Aria... (Part II)

Aria... (Part II)
by Nahzi

When I blogged about Aria back in early October, he and his band, For All I Am, were hopeful to be able to raise the needed funds to go on their first tour. Their hopes and dreams have come to be their reality!

They started their tour a couple of weeks ago and the audience keeps growing as they play at each new venue. I have been following them on Facebook and enjoying the messages left by fans:

- Melody: best night ever ! it was fun hanging out and talking:) come back soon.

- Hailey: so proud of you guys.
i love you all to too much♥
show everyone what youre made of :)
- Gabby: I'm 'that girl with alcohol poured down her shirt'. Lol, loved you guys last night♥ wore the shirt I got today.
- Katie: You guys were amazing in Lansing! You made a fan out of me, plus your drummer is hot as fuckk.
- Katherine: saw you dudes lastnight it was fuccckin SWEEEEEEET
And last but not least:
- Garrett: so... i got lost on the way home from your show sunday and all i had for company was your EP. night well spent ha come back as soon as possible

An article/interview was just published about them in "Highwire Daze" on 12/1/11. Less than TWO months ago their hope and goal was to buy a van to go on tour. The way they are going, they’ll need a jet soon!

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Review by: Diana Augustine

by Nahzi on

Review by: Diana Augustine (12/3/11)

"...The night started out with For All I Am, who tend to stick their tongue out as much as their guitars into the crowd. I don’t think they realize your feet walk on the ground not the air; theirs did not hit the pavement from the beginning to the end of the set. The fans to begin were not really warmed up but they successfully sparked the crowd’s interest by mid set. I’d never even heard of the band until this night and what I left their set with was this: they are band of freshly graduated high school guys that have fun before, during and after the shows because it’s fresh to them. The sound is fun, the show is fun and most of all… I’d put them on my list to see again to get a better knowledge and sense of the band. Repeat attendance in my world is golden, so that leads me to believe we will hear a lot from these guys in the coming years..."