2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
by Nahzi

ISIS Conference honored several scholars in a ceremony last night and bestowed its 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award on Dr. Richard Nelson Frye who is a well known scholar in central Asian studies and has written many books on Iran.

Professor Frye founded the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University, served as Director of the Asia Institute in Shiraz (1970-1978), and was on the Board of Trustees of the Pahlavi University at Shiraz (1974-1978).

I had the privilege of sitting with him at one of the morning sessions on May 28th and was charmed by him. He speaks Farsi very well and at some point he excused himself by saying, "Man miram "MOSTARAH" barmigardam, Jamo negah dar! He is an older gentleman with a wealth of knowledge, which perhaps anyone can obtain, but the love he holds in his heart for Iran is not something you just learn by reading books. I understand he had said that he wishes to be buried in Iran.


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Dear Mr. Ala,

by Nahzi on

Thank you for adding information to my post.  What a privilage it was to meet Professor Frye.

Mohammad Ala

Thank you.

by Mohammad Ala on

Thank you for your post.  Dr. Frye also was honored by Iran Heritage and Iran Alliance organizations earlier in May, 2010.