And Let It Begin


And Let It Begin
by Nahzi

I am getting more excited by the minute. My five and a half year old niece, Naomi, is coming to LA for the first time and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am and how much I am looking forward to it.

Fortunately, due to her age, she is NOT looking at "vacation" as a time to rest and relax because boy o boy am I filling her "dance card"!

My thrill transfers through my fingers as I am Googling my way through cyberspace looking for exciting activities for her.

I am sharing my findings with you in case it can be helpful for your summer planning as well.  So far, I have come up with these:

Beauty and the Beast : A play for children. It is not as elaborate as the Broadway production but it is the same story.

Bob Baker Marionettes : A magnificent marionette show. I saw it years ago and it made an indelible impression on me. I feel so lucky that they are still around and I get to share it with another generation. Bob Baker and his puppeteers have been transporting children to wonderlands for the past 50 years. Wow....

Raging Waters : What can I tell you? A few years ago Mona and I spent THE BEST DAY of our vacation in Wild Wadi WaterPark in Dubai and we still talk about that day more than many other cities and countries we have visited together! So, let the truth be known. I will probably enjoy playing in the water just as much, if not more, than Naomi.

California Science Center : A great place to spend a day with or without children. And it is free! Can you believe it?

If you have any suggestion, appropriate for her age group, please let me know.

Come to think of it, the poor thing is only going to be here for about 10 days. I guess she will need a long "vacation" by the time she gets back to Miami!


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The plans are shaping up!

by Nahzi on

Yesterday I took some time and checked out various web sites, made some plans and even reserved some tickets.  Thank you all for your input.


Great List of Things to do for the Summer

by Nahzi on

Dear Yolanda,  Thank you.  I checked out all of your suggestions and liked them very much.  I will incorporate 1 or 2 of them into the plans.

 B U T    M O R E    I M P O R T A N T L Y.....

How we were collectively able to make such a great list of places appropriate AND FUN to take children to.

 I hope others find this list useful too.

Happy Summer everyone, Nahzi



by yolanda on

Before you reach the top of Griffith Park Observatory, you will pass by other points of interest also:

1) Gene Autry Museum,

2)LA zoo, 

3)Equestrian center,

4) Live Steam (//,

5) Travel Town Museum (//

they are all in the same area!

I also highly recommend this Nethercutt Museum.


 The admission is free and the collection is absolutely beautiful. You won't be disappointed! I visited it more than 10 years ago, it blew me away!  


Zooma Beach

by Nahzi on

All great ideas.  I hope this compilation of ideas also motivates other readers to utilize all that is available to us in the magnificent southern California.

Thanks Monda,



My picks

by Monda on

Zooma Beach and Santa Monica trails are really fun, if the grown ups themselves like the outdoors. And of course the Griffith Observatory. Have fun!


I meant to...

by Nahzi on

I meant to include this in the previous note:



I will definitely...

by Nahzi on

I will definitely take your suggestions to heart.  They are great ideas.  I love the idea of cooking with her.  I hope she will have as much fun as I know I am going to have.  I will also include taking her to a cafe of some sort.  I have to think about the place.

Also, I feel obligated to add this in my brother's defense.  She is NOT planted in front of TV.  She has quite an imagination and is always doing something.

My mom keeps telling me, "She is just like you." ! :)

Thank you for great ideas.




by Nahzi on

Thank you Yolanda for the great ideas and more importantly for caring enough to take a few minutes to leave the message.

With respect, Nahzi


lucky niece

by humanbeing on

she'll never want to leave! parents usually plant their kids in front of the tv, or rush them off from here to there.

i have a four and a half year old, whom we call our 'grandchild' because it's our 'dessert baby' after years-long hiatus. the older one i overstimulated, taking to all kinds of classes and activities. no leisurely relaxing stuff.

a balance of activities such as you enumerated, and things we think are mundane. set some time for the local playground, and quiet time. all kids love supermarkets, or even better, covered markets, and most love to cook, especially if it's messy.

my little one's fave, and i bet your neice will love this, is getting all dressed up and going to a cafe (find one with ice cream, although my little one loves ice-cappucino -- i'm not a very responsible mom). they feel all grown up and love it, and that's where i'm face to face with her (no computer, no work) and we gossip, joke and cuddle.



by yolanda on

LA Natural History Museum is just next to California Science Center. It is pretty educational, but it is not free. Californa African American Museum is just next to the California Science Center, free admission. Knotts Berry Farm is pretty don't have to wait for a long time for each ride! Way better than Disneyland! Long Beach Aquarium is Ok!

Griffith Park Observatory is worth visiting! You can see "Hollywood Sign" from there.