles, the Doors, and the Rolling Stones as they were ALL upcoming, promising acts before we even knew how to spell their names!

Here is a band with just that kind of a story. Five guys who got together at some one's garage and started playing their instruments when they were about 12; Aaron on drums, Mario played bass, Tom & Chase strummed on their guitars and their young band leader, their vocalist was no one but a man of our own, Aria Yavarinejad. They were quite serious about their band, "For All I Am" which "symbolizes the ideology of giving something, EVERTHING you have, all the time, regardless of who you are, the hardships you endure, or the misfortune you face."

They played anywhere that welcomed them until they were noticed. Someone contacted them and wanted them to perform, professionally.... They now have a manager (Outer loop Management) and are working on getting an agent. But meanwhile, they are getting ready to go on tour!!!! They are now college students and have reached out to their fans for support. I asked Aria, what is your goal and he responded, "To change everyone's lives through music" and I added, what is the Band's goal and he replied, "To become bigger and better."

Although their style is metal and hardcore and it may not necessarily be the music we listen to but these guys, and Aria in particular, are definitely my kind of men: principled, adamant, driven, positive, go getters, and very focused about what they want to achieve.

They can use our support for making their tour happen. They certainly have mine....

Look for yourself....

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